Tactics and strategy: the difference. How do we use tactics and strategy in everyday life?

Do you know the difference between tactics and strategy? If not, it will be useful to read our material.

Speaking of tactics and strategies, it should be understood that these are concepts that are inseparable from each other and differ only in scale and time of the execution of actions.

How is tactics different from strategy?

The ancient Greeks called strategy the art of military leaders, and tactics - a tool to achieve their goals (for military operations - analysis of the movement of military units and their basing). Figuratively speaking, to implement one strategy, not one tactic can be applied, but several.


To better understand the difference between these two terms, we suggest you use the following generalization:

  • Tactics are specifics, a list of tasks happening at a given time.
  • Strategy - generalization, common goal, planning for the future.

If you consider distinction between tactics and strategy on the example of a chess game, it can be argued that the tactics include playing certain combinations within the same game, the overall strategy of which is the subsequent win, the planned defense of key figures.

As you can see, the difference between them in the time ranges and the volume of tasks. That is, making a plan for the week is a strategy in relation to planning its individual days, and vice versa: planning each day is a tactic in relation to the implementation of weekly strategic tasks.

How do we use tactics and strategy in everyday life?

If you decide to organize your own business, for example, a company providing training for employees of a certain sector, then this will already be a strategy - making money for selling services. Regarding this strategic goal, tactical actions will be the recruitment of students, the hiring of trainers and experts, the writing and implementation of training programs.

  • If you want to attract customers by promoting your business through social networks, this will also be a tactical decision to develop your business.
  • But in relation to advertising your activities, this will already be a strategy.
  • Creating a business account on a social network, you can attract customers in various ways: through indexing in search engines, paid advertising on various sites, cheating subscribers and the like.
  • All these methods will be the tactics of promoting a business group.
  • That is, the concepts of tactics and strategy in individual examples resemble a chain reaction, where one link pulls the other along, then smoothly flowing into the next, more extensive one.
  • Sometimes, when thinking about a startup, they first create a basic strategy - then other, highly specialized strategies are built on its basis.
  • That is, the basis for the basic strategy will be the decision to start a business. And to evaluate its effectiveness at first it is possible only by marketing formulas, and over time - by the real results of work.
  • After all, if any mistake crept in while formulating the basic strategy, then any subsequent changes and improvements to supporting strategies and the absolute implementation of all types of tactics may not bring any positive changes.

Good example: This is a fish swimming in an aquarium. You can be completely sure that it will never, under any circumstances, land in the sea, that is, a similar strategic goal by a fish cannot be achieved, no matter what tactics it adheres to. But if you let the fish out into the brook, then (purely theoretically) it will be able to get into the sea, choosing the right tactics for this purpose.

That is, the desired result in any business can be obtained only with the right choice of a viable strategy and the selection of such tactics with which success will be achieved.

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