Top 10 most intelligent and loyal dogs in the world from small, medium and large breeds and breeds for keeping in the apartment: breeds with photos and names. What breed of dogs is the most intelligent and faithful: rating

In this article we will analyze the top 10 most intelligent and loyal dogs of different weight categories.

Sooner or later, almost every person visits the desire to make a four-legged friend, however, not many people understand that when they bring an animal home, they, in principle, bring a new family member who will definitely need care, care and attention.

The most popular pets can rightfully be considered dogs. Someone is looking for a loyal companion, while someone needs a smart dog who will be able to easily learn more than a dozen teams. However, there are dog breeds that contain both of these qualities.

Top 10 most intelligent and loyal dogs in the world from small breeds: photos, breed names, rating

It is important to immediately note the fact that the loyalty of the four-legged depends not so much on the breed as on its character and how its owners relate to it.

  1. 1st place in our ranking is Russian toy. This breed of dog has established itself as incredibly friendly and contact pets. This dog is a real companion that will not leave you day or night. Having chosen a master, he will be devoted to him and will carry this feeling through his whole life, for these dogs are not characterized by a change of owners. The breed is very active and you need to be prepared for this. With the appearance of a Russian toy puppy in the house, everything changes, because the dog needs constant attention and care.


  2. In 2nd place is the toy poodle. This dog is an exact copy of an ordinary poodle, but in a reduced form. These four-legged animals have good intellectual inclinations, so they can be trained without any problems. Despite its relatively small size and friendliness, such a dog will always protect its owners, in particular young children. It is important to say that the toy poodle is a self-sufficient dog, therefore it will always require attention and respect.

    Toy poodle

  3. 3rd place goes to the chihuahua. This breed of dog is particularly mobile and kind. There are many stereotypical opinions that a chihuahua is an extremely decorative dog that is not capable of anything else. However, this opinion is false. Dogs of this breed are very intelligent and obedient, and subject to proper training, as well as training, they will certainly show their qualities. If there are children in the house, then the choice of this particular breed will be very justified, since Chihuahuas are great for kids and know how to entertain them.


  4. In 4th place is the Maltese lapdog. Maltese, also called this breed of dog, is a very beautiful and intelligent dog. The dog is very energetic and active, loves games and attention. The dog is different in that it is quite strongly attached to its owners.


  5. 5th place goes to the Japanese Spaniel. This breed is one of the oldest, if we talk about small dogs. Even in ancient times, the Japanese spaniel was a very popular dog, so almost every person respected at that time had such a dog. Besides the fact that these four-legged are incredibly cute, they are also quite smart. Dogs of this breed can easily master about 30, or even more teams.

    Japanese spaniel

  6. This position is taken by Pomeranian. Cute fluffy kids very quickly become attached to their master and home, so it is very difficult to tolerate separation from family members. Dogs of this breed are very active and hardy, like to frolic and play. Despite the fact that the four-legged of this breed are more like a toy than a live dog, they differ in quick wit and resourcefulness.

    Pomeranian Spitz

  7. In 7th place is the Yorkshire Terrier. Another miniature dog breed. The four-legged of this breed are also considered companions, so you need to get them only to those who need a faithful and faithful friend. Such a dog understands its owner from a single glance, and only his own laziness or the desire to play at this moment can prevent him from fulfilling the assigned command.


  8. This place goes to Griffon dogs. The appearance of these dogs is very impressive. These tetrapods are characterized as very brave, active and devoted dogs. Griffons also boast good behavior and manners, because they never make noise and always listen to the owner’s commands.


  9. On the 9th place of the dog breed French lapdog. The character of these dogs is very soft and flexible. Lapwings always very well feel the mood of their master and, if possible, try to improve it. The breed is particularly sensitive, understanding and loyal. These four-legged animals can be friends and get along with other pets. It is important to draw the attention of everyone who wants to get such a dog to the fact that this breed does not tolerate loneliness at all.

    French lapdog

  10. And the papillon breed dog will complete our rating. These dogs are beautiful in appearance and complaisant in nature. This breed is great for families with small children, as these four-legged animals can get along with babies. A dog of this breed is smart and loyal. Papillons are quickly mastered in the family and very difficult to end parting with the owners.

Top 10 most intelligent and loyal dogs in the world from medium breeds: photos, breed names, rating

Medium-sized dogs are no less popular than small dogs. They can also be kept at home and in the apartment, at the same time, without damaging either the premises or the animal itself.

The middle breeds include dogs whose weight is from 12 to 25 kg:

  1. On the 1st place Border Collie. Dogs of this breed are unusually smart and obedient, but only on condition that you immediately explain the rules of the "game" to them. Since these four-legged animals are independent and self-sufficient animals, they make independent decisions without problems and are able to act correctly in different situations. Collies are very fond of babies and cope with them perfectly, acting in these respects as such "nannies". The breed is unpretentious in leaving, however, it still likes to demand attention to its person.

