How to close a wall in VK 2019 - from a computer, phone: from all friends, from one person, in a group. How to see the closed wall of VK?

You need to close the wall of the VK, but you do not know how to do this? This article details all the instructions.

One of the main elements of your VK profile is the wall. In this section, you publish photos, posts, make important notes and read friends comments.

  • The functionality of this social network is such that everyone sees posts from your wall: public statuses, changing photos on the profile picture.
  • This is not enough for anyone. Therefore, users are wondering how to hide the wall from all friends or one person, and is it possible to see the wall if one of the friends hid the posts on it?
  • You will find answers to these and other questions in this article.

How to close the wall of VK 2019 from a computer: from all friends, from one person

VKontakte developers constantly come up with something new and do everything necessary to make it convenient for users to use the site’s functionality. Now the VK privacy settings for each account are such that you can hide the wall posts from both friends and one person. But all in order.

Close the wall from all friends

If you do not want the recordings from your wall to be publicly available, then close the wall. To do this, follow this instruction:

Go to settings, in the privacy section
  • Go to your profile. At the top, on the right, click on your name or avatar thumbnail.
  • A dropdown menu will open. Select "Settings".
  • Then click "Privacy".
  • On the page that opens, lower the slider just below, so that you can clearly see the section: "Entries per page".
  • In it you can restrict access to information on the wall, for all friends, and only for some users.
  • If you want to restrict access to all friends, then click on the active link next to each entry and select from the drop-down menu "Just me".

As a result, it turns out that on all counts, information is available only to you and to none of your friends.

Now the wall is hidden from all friends

We close the wall from one person

Using the same algorithm as we closed the wall from all friends, you can hide notes from one person. Here is the instruction:

Settings for hiding wall posts for one person
  • Open in profile "Settings" and "Privacy".
  • Find a heading "Posts on my page".
  • Click on each entry, choosing "Everything except ...". When you click on this active link, a window will open.
  • Click on the line "Who is denied access".
  • A list of friends appears, start typing the name. The surname will appear automatically. Click on the first and last name, and click Save.

That's it - now your wall is closed to only one person. It is worth noting that you can check whether you did everything successfully.

Click on this post.

To do this, do not leave the privacy section and scroll to the bottom of the page. There is an active entry below "see how other users see my page" - click on it. You will be asked to see how your page looks through the eyes of all friends or an individual. Then go back by pressing "Return to Settings" - above, on the right.

How to close a wall in VK in a group?

If you have your own community, then you may need to close the wall in your group. If you are interested and want to upgrade your community, you can read article on this linkhow to promote your VK group.

To close a wall in a group, do the following:

In the settings, click "Community Management"
  • Log into your community.
  • There is a sign under your avatar "Menu".
  • A drop-down list will appear, click on it Community Management.
  • In the menu on the right, click on "Sections".
  • A new window will open, select it "Wall". Set value "Closed" - This must be done in the new drop-down menu.
Click on "Save"

After performing such manipulations, the wall and all posts, posts, comments published on it will become inaccessible for viewing. There will also be a restriction on leaving records.

Remember: Of course, you can close the wall, but if you use the group as a tool for making money, it is better to abandon such actions. You will not be able to win a lot of subscribers if the wall in the group is closed, as the community will be uninteresting for users.

If you have created a community for a specific group of people and do not want to make money on it, then you can close the entries from public viewing.

How to close the wall in VK from the phone?

If you use a mobile application to enter VKontakte, then you can close your wall as simply as if you were doing these manipulations with a PC. Here is the instruction:

Go to settings and privacy section
  • Go to your VK profile.
  • There is an icon at the top right "wheel" - click on it.
  • The page will open. "Settings"select on it "Privacy".
Set limits
  • Then a page appears with the ability to set restrictions. Click on the gray entry on the second line "All users".
Put "Just me"
  • A new privacy window will open. Click "Just me"if you want to close the wall from all friends.
Hide notes from some friends
  • If you need to hide entries only from some friends, then select the links below: "Forbidden" or "Who is allowed". Add the names of friends.

When making changes to the phone, you do not need to save anything. Everything is saved automatically. Now your friends from whom you wanted to hide notes will not be able to view the wall on your page.

How to see the closed wall of VK?

View closed wall VK is impossible. Many scammers make money on this and create viral applications. Users download them and say goodbye to their page forever, as hackers become aware of the password and username from your page.

Remember: The function to hide the wall was created so that no one could see the recordings, if necessary.

Do not get fooled by adware and don’t download various programs and applications on your PC, as this may end badly.

Now you know how to use the convenient functions of VK, which help to hide notes on your wall. Thanks to this, you can publish personal statuses, photos, posts and other posts. They will not be available to those people from whom you have hidden all this.