Easy tricks with paper: description, secrets. How to do simple tricks with paper with your own hands?

Tricks are always admirable and the simplest of all are those that can be done with paper. In our article we will talk about the simplest of all.

Among beginner illusionists, paper tricks are very popular. Such tricks do not require special preparation and expensive tools, and therefore you can show them anywhere and anytime. In our article you will learn about some interesting tricks that are very simple and interesting to perform.

Simple tricks with paper for beginners: description, secrets

Focus 1. Phoenix Paper

To show this focus, you need a piece of paper and from it you need to cut a strip of 40 cm long. The magician faces the audience and folds the paper in half, and then tears it. Then the same thing is done, with halves and so on, until small squares are in the hands. It would seem that the strip was torn, but the illusionist rubs pieces of paper in his hands and turns them around, it turns out that he has a whole sheet of paper in his hand.

What's the secret?

Ready strips of paper

Before starting the presentation, the props are prepared. These are three strips 40 cm long and 3 cm wide. One of the strips is bent into an accordion to make a square, and then firmly pressed. After that, one end of the accordion sticks together with a whole strip. That's all, the preparation is over,

Before starting the focus, a paper assembly is placed on the table, among other items. Of course, the one that is pressed should not be visible to the audience. When you show the focus, then take another sheet of paper and cut the whole strip. When she lies on the table, then imperceptibly you need to take not her, but the cooked strip. In this case, the accordion should refuse between the index finger and thumb. So the audience will not see her.

When you tear the paper, fold the pieces on top of each other so that you end up with a square. At the very end, it turns out that the audience will see the pieces, and the accordion will remain turned towards you. When you have the right square in your hands, you will need to deploy the accordion to the audience and gently straighten the paper. A few seconds after the show, crumple the pieces and throw them on the table, or rather in a bucket. Show the audience that you have no extra pieces of paper in your hands.

Remember that when you unfold the accordion, keep the pieces torn apart carefully with your thumb and forefinger. If you do not, a piece of paper may slip out and the entire focus will open.

Focus 2. Magic envelope

Simple envelope

Paper tricks are quite diverse and you can easily use additional flowers, elastic bands, balls and so on. Just this trick proves this fact.

The magician shows the audience a simple envelope and puts a card in it. After closing the envelope, a needle with a thread is taken in hand and the location of the card is stitched. Plus, the envelope is pierced by a pencil. But, when the card goes to the envelope, it turns out to be completely intact, which surprises the audience.

The secret to this focus is extremely simple and consists in a good preparation of props. Before the audience arrives, cut an opening in one of the sides of the envelope. Put the card so that the incision is not visible to anyone. When you show the audience the envelope, then it should lie with the slot down. At the same time, you need to squeeze the edges of the envelope so that the card slides into the slot and is in your palm.

After that, we do all the actions with a thread and a pencil. After all the manipulations, return the card back. This is done by slightly squeezing the envelope to the palm of your hand and you can show the audience that the card remains intact.

Before showing the focus to others, it’s very important to work out the output of the card from the envelope and attachment back. This stage is the most difficult and with one awkward movement, the card may fall out and ruin the whole focus.

Focus 3. The power of thought and fire

Sympathetic ink

This focus is more complicated than the previous ones, and therefore it is worth first mastering them, and then moving on to this. You will need a piece of paper, a candle and pretty ink. The latter are prepared in a special way, which we will discuss later.

The magician shows the audience blank paper and begins to claim that he is able to write a phrase with only the power of thought. To do this, he takes a candle and leads it over the paper, while whispering incomprehensible words to others. After a while, viewers will be surprised that some words actually appear on paper.

In fact, this trick is considered simple, but the foundation of chemistry is laid in it. To prepare the trick, you must first make special ink. This will require:

  • Diluted milk
  • Lemon, apple and rutabaga juice

Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they disappear on paper, but appear again when they are heated. So now it's up to you. Write something on paper with this ink and show the audience the power of your thoughts.

As you may have noticed, paper tricks are not at all difficult to do. You will easily surprise every guest if you have an envelope and a piece of paper at home.

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