Dream Interpretation - window: interpretation of sleep. Why dream of slamming the window leaf, window sashes, looking out the window through the glass, knocking on the window: the interpretation of sleep for men and women by day of the week

In the article you will find an interpretation of the dreams in which you saw windows: large, small, square, round.

A window is a frequent symbol in dreams. We often observe this subject in everyday life, because there is a window, literally, in every room. The value of such a dream is strong, changing depending on the events. May have a positive or negative meaning.

Interpretations at the “window” can be different and each time they change, focusing on who exactly is looking for the answer (man or woman). What color, shape was the window, was it dirty or clean, where was it located?

In this article you will find interpretations of any sleep with a window. Most often they are positive, as they symbolize a person’s search for an important answer to questions or the resolution of an incomprehensible situation.

Why dream of opening, closing, washing, cleaning, rubbing to a shine, looking through the window?

Remember, as clearly as possible, what exactly you did with the window and how it appeared to you in a dream. The exact decoding of sleep and its significance depends on this.

Interpretations - window:

  • Open -a dream symbolizes the mass of opportunities that are open before you, which you can take advantage of and which will lead you to success.
  • Closed -at the moment of life, any attempt to find the right answer, to solve a problem or conflict, will be unsuccessful, because the energy flow is blocked and you are unlucky in almost everything.
  • Closed by dark curtains -someone is trying hard to confuse your plans, and therefore you fail in many things. Try to "clear" of the black strip by going to church or washing yourself with "holy" water.
  • Closed by light curtains -in any business, no matter what you take, you will be lucky. Try not to plan big fateful cases, so as not to use up all the energy at once.
  • Tinted window - secrets, secrecy, secrets and conspiracies that will be built against you. Do not give up before difficulties, problems and resentment, as a result you will become only stronger.
  • With clean curtains -the outcome of an important matter, which you will undertake soon, will be very favorable and kind. Everything will go well.
  • With dirty curtains - “dirty” rumors are circulating about you in vain, because you are absolutely not to blame for anything. Try to explain the problem and your grievances to your enemy.
  • Close it yourself -you will have to, without the help of loved ones and loved ones, cope with all the problems and difficulties.
  • Slam the flaps -Impulsive and emotional decisions will bring an imbalance to your relationships and work environment.
  • Windows with shutters -you have secrets that you don’t want to talk about, but they significantly affect your life, and therefore immediately resolve this situation.
  • Look from the window down -see your failures, discuss rivals, think and look for a way out of a difficult situation.
  • Look from the window up -plan a big business, make a big plan for a “happy life”, look for a solution.
  • Hold the handle -be indecisive, afraid to make an important and urgent decision.
  • Look out the day window -the solution to any issue will be extremely clear, concise and understandable. Get down to business on your own and without any help.
  • Look out the night window -to plan something insidious, unclean, tricky, to plan an attack, damage to another's property, to disturb someone.
  • Living in a windowless house - wandering and suffering, the inability to find an answer and the desire to escape.
  • Life in a house made of glass (solid windows) -depends on what these glasses or solid windows in a dream were all the same. If dirty - a bad dream and promises you failure, if crystal clear - everything will be fine, you will be successful and secure.
  • Skylight -an unexpected solution to an important problem will come to you all of a sudden.
  • Open window -fear that the "extra" information will leak into the masses and play far from you, but against you. Are you sure that only worthy and reliable people are near you? Look for someone who is not against you to betray.
  • Lattices on the window -a lot of difficulties on the way to the desired goal, how seriously you will be set up, will affect the outcome of things. Be confident in yourself and do not give in to any difficulties.
  • Crawl out the window - You will learn someone else's secret, which can seriously upset or offend you. But you should not do this, since you will not learn the secret in a “clean” way, which means that you should not have sought it on purpose.
  • Afraid that someone will fit in the window - someone will diligently recognize your “terrible” secret, so you will have to make a lot of efforts to hide it in every way.
  • The curtains on the window are burning - expect that you will be very "hotly" discussed, and not from the best sides and not about your good deeds.
  • Set window - find one truly correct solution to a problem, help a loved one find a way out or solve his problem, understand and forgive a good friend.
Why do you dream of a window?

Why dream of seeing a person in a window, an animal, a dog, a cat, a tree, the sun, a blue sky, clouds, flowers, a car, fire, rain?

Very often, it is not the window itself that matters, but what you can see in it. Remember what flashed behind the glass?

