Can I sew for the night: omen, interpretation

A lot of signs associated with sewing and needles. In this article we will consider the question of whether it is possible to sew at night and what is the danger for a seamstress?

According to various signs, in the evenings it is strictly forbidden to pick up a needle and sew any things, because it is believed that in this way a person can throw huge troubles and diseases on himself and even his relatives. But is it so, is it worth it to refuse to do things you love just because of some signs?

Can I sew for the night: omen

  • No one will argue with the fact that for sewing one way or another it is necessary to use piercing-cutting objects. It can be a needle, scissors, etc. It is believed that such objects attract a lot of evil spirits, well, and since she has special power at night, it will not cost her anything to come to the sewing house and cause trouble there.
  • There is also an ancient sign that states thatyou cannot sew at night exclusively married to women, since they risk losing their marital happiness and love. Such consequences were explained by the fact that at night a married girl should be next to a man and spend time with him.
  • Another belief says that everyone who sews at nightdoom themselves on a bad day, because with the help of a needle, which has always been considered an attribute of witches and magicians, they simply "sew" their luck into clothes.
Is it possible at night?
  • Strictly forbidden to sew at night young mothers and women in position. It is believed that a woman doing needlework at a time when she needs to relax, “sews up” the future happiness and health of her child. Subsequently, the children of such women can become very nervous, irritable and unlucky in adulthood.
  • There is such a sign that says that a woman sewing after sunset dooms herself to serious health problems, up to and including loss of vision. Experts explain this sign by quite real arguments. The thing is that the belief appeared a very long time ago, when people still did not live in such comfortable conditions as now, when there was no light and sew at night accounted for by a candle. Actually from here and a deterioration in vision and overall health.
To blindness?

Can I sew at night or not, it’s hard to say for sure, however, if you still have the opportunity to move the sewing to another day and not sew at night, use it.

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