Men's sweater with knitting needles: a detailed instruction on the basics of knitting sweaters, photo. We choose the knitting of a men's sweater between the raglan and the set-in sleeve, we select the pattern: tips. Secrets of closing loops and assembling a men's sweater: description

We learn to knit a perfect men's sweater with knitting needles: a detailed analysis of the models, the secrets of knitting sweaters.

Knitting is one of the popular destinations that captures women and men around the world. This is a great opportunity to create profitably, because in the process of creating things you need every day. In this article we will tell you how to knit a men's sweater, what types of patterns are, and also how to make the calculations correctly.

Types of men's sweaters: review, patterns, photos

Before you start knitting, it is worth deciding on the model of the sweater, and how you will knit it. We will give the most popular types and some explanations for them.

  • Men's raglan sweater knitted from top to bottom. Most often it fits seamlessly, depending on the wishes of the man, the model is equipped with a high turn-down collar or a round neck;
  • Men's raglan sweater knitted from the bottom up. Also, most often it is knitted round the round in a seamless way, but sometimes knitters prefer to knit the back and face separately;
  • Men's sweater with set-in sleeve - one of the most popular patterns among men, and therefore knitters. It is knitted from the bottom up, both whole and divided into the back and front;
  • Men's sweater with a flat armhole. A popular baggy model that is chosen not only by youth, but also by respectable men. Unlike the previous options - ideal for beginners, as it does not require complex manipulations.

Having decided on the model, we recommend that you do not draw the full size, but draw a schematic pattern for yourself so that you visually understand what you knit. It is especially important for beginners who knit on video, as there is a risk of simply repeating the manipulations behind the video lesson and not understanding what you are doing, and therefore, if an error occurs, you will not find it. And it will appear at the time of assembly or fitting, which will definitely upset.

  • Schematic pattern of a man's raglan sweater. Please note that the back and front of the product match completely, except for the neck. Sleeves in raglan always knit the same.
Schematic pattern of a man's raglan sweater
  • Schematic pattern of a male sweater with a set-in sleeve. Do not be afraid of the complexity of the pattern, since the first time you will probably be knitting in a master class, and accordingly, all increases will be given, but you will already do them consciously.
Schematic pattern of a male sweater with a set-in sleeve
  • Schematic pattern of a man's sweater with a lowered armhole. This model usually looks baggy and cozy, ideal for coarse knitting and fluffy yarn like angora and mohair. As you can see from the diagram, this is a great solution for a beginner, since there are no complicated additions or reductions, calculations, or difficulties in general.
Schematic pattern of a man's sweater with a lowered armhole

Choosing a pattern for a men's sweater with knitting needles: a scheme with a description

For beginners, it is best to choose simple patterns, but more experienced craftswomen will most likely want complex patterns, braids and fashionable arana. It is worth remembering that different patterns fall differently depending on the chosen yarn, as well as the golden rule - the fluffier the yarn, the simpler the pattern, since complex patterns will simply be lost in the villi.

Next, we collect 20-25 loops and knit a pattern, if the report of the pattern is larger - we collect more loops, if several patterns, we type so that all the patterns are on the sample. We knit 10 cm, close the loops, wash and dry the sample, and only after that measure and calculate the number of loops for the product.

Important: in addition to the volume of the chest, arms and waist, it is necessary to add an allowance for a loose fit:

  • Tight sweater - 0 cm;
  • Sweater on the figure - 1-3 cm;
  • A loose sweater - 4-5 cm.

And in conclusion, we will bring to this point a fashionable scheme of aran for men's sweaters.

Trendy Scandinavian style Aranami Arana knitting needles for men's sweaters - scheme Intricate Arana Rhombuses for Men's Sweaters: Pattern and Pattern

The best elastic band for men's sweaters with knitting needles: a scheme with a description

Men's sweater is a very voluminous product, which will take from 5 days to several months to knit, depending on the complexity of the product and your speed. Therefore, you should choose high-quality yarn, make a calculation of the loops only after the WTO (wet-heat treatment), and also pay due attention to details so that the product is worn for a long time and in joy.

