Original, unusual greetings at a meeting, for all occasions: a list of welcome words and phrases, examples

In the article you will find a list and examples of phrases for greeting for all occasions.

Original, unusual greetings at a meeting: a list of words, examples

How often do you say hello or hello? Surely, you are already tired of always using the same greetings. After all, you always want to stand out, distinguish yourself and be the one who interests people around.

In this article you will find something new, discover several types of original words and phrases that will be useful to you in cases where you want to use unusual greetings.

The nature of the greeting may vary, depending on the place, time, event and occasion. For example, with friends they can be more relaxed, and with colleagues they can be significantly restrained.

An interesting fact - the Japanese never greet each other with the usual phrases for us. The reason for this is their eternal employment. With one greeting, they want to get the most information at a time. Ah, in Thailand it’s normal to raise both hands up when you see a person you know, spit in Kenya and stick out your tongues in Tibet.

Here are some interesting greetings for your meeting:

  • I haven’t seen you for so long that I seem to have forgotten your features!
  • Wow! You have changed so much, or maybe I just have not seen you for a long time!
  • I bet you haven’t seen me as long as I did you!
  • Yes, you are old (a), I look! Horror, how we have not seen!
  • I am sending you a thousand greetings, O my lord! (madam)
  • Hello! Like you, how are you?
  • I can’t believe my eyes! Well, wipe me the glass!
  • It seems to me, or I really see you!
  • Well wow what kind of people drew in front of my eyes!
  • Mirage! This is definitely a mirage! Well, it can't be that I see you right in front of me!
  • Oh hello my precious friend!
  • And I think that the light is ahead, but it turns out that you are walking along the road!
  • The fact that I will see you was prompted to me by an inner feeling. Yes, I anticipated you today!
  • ABOUT! Hello! I saw a news story about you today! They said that I will certainly meet you on the street today!
  • Hello, I’m incredibly glad to see your face in front of you!
  • Wow! YOU are really alive! So long ago I have not seen you (a), that I thought (a) that you have long said goodbye!
  • I probably have a head spinning or is it really you standing!
  • Wow! Yes, it started to rain today only because I met you!
  • The most unusual thing that could happen to me today is a meeting with you!
  • I thought (a) we will only meet in the next world!
  • Stop! Stop! Stop! Let me take a picture of you, otherwise no one will believe that I saw you!
  • Yes, it's just some kind of holiday! I met you on the street without security!
  • What people! Glad to see you here, just like a living person ... I thought you were a ghost!
  • So here eternity disappeared and suddenly ... you are standing in front of me! I'm in shock! Hello!
Greetings: what are they?

Interesting, unusual greetings for all occasions: a list of welcome words and phrases

In life, any situation can happen, even such that you may need very unusual greetings to surprise a friend, loved one or loved one. In such cases, you can always spy out phrases and welcome words in this article and use them to succeed.

A few phrases for all occasions:

  • The stars didn’t coincide along their path, otherwise it would happen that I met you!
  • Do you hear It thunders! This is precisely because we met today!
  • This is a gift! I see you with my own eyes!
  • Really, fate itself ordered that we meet like that!
  • I feel uneasy. Maybe I feel bad, but it seems to me that I see you in front of me!
  • I wave your hand to you! I wave you foot! I can wave my head! Hi, I'm glad to see you!
  • Wow, wow vision! You stand in front of me, as if alive!
  • You look! Does not go, but floats, flies! Hello!
  • Is that you? I do not believe my eyes and ears!
  • I may be very rude, but ... HELL WHERE ARE YOU LOST?
  • I smelled your smell around the corner, but caught up just now ... Hello! Why are you hiding?
  • You hid so persistently from me, but I still tracked you down. Buddy
  • You know, I’m glad to see you today even more than the sun in the sky!
  • You look so good! Do not be lost! Let's say hello more often!
  • Wow! What is it? Clear sun or you?
  • How old and how many winters! YOU are always irresistible!
  • Oh yeah! Greetings, oh secret agent, hiding from me for so many years!
  • Hello! Seeing your smile is a great happiness for me today!
  • Hello! You are always on time, like a spoon for dinner!
  • Hello! I see no reason not to pinch you in their tight arms!
  • This is the most striking event of the day - you are in front of me!
  • What a beauty! You, as if the sun is shining! Or is it just that I'm so glad to see you.
  • You are the only person whom I am so glad to see! Hello!
  • Hello dear man! How good I am when I look at you!
  • Without you, this day would not be so good ... Hello!
  • You, like a cherry on a cake, always cause delight! Glad to see you!
  • Buddy What a twist! How so? Years go by, but you do not change! Hello!
  • Oh yes brother! You are my present for today!
  • Let me kiss you with happiness!
  • Ready to squeeze you with delight! How nice to see you!
  • You are like a fairy! I knew that you are, but I have never seen since childhood!
  • Hi Hi! I have not seen you for a long time, probably already a hundred good years!
  • You were probably lost in vain. I'm so glad to see you now!
  • I knew that sooner or later you would be born! But not a vampire, right?
  • No, no, I was not ready to meet you ... This is such an event! Where are the fireworks?
  • Well look at me! Do you still recognize me? Yes, yes ... I am your old friend!
  • Man, we haven’t seen you for so long that I don’t even know if our friendship has been preserved!
  • Wow! I was even shivering from the unexpectedness of meeting you, and my heart fell out of my chest! What a shock! How glad I am to see you!
How to greet a loved one?