See in the window:

  • Woman -a woman will change your life, bring important news, affect the outcome of events.
  • Man - you need the help of a man in solving an important issue.                                                             
  • Girl -for women in position, it is a sign of the sex of the unborn child or a sign of where to find your answer to the question.
  • Boy - for women in position, it is a sign of the sex of the unborn child or a sign of where to find your answer to the question.
  • Cat -expect difficulties, the treachery of envious people, the solution of any question will not be simple and will have some consequences for you.
  • Dog -Ask for help from relatives and friends. This is not at all shameful or embarrassing. This is a real way to solve the problem.
  • Bird -unexpected news will confuse you and bring many changes to your life.
  • Flowers - to gifts, pleasant surprises, romantic meetings and your wonderful prosperity.
  • Tree -confidently bring change to your life, as they can make her happier, more fun, more comfortable and more joyful.
  • Blue sky -rest assured that any difficulties for you will end with a favorable outcome. All diseases will be cured, debts will be repaid, life will be calm and there will be harmony in it.
  • Clouds -too thoughtless and even waste of money. You face bankruptcy and financial difficulties.
  • Clouds -keep in mind that someone confidently and very offended "grinds a tooth on you." Remember all those who could offend.
  • The sun - a bright and happy future will soon be felt in all your affairs.
  • Rain -sorrow, disappointment, resentment and turmoil will swallow you.
  • Puddle -resentment of a loved one or a stranger.
  • Sea -a lot of work and planned tasks that need to be implemented.
  • The mountains -before your goal you will need to overcome many difficulties.
  • Dancing people -wait for the opportunity to get a lot of pleasant experiences from life. You have holidays or holidays ahead.
  • Skyscrapers -insurmountable obstacles to a happy existence.
  • Flashlights -hope for a happy decision, pleasant meetings with friends, family evenings.
  • Houses - A lot of fuss and hassle associated with home and family.
  • Fire- expect dangers or alarms that will affect you.
  • Blood on the pavement -serious grief, loss, or illness.
  • Horizon - plan, dream, achieve goals - now is the best time for this.
The dream in which you saw the window

Why dream of knocking on a window, breaking glass, breaking a window, knocking down, screaming from a window, sitting on a window?

And what did you do while you saw the window in a dream? This is crucial for a proper interpretation. Try to remember events as clearly as possible.

Interpretation on the window:

  • Sitting on the windowsill -be on the verge of being in danger and one step away from a disaster.
  • Glass pounding -try to get an answer, look for a way out of a difficult situation, try and try for your own good.
  • Knock window -make a lot of efforts in order to achieve something substantial in life.
  • Throw down -depending on what you are throwing, you should judge the dream. The hard thing - you will be free from problems, a feather - it will be easy to realize what you want. If you purposely throw things at passers-by - you will offend someone.
  • Screaming from the window -try to find an answer, seek help from loved ones, be in a hopeless position.
  • Sitting with legs dangling -to be desperate, not to know the answer to an important question, not to be afraid of anything.
  • Window on the high floor -risk and danger, which can greatly threaten you.
  • Window on the first floor -with due diligence, you can achieve significant success.
  • Hide behind the window -futile attempts to achieve the truth and learn exciting answers to questions.
  • Window with white stained glass - your efforts will be wasted, having spent a lot of work and time.
  • Nail up a window - to hide from people, to be secretive and not to want to have connections with anyone, to sack previously strong relationships with loved ones.

Dream interpretation: do not open the window, the wind blows out the window, a bird flew out the window

If someone enters your territory in a dream or something through a window, this is a sure sign that something will happen.

Interpretation, out the window:

  • The wind blows -expect unpleasant news, shocking messages (if the wind is cold). If the wind is warm or fresh (pleasant), they will definitely tell you something unusual, but interesting, important for you.
  • Can't open -someone is trying hard to prevent you, confusing your plans and inserting "sticks in the wheels." Have patience and determination.
  • Rain spills -you will cry a lot. Someone will greatly upset you and it will be difficult for you to put up with this.
  • A bird flew in -a very unpleasant event in the family. You should also judge the bird: if the swallow is to death, if the sparrow is to the guest, if the bright bird is to unusual news, if the chicken is to quarrel.
Dream interpretation: window

Had a window black, brown, white, green, blue, purple, yellow, red: the meaning of sleep

And what color was the window, you remember? Of course, such details may be relevant to your interpretation.

