Whispering magic to love: how does it work? Whispers from White Magic to the love of a man, boyfriend, husband, in the distance, so that beloved, husband, man, boyfriend loved, called, missed, came, returned to the photo, the growing moon, the full moon, back: words, read

This article will show you how to say whispers to love.

Whispers are simple conspiracies or love spells, if used correctly, they act. Learn more about them.

Whispers from White Magic on the love of a man, boyfriend, husband, in the distance

Whispers on love in the distance

Simple good whispers from White Magic will not hurt the person you often think of. Whispers can be used at the beginning of dating, and if you already know the person well. You can pronounce them at a distance if you, having met this person, have forgotten all the words that you had to say, or if your loved one is far from you.

If you know well a man who is uttering a whisper, you need to prepare his photo and 2 candles. You need to do this at midnight, when the growing moon. Light candles, look at the photo, and imagine that your beloved is with you, mentally speak whisper:

  • You can't fly birds without wings, fish can't swim without water, you can't be without me.

Then put out the candles, put the photo under the pillow, and go to bed. In subsequent nights, you can repeat the whisper again.

If you don’t have a photo of your sweetheart, then a whisper can be sent to him. by wind. Choose a day when there is a strong wind outside, rise to an elevated place from where everything is visible, turn to the side from where the wind blows, and pronounce mentally whisper:

  • Grab my words, wind, take them to someone who is dear to me, not to be without him, not to live, just love me.

If you pronounce words with all the passion, often think about this person, he will definitely pay attention to you.

Good, good whispers to attract and good luck in love to meet a man, guy, love: words, read

Whispers of luck in love

If you really want to meet a loved one, then, before going out, you need to remember whispers.

So, at home, going to the street, focus, close your eyes, imagine that your loved one is in front of you, whisper whisper:

  • Our meeting is inevitable, love is with you, happiness is with me.

And you will certainly meet the desired person on the street.

Whispers to attract the attention of guys, men: words

Psychologists of a man believe that in order to draw a guy’s attention to himself, you need to be active, but you can’t always be confident in yourself, especially with a man you like. For this, they came up with whispers, it is worth saying them to yourself - and your desire will come true. Whispers should preferably be used at the beginning of dating.

If you spend time in a big company, and there is a man who you like, try to pass by him more often, look at him so that your views meet, while remembering yourself whisper:

  • Eye to eye, soul to soul, love of love.

Whispers to a guy, a man to love: words

Whispers on love

If you liked a man, and you know that he is free, but he does not pay attention to you, this will help whisper:

  • My eyes are sharp, my heart is hot, if I pass you by, you will notice me.

You should say such words every time you meet a man you like. And if you can invite this man to your home, at least in the company of other friends, then at home treating him with your food, repeat a whisper to yourself, and look at him. The man will not stand your gaze, and will answer you with consent.

To beloved, husband, man, guy loved: words

Whispers on love, for a man to love

If you are afraid that your husband will cheat with another woman, you can whisper after going out into the street whisper the following content:

  • With me you are young and daring, and with others you are weak and old.

Whispers to miss, called: words

If you want your husband or your boyfriend to be bored and not think about other beauties, he needs to mentally read this whisper:

  • Go dear, hurry up, and don’t forget me, return to your home threshold quickly, and don’t know the way to other women.

Important. After reading the whisper, try not to think about the man constantly, do not focus on your desire to get him, otherwise the fulfillment of desire is reduced to zero.

Whispers to come back: words

Whispers on love to make a man come back

If you abandoned your husband or boyfriend, but you continue to love, and want him to come back, you often need to say the following whisper:

  • Go where you’re going, but you’ll be mine, you’ll be sad without me, the white light will not be sweet, sadness, longing will seize.

Whispers in the photo: words

If your loved one is far away, and you have his picture, you can say whisper to the photograph, bringing it close to her lips:

  • Do not forget about me, be with me always and love me.

But for a whisper to work, no one should see the photograph, only you. Take her out of a secluded place, utter a whisper, and again hide.

Whispers on the growing moon, the full moon: words

Whispers on love in the full moon

From time immemorial, sorcerers associated their magical power with the moon. They spent their sessions on the growing moon, and most of all - on the full moon. On the full moon we see a large moon that is fascinating. Our ancestors advised us to start a new business on the full moon.

And whispers also come true most of all in the full moon, and during the growing moon, and if it's also Friday, then the effect of whispers will certainly be, the Moon will help in this.

Words: Almighty moon, give the heart of my beloved.

It is interesting. How to find out when the crescent moon? On a moonlit night, when the sky is clear, without clouds, look at the moon. It is complete, with the letter "C" and "C", looking in the opposite direction. So the moon is full - the full moon; "C" - the old moon or waning; in the third case, mentally put the wand to the moon, we get the letter "P", which means growing.

