How beautiful and original it is to answer with consent and rejection of a guy’s offer, men to meet, meet, take a walk, have dinner: answer options. How to answer a guy, a man to the question "Maybe we will meet?" joke? How to respond to the offer to meet on the Internet?

In the article you will find answers to men when they offer to go on a date or start dating.

How to beautifully and originally respond with consent and rejection of a guy’s proposal, men to get acquainted: answer options, words, questions, phrases

In addition to the fact that the proposal "hands and hearts" of a man should be accepted or rejected, you need to be able to beautifully and effectively answer it. The development of further relations largely depends on this, especially if the answer is a refusal. It must be gently but at the same time accessible to make it clear to the person that he may not count on your consent.

However, if a man proposes to you, he definitely treats you well. Therefore, do not rush to "cut it off from yourself" and leave it as a friend, because life is long and interesting - anything can happen.

Options for affirmative answers:

  • We are not yet familiar enough to move on to a new stage in the relationship. Let's get to know each other better!
  • You can always get to know each other, but did you know how will this acquaintance turn out for you?
  • I am not against making new acquaintances, especially since you are such a handsome man!
  • Can! And even necessary! Something tells me that we will make friends!
  • Dating is great. Let's try! After all, you never know who you will find today: a new friend or loved one!
  • And what is attached to your acquaintance? Maybe a bouquet of flowers or a trip to a restaurant?
  • Do you often meet girls on the streets, or was it I who attracted you with something special?
  • It is possible, but only depending on and what do you expect from this acquaintance!

Options for negative answers:

  • No young man I already have enough friends and a new acquaintance will only tire me.
  • I have no mood for new acquaintances, especially such "random" ones.
  • You are unlikely to stay happy with this acquaintance!
  • Do not rush to rejoice I haven’t decided yet: I want to get to know you or not!
  • Unfortunately, in my busy work the schedule just does not have a free minute for you!
Options for interesting answers to men

How to beautifully and originally agree to the guy’s proposal, men meet: answer options, words, questions, phrases

At the same time, if you are happy and agree with the man to his offer to meet or become a couple, it’s not enough just to say “yes”! Be sure to thank the man for such a step, praise him, make a compliment and calm him with pleasant words, because he is also nervous, worried, worried.

Answer Options:

  • Of course! I do not mind trying to start a relationship with you! You know, I'm sure that we will succeed. I love you, and you love me. I want to take care of you every day, and your confident decision is only inspiring!
  • Yes, dear, I'm ready to meet with you! Moreover, I really want this for a long time! We are bound together by unearthly feelings! How long have I been waiting for your words!
  • YES! Of course I want to date you! I like you, you like me! Let's try to build a relationship together!
  • It is so unexpected and nice! Thank you for deciding on this first, I will answer you positively!
  • Yes! I agree to start a relationship with you! I am sure that we will make a very nice, beautiful and pleasant couple!

How to refuse a guy a proposal to meet so that he does not take offense: answer options, phrases

There is also a situation where it is necessary to respond to a proposal to meet with a refusal, but in such a way that he in no way takes offense and does not spoil his impression of you. In such cases, you should prepare as many phrases and words as possible that will “insure” you from scandal and quarrel, and also will not offend a person.


  • Dear (person’s name), I don’t want to upset and lose you, but for some reason it seems to me that nothing will work out. You are a wonderful person and it is very important for me not to lose you. Please be patient and perhaps if we maintain our friendship and trust, one day we will be able to feel ourselves as one.
  • Sorry, (person’s name), but right now I don’t see us as a couple. I beg you. Just don’t be offended, because I really appreciate and love you and that’s why I don’t want to lose. I want you to be always there, because you are my best friend. I hope for your understanding and patience.
  • No matter how offensive it may sound, but I will answer you no. I believe that our friendship has not yet “matured” for true and romantic love. Let's check our feelings a bit more so that we know exactly what we are ready for.
  • Sun! I consider you my close person. I can always entrust you with secrets and secrets. Complain and cry. Please do not leave me and do not turn away, even if I tell you no.
  • A person must do what he feels and is sure of. I don’t feel us as a couple and, nevertheless, I’m important and I need you. Do not leave my life, just understand me and believe that it will be better.
  • My dear, I am discouraged and confused, because I truly considered you my best friend and brother. I can trust you like no one else. But I can’t love you like a man. Now I’m not ready to date you.
  • (Name of man), I sincerely hope for your understanding and sympathy. It’s so painful and unpleasant for me to say no to you. But this "no" - it comes from consciousness, not from the heart, because I love you. It's true. Let's not rush, let's wait and check our feelings.
  • Thank you very much for such nice words and a truly sincere offer. I will disappoint you, but do not rush to give up! I really appreciate and respect you, but I have to refuse, because now I’m just not ready for such a serious relationship. I hope for your understanding and do not want to lose a good, kind friend in you
  • I'm sorry to say bluntly, but I do not agree to a serious relationship with my family.I have plans and goals that I must achieve before I become fully owned by my husband and children. If you have enough patience, wait and maybe in the future we have a future.
  • Dear (name of man)! Of course, I am very pleased to receive such an offer from you.But I have to upset you with a refusal, because if you feel that this desire comes from you 100%, then you don’t even think about it! I constantly doubt about us.
  • I can not answer positively to your question. I don’t know what the problem is,I'm just not ready to build a family with you yet. This may not be my final decision, but it is 100% true at the moment.
  • I ask you in advance not to be upset. At the moment, my answer is no.I asked myself this question before and, you know, I don’t see us as a family. Some features in us are not quite compatible and not very compatible. There are two options: either work on it or look for other people.
  • Dear (person’s name), forgive me, but I will disappoint you.You and I are wonderful friends, but the couple of us are monstrous. And in you and in me there are a lot of flaws and, what is most offensive, we do not want to put up with them. Yes, in some ways we are compatible, but these little things will not allow us to connect our lives.
  • My answer is no. However, this is not a harsh word that hurts and cuts the ear.My "no" means that I do not want to get married yet. To everything else, I believe that you should also "mature" for this decision not only in word, but also in deed.
Answer Options for Men