How to greet etiquette in Russia: classic and unusual greetings

In Russia, there are some generally accepted rules and greeting patterns that people use every day. As a rule, such words and phrases do not cause much delight at a meeting, but are obligatory and even necessary to express your respect.

Classic and unusual greetings in Russia differ only when you need to greet people of different classes, ages and status. So, it is customary for senior people to say serious greetings, and comic and positive ones to friends.

The most common greetings in Russia:

  • Hello!
  • Good day!
  • Good morning!
  • Good evening!
  • Hello!
  • Hello!
  • Health!
  • Greetings!
  • Accept my greetings!
  • Glad to see you!
  • Good health to you!
  • Good day!
  • God with you!

Unusual greetings in Russia:

  • Hai
  • Hello!
  • Hou hou
  • Hey bro!
  • Yo!
  • Hello there!
  • Hello!
  • Hey Wei!
  • Hi, there!
  • Greetings, bouquets!
  • Drahte!
  • Tram-hello!
  • Bonjour!
  • Ciao!
  • Hi bro!
  • Hi Sista!
  • How are you?
  • Eeee!
  • These are the people!

As a rule, unusual, provocative and strange greetings belong only to young people and children, who in this way try to become familiar with foreign culture. People with education and good upbringing try to greet each other, wishing good health and a good time of the day to show their attitude to the interlocutor.

Formal and friendly greeting

How to say hello in an original way, not like everyone else: fashionable and unusual greetings

The more unusual your greeting, the more and you seem original, non-standard and cool. Unusual greetings on social networks and youth companies are very common.

Options for youth greetings:

  • Greetings
  • Heil!
  • Complain!
  • Sunny Day, bro!
  • As always!
  • Hello, comrade!
  • Really glad!
  • Hello! King!
  • Stunned, who is this?
  • Faino!
  • Chiga booga!
  • Hello!
  • Ku!
  • High People!
  • No how!
  • Salam!
  • Dratuti!
  • Gifts!
  • Kukusiki!
  • Hello, sweetie!
  • Hello! Like you!
  • Like you!
  • Hai Hai!
Greetings from different nations of the world

How to say hello in a friendly way: funny and unusual greetings with a girl, a guy

The level of friendship is always determined by the way people communicate. Typically, greetings vary between women and men, girls and boys.

Fancy greetings for a guy:

  • Hello my friend!
  • Hey, handsome!
  • Hello, man!
  • Hello man!
  • Jaga-jaga, guy!
  • Hello, my friend!
  • Hi bro!
  • Whats up men ?!
  • Hi dude!
  • Hello, people!
  • Man, how myself?

Greetings for the girl:

  • Hello Chika!
  • Hello baby!
  • Ah baby!
  • How are you, pussy!
  • Hai my little one!
  • Baby you fire!
  • You light a flame in me!
  • I see you and grieve, sweet!
  • Hello sweetie!
  • How are you, princess ?!
Miscellaneous greetings

Greetings from around the world: examples, phrases, short, long and unusual greetings

It is known that in different countries of the world, greetings differ significantly from each other. Everything varies, depending on the culture and customs, habits that have been transmitted for centuries. Unusual greetings and strange actions that make it clear that a person is glad to see you are found all over the world.

Here are the most interesting:

  • New Zealand. It is famous for its native people, who are called "Maori". It is customary for them to greet each other, leaning their nose against the nose of the interlocutor or friend.
  • Bows They are popular not only in the East (as previously mentioned, in Japan), but also among the Slavic peoples, where they had to bow low, lowering their hands to the ground - this is a sign of respect and respect.
  • India. Here, as a rule, put your palms together, press them to your face and bend a little to say “namaste”, i.e. in Hindi, "hello" or "bow to you." Surprisingly, it is also important how high you raise your folded palms! The higher - the more a sign of respect!
  • Kenya. Here, the warriors of each tribe must greet each other, showing their strength and bouncing up as high as possible.
  • Mongolia. A gift is presented to the distinguished guest as a greeting.
  • France. Only kisses! It doesn’t matter who you are, man or woman, old friend or new acquaintance, but you should always greet a person by kissing on the cheek.
  • Philippines have a very unusual manner of greeting. After all, it is customary for them to take the hand of their interlocutor and apply it to their forehead as a greeting.
  • Canadian Arctic. Here, it’s usually a rule to knock on the head and shoulders with a fist a friend you meet.
  • Greenland It is famous for its "hot kisses" when the interlocutor should breathe hot air into his face, pressing his lip and nose to his face.
  • In Africaperhaps the most pleasant greeting is in some tribes. There you need to take the hand of your friend, put it first to the forehead, then to the mouth, then to the heart.

Unusual greetings, original words and phrases: reviews

Feedback on unusual greetings:

Kristina: "Wow! I didn’t even know that such greetings exist at all! I’m a terrible conservative myself and I never use anything other than HELLO and HELLO. In general, it was interesting to even learn about what is happening around!"

Anton: "Yes, how many people - so many cultures! It's amazing how customs change, depending on the people, nation and place of residence. Try to put a hand to the heart of your interlocutor! Yeah! What will they think about you? Besides. The problem of our time "is not HOW TO HEALTH, but is HEALTH at all?"

Love: "Yes, I wrote some greetings for myself! It was so unusual to read them, I’m even interested in how they sound in real life! Thanks for such an instructive article, it was interesting and exciting!"

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