As you know, an elastic band is a place that stretches and thereby spoils the appearance of the product in the first place. We suggest abandoning regular or English elastic bands for cuffs in favor of not particularly stretched elastic, which can be knitted either 1x1 or 2x2. For experienced knitters, we provide a diagram and a simple description, and for beginners, video tutorials.

Double non-stretch gum pattern

So, everything is simple, knit a 1x1 elastic band of the first two rows as usual (face and wrong side), from the 3rd row: the front loop is removed, the thread is knitted, the wrong side is knitted, and so on until the end of the row, repeat the report. Wrong side - the gum fits as usual.

In the same way you can knit: the first row 1x1, from the second row: the front loop is knitted as usual, the wrong side is removed, the thread before knitting. Both methods are true, they fit equally easily, but yarn consumption increases by 30%, due to broaches that prevent the cuff from stretching.

Video: An elastic band that does not stretch. Knitting needles

Buttonhole closure on men's sweater - elasticated hem

One more secret of an ideal man's sweater - elastic closing of loops. A really important factor, which, on the one hand, allows us to make things unique in design, on the other hand, for fans of factory products (largely due to the experience of wearing low-quality products), an elastic product quickly returns to its original shape.

For elastic closure of the elastic band (we disassemble only the elastic band, since it is on the cuffs of men's sweaters), you need a needle with a wide eye and a blunt point. They are metal and plastic, sold in needlework stores, fabrics, etc.

Video: How to close a 1x1 elastic band with a needle? Elastic edge. Knitting lessons

Video: Closing a 2x2 elastic band with a needle. Elastic edge. Detailed MK

Assembly of men's sweaters

The ideal solution, of course, is a seamless pattern. In other cases, assembly of the product is necessary. And here is another secret. Many craftswomen recommend initially carrying out WTO parts, and only after they are assembled. Please note that knitwear, even with handwashing, dripping in a net (instead of spinning) and horizontal drying, may slightly change in size. And if it is really insignificant when worn, but when stapling it can be a very big problem. Therefore, we recommend that you first assemble the product, and only then wash and dry, as described above.

The secret of perfect shoulders on a men's sweater

Many, even experienced craftswomen have difficulty with a shoulder seam. No matter how well it is sewn, after prolonged wear, unfortunately, the material stretches. There is a simple solution to this - cotton braid in fabric stores. It’s worth a penny, the color scheme is extensive, and the thickness of 0.5 cm allows you to sew it almost imperceptibly. Sewing is recommended in a solid line from one shoulder to the other, also stitching the neck along the back.

How to knit a men's sweater with raglan knitting needles: a diagram with a description

In this section, we will give several workshops for men raglan sweaters, one of which is knitted from top to bottom, and the second, on the contrary, from bottom to top. Please note that from the master classes you can take only the basics, and choose the patterns as you wish.

Video: How to knit a gray men's sweater? Raglan top

Video: Men's pullover with raglan sleeves bottom

In addition, we give a step-by-step masterclass on raglan knitting from top to bottom. First you need to cut the loops in this way: we knit a sample and calculate the average number of loops by 1 cm. We measure the volume of the neck (for any finished product) and multiply the centimeters by the number of loops.

We knit the loops in the Italian way or any other way to get an elastic edge on circular knitting needles 40 cm long, or 5-toed knitting needles. We connect the last row with the first, forming a ring, and if the stand collar - we knit an elastic band 1x1 or 2x2 (we recommend not stretch).

We will not stop at the simple stage of knitting the pipe and move on to the sprout. And accordingly, we knit the first row of facial, in order to better navigate. First of all, we mark the ragged lines with markers or contrasting threads, which we will transfer from row to row.