How to respond beautifully and originally with consent and rejection of a guy’s proposal, men take a walk: answer options, words, questions, phrases

The offer to "walk" is a sign of attention and sympathy, and possibly a hint of a romantic relationship.

Answer by consent:

  • Take a walk? Why not?! I think we can have fun with you, interestingly and fruitfully.
  • What are your suggestions? I don't mind having fun. Just think how to do it as romantic as possible!
  • I agree only on one condition! You must do everything so that after this "walk" I will be satisfied!
  • And what do you mean by the word "take a walk?" Personally, I'm tuned for more!
  • Can we go to the cinema? I have not been to the cinema for so long?
  • I suggest that you and I take a walk in a very tasty and presentable restaurant. Are you ready to take a chance?

Refusal Response:

  • No, I do not want to walk or walk. Sorry, I'm not tuned in to you and I'm not interested.
  • No, I won’t go for a walk with you I just don’t understand why we need it.
  • I'm not interested in walking with you, it is unlikely to be interesting and generally pleasant to us, we are different!
  • You know, I don’t want to go for a walk with you. I have other plans.
  • No, I will refuse you, because I do not understand than we can entertain and interest each other on this walk.

How to beautifully and originally respond with consent and rejection of a guy’s proposal, men have dinner: answer options, words, questions, phrases

Dinner is a pleasant pastime for a couple in love. This is a full date, which can serve as a great start to a romantic relationship.

Answer by consent:

  • Yes! Why not? I love going to good places and I don’t mind talking to you with a nice glass of wine.
  • Great offer! I haven’t been to a good restaurant for a long time, but I really want to!
  • Thanks for such a great offer! I will definitely go with you to have dinner on the weekend!
  • God, how wonderful! I am so looking forward to the weekend and dinner with you will be the best pastime!
  • Yes, I agree! Only now, let's agree that I will choose a restaurant ?!
  • I agree only if we go to the best restaurant!

Refusal Response:

  • You know, I'm so tired that I just want to go home and fall on the bed. I don't want to plan any dinners or dates.
  • No, I'm sorry, but I follow the figure and do not go to restaurants. There are too many temptations!
  • Thanks for the offer! But I won’t go to a restaurant because I don’t see the continuation of such an evening with you, but you can just eat at home.
  • Darling, I don’t know what you’re counting on, but I’ll tell you right away that you may not have any romantic plans for me.
  • (Name of man) you and I will not come out any romantic dinners and nothing like that.
Consent and denial: answer options for men

How to answer a guy, a man to the question "Maybe we'll meet you?" joke?

Sometimes, such a positive answer can start a very fun, friendly, and happy family relationship.

Answer Options:

  • Maybe we'll meet you!
  • And what I get for this?
  • It depends on what comes out of this acquaintance ...
  • It is possible, but only in exchange for sweets and bouquets!
  • It is possible, but very carefully!
  • If you are not afraid, then please!
  • I want to warn you: it can be dangerous!
  • If you are determined, please ...
  • Are you a generous man? If yes, I agree!
  • Or maybe we’ll drink something together?
  • I'll think about it, try to convince me!
  • I can, but first I need to ask my mom for permission ...
  • If you are not afraid of the consequences!
Answers to men in correspondence

How to respond to the offer to meet by correspondence on the Internet?

This is the most popular way of dating, which marks the beginning of any friendship and relationship.

Answer Options:

  • Hello? It depends on how old you are and how temperamental you are!
  • Well, try it, you have a chance ...
  • I don’t know how you are different from others?
  • Watching what you want to know about me ...
  • Let's try, it will work out!
  • Watching that you will ask me!
  • And how are we going to do this?
  • I do not really like to get acquainted, convince me!
  • Acquaintance is a useful thing, but is it interesting?
  • Get to know ... and will we make friends?
  • And how exactly do you like to get to know each other? Close?
  • I really like to meet new people. And you?
  • How closely will we get to know you?
  • And come on, I haven’t had fun for a long time!

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