Interpretations - window:

  • Black -trouble, difficulties, sorrow, problems at work, financial hole, debts, frustrated relationships with loved ones.
  • Brown -family relationships can go bad; your confidence in close people is broken.
  • White -a sign that portends to you a good resolution of cases and a successful outcome of everything that you undertake.
  • Yellow / Gold -improvement of financial position, good financial investment.
  • Orange -feel free to ask for help from loved ones
  • Red -you are approaching changes in your personal life, wait for a romantic relationship, love and passion.
  • Pink -Romance, nice meetings and dates.
  • Violet -the cold of a loved one or a not very successful outcome of a new relationship.
  • Blue -nice meeting and good conversations with good people who can positively influence your life.
  • Blue -Be calm and peacefully make any important decisions. Wait, be patient.
  • Green -Improve relationships with colleagues and relatives, which will have a very positive effect on your life in general.
  • Gray / Silver -quiet, calm outcome of an important matter. Feel free to make decisions.
  • Transparent -suspense, secrets, strange situations

Sleep: a window without a handle, glass, solid, hangs blinds, painted, square, round, triangular, in the form of a rhombus, heart, dirty, clean, color

Have you seen an unusual window in your dream? How strange was that?

Interpretations - window:

  • Without handles -suspense, lost answer to an important question.
  • Solid (without frames, compartments, sashes) -your situation will be quite complicated, the decision will come unexpectedly and not immediately.
  • With patterns -wait for problems on the way to solving a vital issue (patterns and drawings on glass should give you a hint of the right solution).
  • With drawings -literally interpret each picture: the path is a long and bumpy road, the square is isolation, the circle is family, the heart is love.
  • With the inscriptions -take literally every word and interpret it in plain text.
  • Blinds Hang -unpleasant rumors, words and situations.
  • Dirty -you are threatened with slander and lies, betrayal of a loved one.
  • Pure - clear decision, making a brave and right decision.
  • Square -The answer to an exciting question should be sought in the family.
  • Round -do not trust relatives, do not believe rumors.
  • Triangular -someone claims to be your place and creates difficulties for you at work (in your career).
  • In the form of a rhombus -difficulties in personal relationships.
  • In the form of a heart -new love, new romantic relationships, meeting the “important” for human life.
  • Colorful -a variety of intriguing events in life, fun, joy, many pleasant meetings, messages and news from distant relatives.
Value of sleep where the window appeared

Dream Interpretation: many windows, one, a window into the abyss, a jamb without a window

And where exactly was the window that you saw in a dream? Was it ordinary or very strange?

Interpretations - window:

  • One isthe decision of a vital situation will depend only on you. You will have to do without outside help.
  • Lot -many different people, tips and ideas for solving an important issue. Listen to them, among them there is real help.
  • Into the abyss -your efforts, your deeds and hopes will lead you to an inevitable end.
  • Empty jamb (no glass) -there is no problem to worry so much about. Everything will be quite simple and will be decided by itself.
  • Disappearing window - a vanishing problem, far-fetched difficulties. Everything is not as bad as it seems to you. Be calm and don’t worry.
  • Another window -Do not try to get rich or solve your problems at the expense of others. Try to concentrate and get together. Everything is in your hands and in your power.
  • High-rise window -Your question depends on the opinion of many people, and therefore the impression you leave is important.
  • Window of a rural house - Do not try to be a very simple person, be interested in your talents, creative thoughts, non-standard views.

Dream Interpretation: door and window, window in the wall, on the ceiling, in the floor

The unusually located window is also ready to tell you a lot, because such a dream is distinguished by its farce, strangeness and a hint of solving the problem in real life.

Interpretations - window:

  • In the wall -you quickly, deftly and skillfully avoid any life difficulties.
  • In the ceiling -think outside the box, pay attention to what you have not noticed before in order to find a real solution to the problem.
  • In the floor -someone tries to harm you only because he is very envious of your success.
  • Door and window -in any question that arises, you can find a truly correct solution.
  • In the closet -the answer, secret and secret are hidden from your sight
  • At the door -Look for a non-standard solution to your question and then you will be successful.
  • Under the bed -some details of an important matter will be hidden from you, but only in order to protect you.
  • Window without walls and home (hanging in the air) - Do not worry about what really is not. Don't you think your problems are far-fetched?

To dream about a window made of wood, metal, glass, a painted window, large, small

The material and what the window is made of is also important for the interpretation of sleep.