    1st place

  2. Shelti takes the second place. These dogs love an active lifestyle, sitting on the spot for them is not an easy task. Such a dog is very fond of attention, but at the same time he knows how to occupy himself. If there are children in the house, then shelti will become their best friend, as he loves children and knows how to protect them. Dogs of this breed are capable of small tricks and pranks, but only if their energy does not find the right channel. Therefore, having acquired such a dog, you will have to walk a lot with him and give him physical exertion.


  3. 3rd place honorably takes the Australian Shepherd. Dogs of this breed have established themselves as good shepherds. But not only this breed became famous for this. These four-legged are very faithful and devoted friends. There is an important point in the upbringing of these dogs that cannot be ignored in any case: you need to learn the animal from childhood, because if the dog is not taught commands and obedience, its instincts will prevail. In this case, the dog will act as a shepherd in your house: bite your legs and collect all things in one secluded place.

    Beautiful breed

  4. The 4th position is occupied by the beagle. These dogs are very lively, they differ in that they can not sit still. Always happy to play with children and hosts. Four-legged are distinguished by their courage, if necessary they will protect their masters, they are well trained. It is important to know that dogs of this breed need long walks and active activities.


  5. 5th place goes to dachshund dogs. Dachshunds are wayward dogs that do not like to be coerced into something, so you cannot train them through the power of these pets. Despite this, in general training they give in well and learn pretty quickly. At home, the dog behaves very calmly, trying to be with the owner all the time.


  6. On the 6th place is a French bulldog. These four-legged dogs lend themselves perfectly to training, they know how to listen to the owner, however, you need to deal with them from childhood, because their playful character can take over. Even a trained and trained dog will be naughty from time to time, because he has such a temper. With children, these pets get along well, accept them. They love their master very much and are often jealous of him for other animals, and sometimes people.


  7. This position belongs to the Welsh Corgi. The dog is very contact, very rarely brings trouble to its owner. The four-legged of this breed are judicious and serious. At the right moment, they will easily come to the rescue of a person and will not leave him in trouble. Welsh Corgi know how to feel the state of their master and react to changes in his mood.

    Welsh Corgi

  8. 8th place is occupied by the American Cocker Spaniel. These dogs are among the most loyal and intelligent. The Cocker Spaniel is a very sensitive dog, which always chooses its owner. This animal is very mobile and companionable, able to get along with children and other animals, although it can sometimes be jealous of them. Since this breed of dog belongs to hunting, it is safe to say that, if necessary, such a pet will be able to protect its owner.

    American breed

  9. The 9th position is occupied by the breed called Boston Terrier. This small dog is very stubborn in nature. Having brought such a miracle to the house, you must immediately draw all the boundaries and show him who is the boss in the house. Dog training is also necessary since childhood. Representatives of this breed are very lively and funny, they love games and children.

    Boston terrier

  10. 10th place belongs to the Russian Spaniel. Dogs of this breed are very interesting in nature. They love their owner very much and quickly become attached to the house, but these are not the animals that will allow them to "squeeze" whenever you like, so just keep this fact in mind. This dog needs daily care and physical activity, otherwise it will begin to get rid of excess energy through excessive pampering.
Russian breed

This, of course, is far from all breeds of intelligent and loyal dogs. There is still a huge number of other, no less educated and noble breeds. Remember, almost any dog ​​will please you if you are sufficiently involved in its upbringing.

Top 10 most intelligent and loyal dogs in the world from large breeds: photos, breed names, rating

Big dogs are considered to be such four-legged dogs that weigh from 25 kg to 90 kg or more. Caring for such pets is somewhat different from caring for small and medium breeds, however, this does not mean that it is more difficult.

  1. The German shepherd will head our rating. These dogs have gained their popularity for a long time and do not lose it to this day. Representatives of this breed are incredibly smart and loyal. Four-legged are distinguished by obedience, poise. The shepherd always knows his place in the house, never claims to take the place of leader. These dogs are very fond of children and are ready to give their lives, if necessary, for their owner. Shepherd dogs are trained quickly and easily, but you need to train your pet from childhood.

    Shepherd dog

  2. 2nd place went to the golden retriever. These dogs are distinguished by great generosity and kindness. These pets are very caring and understanding. His master is loved and unquestioningly listened to by his team. Golden Retriever is an ideal dog for family people. After all, such a dog will protect and cheer up, and look after the children. These four-legged animals are distinguished by the fact that they are completely unable to show aggression and show themselves on this side only in case of real danger.


  3. 3rd place is occupied by a labrador. Representatives of this breed are good-natured dogs that have proven themselves as hunters, guide dogs and nannies. Four-legged are very active, they love games and children. They will never give offense to their master and other family members. Pets can be trained quickly and easily.


  4. 4th place honorary goes to Newfoundland dogs. These dogs are excellent family tetrapods. The nature of these pets simply cannot but rejoice. Balance, complaisance, patience and courage - all this about this breed. Newfoundlands are dogs that attach very quickly to their master, family and home, as well as to other pets that live with them. Representatives of this breed can not stand the long separation from their family. If necessary, such a dog will easily protect the owner and other family members, although in a calm environment this breed does not even bark.


