How to seem prettier than you are: rules, tips

The beauty of every woman is unique. But not all women consider themselves beautiful.

Every woman, not to mention girls, always wants to look more attractive than she sees herself. Such is female nature: striving for perfection. How to approach the ideal?

How to seem prettier than you are: 11 basic rules

It turns out that there are many ways to please yourself, and not all of them are associated with expensive cosmetic procedures and debilitating diets. So how do you seem prettier than you are?

Rule 1: away unnecessary information!

  • The less you look at the photographed beauties on the Internet, the better. Remember: they are also not perfect, like you, because often their beauty is the result of the skill of the photographerwho managed to find the right angle and then worked on editing the picture.
  • After all, there is something that brings you sincere pleasure: cooking, interest groups, cat-dogs, in the end!
  • So browse through these pages, rejoicing and enjoying, and not complexing. This way you will be less obsessed with your flaws and think how to become more beautiful.

Rule 2: Feel Your Sexuality

  • As you know, our desire to look perfect is largely determined by the fact that arouse interest in men. And in this case lack of complexes and dissatisfaction with oneself - One of the main reasons for the lack of proper amount of male attention.
  • Therefore, it should be understood that there are no non-sexual women, there are women unsure of their sexuality. We proceed from this rule and radiate self-confidence.
Feel sexy

Rule 3: hygiene is the key to attractiveness and confidence

  • You will always feel self-confident if your hairstyle is well styled, your body emits a barely perceptible aroma of purity and good perfumes.
  • Daily shower, regular shampooing, fresh breath, use of antiperspirant - and you are at any moment ready to meet with the one and only one.

Rule 4: Don't Forget the Smile

  • Smile paints any person, making him attractive to the interlocutor. Give smiles to old and casual acquaintances, even those with whom you inadvertently met glances.
  • A smile offers politeness on both sides, not to mention that in the eyes of others your attractiveness will be much greater than if you appeared before them with a frowned and preoccupied face.

Rule 5: find a job to your liking

  • Do not think that all the problems lie only in appearance. In order not to feel "worse than others" and seem prettier, engage in dancing, sewing, drawing, music - anything that allows you to feel your worth as a person and thereby attract interest in yourself as an extraordinary and talented person.
  • This again will give you confidence, namely, it attracts the attention of others.

Rule 6: Nails Must Be Perfect

  • Even at home, when nobody sees you, yours nails should be clean and well-groomed. Monitor their condition regularly, make special baths for nails with the addition of various firming agents, starting with lemon and salt and ending with olive oil.
  • You will not specially tidy up your nails, if it is necessary, for example, to rush to the store urgently? But there are many people among whom you should feel confident.
  • And do not get involved in building, false nails and other tricks that most men do not perceive with enthusiasm.
  • Pastel colors, the use of respectable French manicure in everyday life - and you are fully equipped.
Perfect nails

Rule 7: Rejoice in Compliments

  • No need to lower your charm and charm. Never explain in response to admiration for your hairdo or gleam of your eyes what difficulties you had to achieve.
  • Do not find flaws in the dress that caused a compliment - just say "thank you" with a sense of dignity, which others will appreciate additionally.

Rule 8: Delicious and Healthy Food

  • Fruit is delicious and healthy! How to spend money on cakes, buy strawberries or apples on them. Eat more vegetables and fermented milk products - after all, yogurts and cottage cheese are no less tasty than sweets.
  • Do not limit yourself to either meat or fish, choosing low-fat varieties.
  • So you will enjoy the meal, seem prettier and your figure will begin to bring you more satisfaction every day.
Eat right

Rule 9: love yourself as you are

  • You are individual and unique, and even minor flaws can be turned into zest, "giving" yourself to others with a smile, charm and affability.
  • It is not difficult to convince yourself of your uniqueness, you just need not to focus on what you yourself consider to be shortcomings (which, by the way, may not be such in the eyes of others).
  • Please yourself new clothes, pleasant massage procedures, entertainment and favorite activities - this joy will certainly allow you to feel better and more beautiful than you thought you were before.

Rule 10: change the hairstyle

  • When a woman wants to change her life for the better - she changes her hair. This common truth is quite suitable for increasing self-esteem. Just do not get down to business yourself and do not consult with your girlfriends, it is better to contact a professional.
  • In a respectable salon, you will be offered a hairstyle that suits your type of face and professionally and efficiently perform it. Do not spare money for yourself and your charm.
Perfect makeup and hairstyle

Rule 11: do not abuse makeup

  • Even if you really do not like your own face, lip shape or eye shape, do not rush to fix problems with kilograms of cosmetics. Light natural makeup - weapons of any woman, the main thing is to use it skillfully.
  • Lightly emphasize the part of your face that you think is the most advantageous - it will attract the attention of others.

How do you look prettier in the eyes of guys?

In addition to the above rules, there are many more ways to seem more beautiful and attractive to the opposite sex.

Be perfect

They will allow you to feel more confident, and therefore, seem more beautiful to others:

  1. Keep your posture make sure that your shoulders are straight and your head is not lowered in any way - look directly in front of you.
  2. Think about your virtues, and not about flaws, because thoughts are material.
  3. Be sincere and direct do not wear a mask of meaningful thoughtfulness.
  4. Go in for fitness. The pluses are a slender figure, satisfaction from the fact that you could do it, which means you will achieve even more.
  5. Grace - an integral part of beauty. Dance, do gymnastics, sign up for yoga - in a word, work on your movements.
  6. Take a look at yourself from the one who loves you. After all, he finds attractiveness, beauty in you, and here you will love the same in yourself.
  7. Love nature. After all, it is beautiful in any manifestation, and you, becoming a part of it, are irresistibly beautiful, like nature itself.
  8. Don't avoid hugs - friends, family, loved one. They will make you feel how much you are loved and beautiful.
  9. Find time for a full sleep - This will have a positive effect on well-being and appearance.
  10. If you smoke - give up cigarettes. You will see how prettier, how the skin will change for the better, freshness will appear in the breath.
  11. Do not avoid companies, be interested in other people - and you will feel a reciprocal interest in yourself.
  12. Remember the beauty of your smile, take care of your teeth, visit the dentist on time.
  13. Make beautiful everything around you: apartment, food, furnishings. In this beauty you yourself will become prettier.
  14. Avoid stress they frown on your face, add stoop.
  15. Feel free to thank others for the most insignificant service, be grateful to life for what happens - this mood always evokes sympathy.

How to seem prettier: why do you think that you are ugly?

  • Why do you think you're ugly? Psychologists believe that the main reason for striving to seem more beautiful is exposure to majority opinion. The generally accepted standards of beauty affect the self-esteem of a woman who does not meet these parameters.
  • And the more time she spends at the mirror, the more she finds such inconsistencies, sometimes even far-fetched.
  • Sometimes a similar opinion about oneself develops among girls who were little praised and encouraged in childhood, on the contrary, often using phrases such as "Who will you need this for?" etc.
  • Similar reasons, alas, inspire self-doubt and attractiveness, although in fact the girl is very cute and is of interest to the guys. Just in her lowered self-esteem, she stubbornly does not notice this or does not consider it a sincere manifestation of attention.
Be confident in your beauty

In short, most of the reasons to consider yourself ugly actually lie in the field of psychological uncertainty, and not at all in real unattractiveness. But standards of female beauty are constantly changing, so take all the above tips into service and be more beautiful than the rest!

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