Elastic knitting stitch kit

So, we start knitting in rows:

  • Row: all facial;
Close the circle and place the markers
  • Row: beginning - the ragged line along the back at the very beginning, then we make a crochet, 2 facial and 1 removed with a wrap;
We knit the first row
  • We turn it on the wrong side and knit it in the opposite direction: remove the loop with a twist, 2 front, knit the front crochet, 2 front, raise the broach as in the photo, 2 front, 1 remove with a twist;
Add raklan crochets
  • Row: all the front ones, where we wrap them around - we pull them up, remove 1 front, make a double crochet, we knit 2 double crochets, we make a double crochet, we all knit along the back, wrap it around and knit together with a loop;
We continue to knit the front side of the raglan
  • Row: 2 facial, 1 facial removed with a wrap, etc .;
  • Row: unfold and knit the wrong side;
  • Row: unfold and knit a face;
  • Row: we unfold and knit the wrong side, adding 3 loops from the sleeves on both sides;
  • Row: all facial;
This is how you need to knit it before, and only after, start knitting
  • Row: purl grabbing 3 more loops from the sleeves on each side;
  • Next, we knit according to the drawing, adding raglan, as described above until the end of the armhole (measure with a centimeter);
We knit raglan until the end of the armhole (18-22 cm), depending on size
  • Loops from the sleeves are dropped onto knitting needles, thread, pins, as it suits you;
  • We pick up undercut loops (under your hands) from 3 to 7 loops, depending on the thickness of the yarn;
Add undercuts
  • We close the circle and knit down the pattern to the waist, knit the elastic and close it with an elastic edge;
Finish the raglan men's sweater
  • We knit the sleeves narrowing to the bottom on the side of the undercut, knit the cuffs and close the loops.

How to knit a men's sweater with knitting needles with a set-in sleeve: a diagram with a description

As we said earlier, a men's sweater with a set-in sleeve is one of the most popular models and does not go out of fashion from season to season. For the first time, we recommend knitting a sweater in a master class, and after you understand the nuances in building parts, you can knit any sweater of your choice according to your sketches.

Scheme of a man's sweater with a set-in flat sleeve

It is quite simple to connect a man's sweater with a lowered armhole:

  • We knit a sample, conduct a WTO, calculate the loop;
  • We collect the elastic from below (it is possible on the back and in front, it is possible to knit in circles);
  • We knit an elastic band of 5-7 cm at will and go to the main pattern;
  • We knit exactly to the beginning of the neck and begin to close from the middle according to the scheme, we close the shoulders evenly. If you have circular knitting, go to the armhole (17-24 cm, depending on the size and splendor of the sweater) and close 3 loops under your arms and then knit the front and back separately from each other;
The scheme of the round neck of a men's sweater
  • Sew the shoulders and knit the neck;
  • From the bottom up we knit the sleeves, close evenly and sew, you can also dial on the armhole of the sleeve and knit down to the cuff.

Knitting patterns for stylish and fashionable men's sweaters with a description

  • Men's raglan sleeve sweater.
Men's raglan sleeve sweater
  • Men's sweater with thick threads.
Men's sweater with thick threads
  • Men's sweater with diamonds.
Men's sweater with diamonds
  • Men's sweater with a plait pattern.
Men's sweater with a plait pattern

Men's sweater with a one-piece sleeve.

Men's sweater with one-piece sleeve

  • Men's sweater with embossed stripes.
Men's sweater with embossed stripes
  • Men's sweater with arana pattern.
Men's Aran Pattern Sweater
  • Men's sweater with a hood.
Men's sweater with a hood
  • Men's Diamond Sweater.
Men's Diamond Sweater
  • Men's sweater with longitudinal stripes.
Men's sweater with longitudinal stripes
  • Men's sweater for dad and son.
Men's sweater for dad and son

Men's sweater with embossed pattern.

Men's sweater with embossed pattern
  • Handsome men's sweater with braids.
Handsome men's sweater with braids
  • Men's sweater with a shawl collar.
Men's sweater with a shawl collar
  • Men's sweater with a pattern of rhombuses.
Men's sweater with a pattern of rhombuses
  • One-piece men's knitted sweater.