  5. The Saint Bernard breed takes this position. The nature of these animals is sometimes surprising: balanced, reasonable, understanding and calm. To anger such a dog is quite difficult, the exception is situations in which something threatens the owners of the animals. In such cases, the St. Bernard will run without hesitation to save its owner. These four-legged animals are attached to children and other family members and are very fond of spending time together. These dogs are trained easily, but, despite their unquestioning obedience, they always act very carefully and carefully.

    Saint bernard

  6. On the 6th place of the dog breed Doberman. Representatives of this breed have a very wayward and serious character, so their education should be dealt with responsibly and from childhood. If you manage to position the animal towards you, in return you will receive his love, care and protection. They treat children with caution, do not show special love, therefore, if there are babies in the house, you should clearly let the dog understand that the child is more important than her.


  7. 7th place is the rottweiler. It must be said right away that these dogs are very dangerous and need to be trained from a very early age - from 2 months. These pets listen only to their master and that if he is an authority for them. However, if this dog has chosen its owner, it will be his best other and reliable defender. To protect such a dog is ready to death. If there are children in the family, then you need to raise a dog so that it clearly understands that the child in the house is the most important one, and disobedience in this regard will be followed by serious punishment.


  8. In place of 8th place is Akita Inu. These dogs are very dedicated advocates. The dog loves and protects its owner, however, in a calm environment, he will not even bark. Learning is easy and fast, however, it is necessary to deal with this four-legged from childhood. If there are other animals in the house, then Akita will easily find a common language with them.

    Akita Inu

  9. 9th place is pit bull. Of course, the opinion of this breed is very double-digit. There are a huge number of cases of pit bull attacks on people, but it is important to note the fact that a trained, trained dog will hardly behave this way. Moreover, these four-legged animals were originally intended to be nannies and this is in their blood. Pit bulls are loyal, loyal dogs that require attention and proper care. If you create the necessary conditions for this dog, you will never regret that you brought it.

    Pit bull

  10. And our boxer dog rating completes our rating.In skilled hands, such dogs turn into excellent guards and loyal friends. The loyalty of the boxers is truly amazing: in case of danger and necessity, they will without any doubt rush to the defense of the owner. Do not hide the fact that boxers are still those minions, therefore, without active pastime and regular loads, they will certainly “please” you with some sort of trick, like dangling curtains.

Top 10 most intelligent and loyal dogs in the world from breeds for keeping in an apartment: photos, breed names, rating

Unfortunately, not every dog ​​can be kept in an apartment and a house, because each dog breed has its own character, disposition and needs. When choosing a pet for keeping in an apartment, you should pay attention to what it needs and what breed it belongs to. It is also not superfluous to turn your attention to the size of an adult pet, because a large dog needs a large territory.

  1. Yorkshire Terrier. For an apartment, this dog fits more than perfectly. A cheerful and sociable dog will not let you get bored, and you can keep it even in the smallest apartment.


  2. Chihuahua. Earlier we talked about dogs of this breed. Their size and requirements are also suitable for home use.

    Good option for an apartment

  3. Toy Terrier. The little merry fidget and fidget well takes root in the apartment and the house, however, it requires constant attention, cannot stand loneliness and is inclined to commit minor dirty tricks, if it is at home alone.

    Toy Terrier

  4. Jack Russell Terrier. It is possible to have such a pet in the apartment, but you need to be prepared for the fact that this four-legged loves outdoor activities. Dogs are trained well, but because of their activity, they often need long trainings.

    Jack Russell Terrier

  5. Pug. These dogs are distinguished by their sociability and ability to find a common language with others. They love children and active games. In case of inattention to themselves, they can make a fuss. Having chosen his master from all household members, the pug will always try to show his feelings for him and protect him.


  6. Pekingese. Very often this breed is taken to the apartment, because the size of the dog is quite suitable for this. However, you need to know that the breed is extremely whimsical in care and does not really like children.


  7. Shih Tzu. This decorative dog is very attached to its family and owners, so it always needs attention and care. Representatives of this breed treat children well, as well as other pets. This breed lends itself to training.

    Shih tzu

  8. Poodle. Such dogs will be excellent companions and true family members. A poodle knows how to be obedient and understanding, but at the same time very fond of attention to himself and various games. Four-legged are amenable to training, like to perform tricks and various tasks.


  9. English bulldog. These are calm dogs who know how to be loyal to their family. Able to endure children's tricks and get along with very young kids. If desired, they are excellently trained and trained.


  10. Dachshund. This breed is also suitable for keeping in an apartment. It is important that the owner can give such a pet a sufficient amount of attention and provide proper care.


When choosing a dog for home and apartment, give preference to small breeds that do not need daily runs and great physical exertion.

The lists of loyal and intelligent dogs can be continued for a very long time, however, the four-legged dogs mentioned in our ratings are in the greatest demand.

When choosing a dog, it is important to understand that almost any pet can be trained and trained, for this you just need your attention, desire and a responsible attitude to the animal. Well, the pet’s loyalty to you, largely depends on your attitude to him, so love your four-legged and do it.

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