Silouan of Athos: what helps, and how to pray to the icon, the saint? Silouan of Athos: Life, Prayers and Icons

How and why to pray to Silvanus of Athos.

Silouan of Athos is a monk who was born in the Tambov province and lived a long life. The Athos prefix appeared because the clergyman had been on Athos for a long time and prayed there.

Silouan Athos Life

Silouan of Athos - the real name Semyon, was born in an ordinary family, where there were five brothers and two sisters. His father was a hard-working, humble, calm person who worked constantly. Semyon himself was born quite strong and strong. He worked hard, had great strength, and also ate a lot. Could work without interruptions. He became famous in his village thanks to the heroic strength. He led rural life like all ordinary people: he worked, rested in taverns, walked with girls. But he was constantly tormented by doubts that the Lord God sees how he lives wrong, so he can punish him.

The most interesting thing is that thoughts about God came to him at the age of four, when his father sheltered the book-killer, who spent the night with them. During the evening conversation, the man said that God does not exist. It very much sunk into the soul of little Semyon. Therefore, until the age of 19, he tried to answer the question: Does God exist or not? At one time he wanted to go to study at the Kiev Pechersk Lavra, but his father did not allow him.

Siluan of Athos

He said that he would do whatever he wanted after military service. After serving in the army, Semyon returned, and demons began to overcome him, and he set off on a wild life. I drank a lot, walked. One of these days, he began to doubt that he was leading a wrong and very sinful life. Therefore, I must somehow change everything. Further, he went to Mount Athos, where in 1892 he was tonsured a monk.

Life was not at all simple. He prayed a lot, practically did not sleep. His sleep was short, for 15-20 minutes, several times a day. During the day he worked hard, constantly prayed and worshiped the Lord God. Throughout his life he had several appearances of Jesus Christ and the Mother of God. It was because of the vision of the Mother of God, after he was resting with the girls, he decided to get a haircut as a monk. Because the Mother of God said that the Serpent (lust) has penetrated and lives in the body, so he leads a loose lifestyle.

The elder lived for 72 years. His whole life was in repentance and prayers. Many clergymen celebrate him as a strong-willed person, good-natured with a meek, cheerful and kind character. Many of them speak of him as the Lord God himself. The monk himself was humility and kindness, always trying to justify people.

Monk photo

Icons of Silvanus of Athos, prayer to the saint

After the death of Silvanus, many monks hid his head from the main metropolitans and clergy. It was not until 1987 that Silouan was canonized. It was after this year that many icons with his image were created.

There are many questions regarding the icons depicting Silvanus of Athos. It is believed that the monk is the patron saint of monasteries and gives monks humility, as well as strength, in order to live in humility, in prayer. One of the most popular is the icon of Silvanus of Athos in prayer, where his hands are raised up. There is an icon in a monastery in Romania. The fact is that many images of Silvanus of Athos are abroad, despite the fact that he is a native of Russia. For a long time, his remains were hidden because of the prohibitions of the main clergy.

Prayer to Silwan of Athos

How does Saint Silouan of Athos help?

September 24 is the day of Silvanus of Athos. On this day they pray in front of its icons. It is worth noting that this image is used in special cases. It is believed that this date is special. It is on this day that prayers are very powerful and almost always lead to healing. Now the icon of the elder is in the Athos Compound, in Moscow, with parts of the relics of a monk. Not only on September 24, but also on other days, a whole queue is being built for this icon. Many pray to the reverend.

How and why to pray to the saint (text below):

  • If they want healing for their relatives, relatives, as well as loved ones from serious illnesses
  • Asking for help in ending the war and disagreement
  • They ask for reconciliation with enemies with whom there have long been disagreements and hostility
  • Helps with headaches, migraines, pride, and humility
  • Helps with unhappy love
  • Free oneself from sinful thoughts
  • With all kinds of addictions, alcoholic including
  • With an unhealthy passion from which a person suffers
  • When making a decision
  • In sorrow and despair

They pray to the saint and ask for help through prayers. If it is difficult to read prayers, ask for help in your own words, only sincerely and with deep faith in God, St. Silvanes of Athos and in result.


