How to find your place in life, purpose, purpose, understand what to do? How to find a balance between work and family?

Find yourself in life, do what you love with success and get the joy of communicating with loved ones - how to achieve this in the modern world? Read about it in our article.

In moments of personal crises, emotional experiences, moral fatigue, many think about how to change their lives, how to find their own path and meaning of life. There are no unequivocal answers to such questions and cannot be. The life of every person is unique and multifaceted. The advice and experience of acquaintances when viewed from the outside may seem like the right decision, but lead you in a wrong direction.

How to find your place in life?

The world is filled with ideas, desires and aspirations of people. When we look at talented actors, directors, musicians, athletes, successful businessmen and politicians, it seems to us that it is from such people that we need to take an example, their life should become a guide. But after all, on their path of life, obstacles and disappointments also probably met - how can they be overcome on the way to the goal? And how to find yourself and the meaning of life?

  • The search for oneself in life is most often understood as a professional purpose, which, in addition to social benefits and recognition, brings moral satisfaction.
  • A place in life is a significant skill in any business that deserves respect when others consider you an undoubted professional and authority. But to a greater extent it is also a state of joy from the work performed, confidence and comfort in personal relationships.

Many successful people in the professional sphere, even having reached certain career heights, do not experience happiness - a daily state of mental joy. This happens because they initially chose the wrong path due to ignorance or rejection of their own preferences.

In contrast, many were unable to achieve anything because they had chosen their direction for too long by trial and error. As a result, such a waste of moral and physical strength led to emptiness, a sense of inferiority and complete disappointment in life.

IMPORTANT: To begin with, it is worth thinking about the fact that each of us is unique - endowed with talent in any field. Everyone has the opportunities laid down by nature for self-realization.

To identify your own priorities, first of all, you need to pay attention to the psychological state, namely, positive emotions from engaging in a particular business.

  • Your desires will lead you to an activity in which you will see the meaning of life for yourself.
  • The more a person performs actions contrary to his desires, the less life energy he has left. In such cases, there is a feeling of not living your life — apathy sets in, a sense of meaninglessness.
  • Positive emotions - this is the main indicator of the right path, when the actions performed correspond to mental needs.
  • This also applies to personal relationships. If you rejoice when you leave your home, it means that you live in a suitable place for you, if you are glad to communicate, that means you have found your circle of interests, if you are happy to do your job, it means you have definitely found the right field of activity.
Everyone should determine the direction in life.

How to find the purpose of life?

The purpose in life - such a concept scares many of us with its significance and unattainability. Other people simply never thought about the problem of finding the meaning of life. Usually these are infantile personalities for whom everyone has already decided, and this completely suits them - in this case, you do not need to search for a goal and purpose in life.

The situation can radically change if a sharp change occurs in a person’s life - its significant part, its support, is destroyed. In this state, it is very easy to lose the meaning of life, but the persistent desire for something allows a person to see beyond the current situation.

IMPORTANT: In successful periods, your own goal helps to properly prioritize and adds strength to move forward, and in times of life crisis - not to give in to despair and look for opportunities to overcome difficulties.

Finding the goal of life is a very difficult task. Your goal should be undoubtedly important, necessary and achievable, as well as meet your life preferences.

  • The purpose of life means that most of the path to achieving it must be connected with your mission and be an informed choice. You can’t set yourself a goal under the influence of society, fashionable hobbies or a sense of duty. The only criterion for making the right choice is your own state of happiness from the goal itself and the means to achieve it.
  • To search for goals in life, people attend psychological trainings, practice meditation, and come to the temple. But no one can tell you what you really need. You need to start your search for a goal in life by getting to know yourself.

First of all, you need to understand what you really like - do not be afraid to express your desires and interests, even if they seem inappropriate to someone.

  • Start with those hobbies that were inherent in your childhood and youth, because then you could do your favorite thing without thinking about the social or material component.
  • Remembering your childhood interests, write them down. Now think about whether you can try yourself in these classes now. Try to restore the state of the child - with all the obstinacy to plunge into your favorite business.
  • Now write down the activities that you are currently doing with pleasure. These should not be work-related activities. Do not try to include in the list those activities that the society considers useful and worthy if you personally do not like them. Do not generalize, trying at one point to express the work of a lifetime. Successful and happy people have from 7 to 15 stable interests in different fields.
  • Having compiled a list, try to analyze it yourself and understand what field of activity is suitable for a person with such interests to help him fully realize his potential.
The pursuit of one’s goal is the meaning of life

How to find your destination, understand what to do?

Life mission can be remembered, found or invented. This condition may vary depending on the specific situation and what the person has experienced. It happens that at a young age he had a clear idea of ​​his desires and aspirations, but over the years he lost it under the influence of a stressful situation, experienced shock or environment, when the social environment suppresses his personality, not allowing him to go beyond a certain framework.

  • To find yourself, you need to show a healthy egoism and try to abstract from your environment, even if loved ones, in their opinion, wish only good and prosperity.
  • What is valuable, important and represents true pleasure for a person can only be decided by him, relying on his own experience, knowledge, intuition.

Each person can independently conduct a psychological test in order to better understand themselves and find the meaning of life. Perhaps you will make unexpected discoveries.

  • Imagine one perfect day of your life in great detail - from the moment you wake up to thoughts before going to bed.
  • According to the test conditions, you have all the opportunities and skills in order to live a perfect day.
  • Show your imagination and do not try to start from the realities - imagine your mood, what you would do, what you would eat, where you would like to go and what to buy.
  • Describe in detail everything that you fantasized.
  • Now divide the blank paper into 3 columns. In the first write down everything that you need for your ideal day, in the second - what is very desirable, but not so important, in the third - what could be, but without which you can do.
  • Study the resulting table carefully - in the first column you described the main purpose of your life. It remains only to think about how to implement it.

Such a test is more suitable for emotional people with good imagination and developed imagination, and for pragmatic people the following option is more preferable.

  • Define a number to ten and come up with the same number of your lives.
  • The conditions of this test are your real life situation (means and capabilities), but there are many development options.
  • Knowing that you have more than one life, you can devote each of them to something important - family, career, creativity, travel.
  • Describe each path in detail on separate sheets of paper - what would you do, what would you do.
  • Now lay out your lives in front of you according to the degree of attractiveness. The first option is your main life priority, the rest can be considered as hobbies and secondary interests.

IMPORTANT: Awareness of one’s destiny in life makes it filled, gives a feeling of happiness, is reflected in satisfaction from one’s activities, achievements, communication with relatives.

Start doing what you always wanted. Try to have fun - excessive pedantry and the desire to do everything absolutely right can paralyze your desire. Follow your plan, focusing on the process itself, not the result.

Get to know your destiny

How to find a balance between work and family?

The theme of combining a successful career and family values ​​is one of the main ones when it comes to life goals and the meaning of life. Psychologists provide recommendations for planning the day and the distribution of time between family and work. Such advice can be taken only as a possible option, and not a guide to action.

  • We are all completely different. For someone, the priority is professional growth and achieving results in career advancement. For others, the main source of joy is personal relationships and family comfort. It is wrong to compare oneself with others and reproach for the lack of certain desires.
  • To find yourself, you must be extremely honest with yourself and adequately assess the situation. To get satisfaction from life, it is important to pay attention to the development of all areas of life. Business and personal life of a person are inextricably linked, so the balance will have to be constantly sought.
  • The main rule of combining a successful career and personal comfort can only be called a partner who understands and supports your life principles.
Understanding in the family is the basis for business success

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