Interpretations - window:

  • Big -if it is very bright, then everything will be fine with you and then a bright future will precede you.
  • Small -the decision of your important issue will depend on trifles, be careful and careful.
  • Toy -not true information, far-fetched stories, lies and deceit.
  • Bivalve -your life depends on two people, protect them from difficulties.
  • Tricuspid -strong and friendly relations in the family.
  • From wood -in any difficulty, hope for family support.
  • Metal -a cold relationship can lead to a break.
  • Glass - be careful and careful, trouble may happen
  • Metal-plastic -the news will knock you down.
  • Drawn -far-fetched difficulties.
Dreams with a window: what do they mean?

Window in the bedroom, hall, kitchen, nursery: interpretation

It is important not only the window itself, but also the place, the room in which you saw it.

Interpretation - Window:

  • In the bedroom -pure and beautiful means warm and good relations with a loved one, and dirty means betrayal, infidelity and deceit.
  • In the kitchen -depending on the condition of the window, one should judge family relationships (spoiled or broken, conflicting in the case of a dirty window, and good if clean and bright).
  • In the room - wait for guests and many people in the house (good or bad: judge by the state of the window).
  • In the corridor -gossip, talk and gossip about you and your family.
  • In the bathroom -someone wants to intervene in your personal life, be careful and prudent, do not trust unfamiliar and unfamiliar people.
  • In the toilet -wait for unpleasant discussions of your personality, do not trust rumors and keep yourself with dignity.
  • In the dining room -a pleasant event in the family and joyful meetings with loved ones.
  • In the living room -guests and unexpected news that will change a lot of things and change in life.

Dream interpretation window morning, afternoon, evening, night: the meaning and interpretation of sleep by day of the week

Be sure to remember the time of day and day of the week when you saw the window.

Interpretations - dreaming of a door to:

  • Monday -On this day, the dream has a direct and serious interpretation. Search for the meaning of "verbal" sign should only be if the image was not real and too secretive. Believe all the hint in a dream and try not to tell it to anyone, so as not to incur troubles on yourself.
  • Tuesday - A dream will tell you about events and issues that may affect your family. Try not to break relations with your relatives and be tolerant even in cases where there is no strength to humble yourself anymore. Everything is in your hands and it is up to you.
  • Wednesday - A dream tells you about your personal relationship. Pay attention to what conflicts you have with your partner and try to resolve them as soon as possible. Do not quarrel, try to trust and talk a lot, without being silent and not offended by each other.
  • Thursday - This dream hints at you about building relationships and smoothing out conflicts with close friends and colleagues in order to avoid any conflicts. Do not be offended by your beloved people and try not to insult or harm them.
  • Friday - A dream about the future and those events that should happen to you very soon. Believe all the signs in a dream, take some literally. Analyze any situation. It is important to remember even the smallest details of sleep in order to avoid trouble and evil in real life.
  • Saturday - A dream helps you analyze events in the past to avoid mistakes in the present and future. Not a few interesting events will happen to you, and how well they will affect you depends on your caution and intuition.
  • Sunday - A dream before the new work week will help you streamline your thoughts and set yourself in a positive mood so that any career-related business is successful and brings you only prosperity.
  • In the morning - a true dream and it should be believed literally.
  • In the afternoon - sleep is not of direct significance, but only hints at some circumstances.
  • In the evening - In this dream you should find answers to important questions.
  • At night - in a dream there will be hints of some events in the future.

Why is the window dreaming: meaning for men and women?

Of course, the one who sees this dream also matters. Find the right value, depending on your status, age and gender.

Interpretation is a "door" dream for:

  • Girls -young girls can see in such a dream the images of their future husbands or a hint of when exactly they will have a wedding. Pay attention to the signs that you see when looking out the window, especially in the second half of the week.
  • Women -if a woman is pregnant, she can get an answer to who she is waiting for: a girl or a boy. If not, see the development of relationships in your family in the future.
  • Guys -young people can see in a dream the image of their constricted or a hint of how to proceed next in order to find success and a good profession.
  • Men -sleep talks about relationships with colleagues, loved ones, and friends. Sleep will help you find a way out in difficult business situations.
  • A married woman -a dream about how the family will develop, how many children will be in it, what difficulties and joys will meet on the way. In such visions you can also find answers to questions in relationships in the family, with children and close relatives
  • Married man - The dream has tips on how to solve issues with business and business people in relation to finance.

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