O faithful servant of God, Father Silvanus! By grace, from God given to you, pray tearfully for the whole Universe - the dead, the living and the coming - do not keep silent for us to the Lord, who assiduously come to you and your intercession is emphatically asking (names).

Feet, O blessed, to pray the Assiduous Intercessor of the Christian family, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Virgin Mary, who miraculously called thee to be a faithful laborer in Her earthly helicopter, even the chosen one of God for our gracious graces and long-suffering, begs God for all to be remembered. but by the indescribable goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ, hold on to and save us by His great mercy.

With her, the servant of God, with the Most Holy Mistress of the world - the Most Holy Abbess Abbess Athos and the holy ascetics, ask Her earthly lot from the saints of the Holy Word, the holy mountain of Athos and the god-loving deserter of her, from all ills and slander of enemies in the world will be preserved.

Yes, we deliver the angels from the saints to the saints and strengthen the Holy Spirit in faith and brotherly love, until the end of the century for the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of the Church, prayer and prayer are given to all, and the Church of Heavenly and Heavenly ceases to glorify the Creator and Father of Lights, enlightening and illuminating peace in the eternal truth and goodness of God.

Ask the people of the earth for a prosperous and peaceful life, the spirit of humble wisdom and brotherly love, kindness and salvation, the spirit of the fear of God. May anger and lawlessness harden human hearts, which can destroy the love of God in mankind and cast them into divine enmity and fratricide, but in the power of divine love and truth, as the name of God is blessed in heaven and on earth, may His will be holy in mankind and may the peace and kingdom of God reign on the earth.

Similarly, to your earthly Fatherland - ask for the land of the Russians, God’s saint, longing for peace and heavenly blessing, in the same hedgehog with omnipotent Mater of God, I will cover, get rid of gladness, destruction, coward, fire, sword, invasion of foreigners and internecine warfare and of all enemies visible and invisible, and so the holy house of the Blessed Virgin Mary until the end of his age to abide him, the Cross of Life-giving power, and affirm to the love of God that is not scanty.

But to all of us, immersed in the darkness of sins and the repentance of warmth, below the fear of God, not possessing, and for the rest of us immensely loving the Lord, we continually insult the Lord, ask for His blessedness, from the All-Benevolent God of God, may our soul be visited and revived by His Almighty grace, and all kindness and worldly pride, despondency and neglect in our hearts, let it be abolished.

We also pray, for the hedgehog and for us, the grace of the All-Holy Spirit to be strengthened and the love of God warmed up, in humanity and brotherly love, the humble wisdom of the crucifixion for each other and for all, in the truth of God, to be affirmed and blessed for God to be strengthened, and the love of God will be closer to him.

Yes, tacos, creating His all-holy will, in all piety and the purity of his temporal life, we will shamelessly pass the way and with all the saints of the Kingdom of Heaven and His Lamb of marriage we will be able to identify. But to him from all earthly and heavenly things be glory, honor and worship, with His Fatherless Father, the Most Holy and Good, and His Life-giving Spirit, now and evermore and forever. Amen.

Read more prayer texts in the picture below.

The Prayer Cry of the Monk Silvanos of Athos

The result of prayers to Silwan of Athos may not come immediately. It all depends on your sincerity and faith. They pray to him until healing comes or the tormenting cause disappears.

As you can see, the life of Silvanus of Athos was rich and very diverse. Already at a fairly mature age, at about 30 years old, he came to the Lord God and became a monk. Since then, he led a correct lifestyle, constantly praying. His faith was strengthened after the attacks of demons, which increasingly came to Silvanus. But he continued to pray and ask the Lord God to help him. And a vision of Jesus Christ appeared. After that, he believed that faith had risen and became even stronger. Since then, demons have not appeared to him. It was from that time that he began to sleep in fits and starts, for 15 minutes and all his free time to pray for civilians.

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