Whispers in the back: words

If you say a whisper to the past, and the man you like in the back, then your love impulses are transmitted to him.

How does it work? You go behind your beloved man, at a certain distance, clutch your hands in fists, and repeat to yourself such words-whispers:

  • Look at me, fall in love forever, never leave, be mine forever.

If the whisper acted on your chosen guy or man, he will turn back.

Amorous, fast-acting, gypsy whisper in love addressed to: words

Gypsy magic does not apply to white magic; rather, it is black magic. It acts better than simple whispers, but the consequences after it are sometimes not cured.

If you ordered a gypsy woman to make a love spell on her beloved, she turns to her spirit, which the gypsy calls an egregor. The spirit, in return for the service, takes away the jewel from the gypsy, if there is none, then she pays with her energy. After such a rite, the energy field of the person for whom the love spell was ordered is destroyed, and he suffers from serious illnesses, becomes aggressive, and there will be no sense from such a love spell.

Whisper: Do not forget about me, be with me, but love me.

But there are times when gypsy love spell is not valid:

  • If a person who has a love spell has a strong will.
  • A person has pure thoughts, he is sincere.
  • If there is great love between two people, and the third person wants to destroy it, and orders a love spell.

Whispers on marriage: words

Whispers on love for marriage

If you have a beloved man, and you have been dating for a long time, but he does not offer you to marry him, you need to read whisper prayer for lovewhen the full moon comes. How to do it right?

  1. Wait for the full moon to come.
  2. Prepare sacred water, if there is none, you can use water from a spring, but the effect will be less.
  3. Do the rite at midnight: pour a full glass of water, put it in front of the window, and read the prayer 3 times.

Words of prayer:

  • As grass and trees dry without water, so the fish die without water, so does the servant of God (the name of the beloved) so that he would not live without me. As I quench my thirst with the sprinkled water, so longing will come to him, strong, burning, eternal love, so that he could not hear enough of me, admire me. Amen!

Whisper the prayer passionately, put a desire for a happy life in your words, drink water, and wait for the results in 1-3 weeks.

Whispers on passion: words

Whispers on love and passion

Whispers of passion are read if they want more passion in bed, in a love match.

Whisper on passion a woman can charge dinner when she cooks it, saying such words:

  • Dear, eat, add male strength, spend on me.

And before going to bed with her beloved, a woman puts a pepper under his head, saying:

  • Peppers, cut our love with you, beloved.

Whispers on the lover's longing: words

Whispers on love, on melancholy

Whispers of white magic require a kind of sacrifice from a person reading a whisper:

  • Before reading a whisper, you need to keep a post (do not eat junk food) for 1-3 days.
  • Before pronouncing a whisper, you need to read a prayer to the Saint corresponding to your name or Virgin Mary.

You can bring grief to the person with whom you are familiar. And, for example, you really like the famous actor, you can not influence him. You can wake up a longing for a loved one in a whisper, pronounced late in the evening or early in the morning, when the moon grows. Pour water into a glass, drop a pinch of salt, and read whisper:

  • Like the water of salt, so the servant of God (the name of the beloved) will miss me without me. Just as people cannot do without water, so he cannot do without me.

After pronouncing a whisper, drink water, and wait for news from the dear person.

Whispers to a guy, a man kiss: words

Whispers on love for a man to kiss

Go on a date with a man, and want him to kiss you before you go out, talk, marching around the apartment, whisper:

  • Even the walls want to kiss me, and you won’t hold on and kiss me.

Whispers to be the only and beloved girlfriend, wife: words

In order for the husband to love his wife, and she was the only one for him, whispers should be read everywhere. For example, you are preparing a soup for your husband. Cook and Sentence whisper:

  • I’m not cooking soup, but warming up love, my beloved will eat it, they will love me.

And if the husband goes on a business trip, and you collect his things, condemn such whisper:

  • I’m stroking my sweet shirt, let him envelop him like my love, and protect his heart from other women.

Whispers in bed, before bedtime: words

Whispers on love in bed

To “tie” a loved one to yourself in bed while having sex, you need to mentally read about yourself whisper:

  • You are my king, and I am the queen, to be with us forever, never to leave us.

These words must be whispered to themselves, putting all their passion into them.

Whispers in a kiss: words, read

Whispers on love with a kiss

With kisses, a man and woman have a powerful exchange of energy. In order to fall in love with a man even more, a woman mentally, with all her passion, pronounces whisper:

  • May my love pour into your mouth, and my heart respond to the call.

Whispering magic to love: how does it work?

There is no guarantee that all whispers will work. A positive result is possible if the guy you like has not yet shown interest in the girl, and a whisper can push, and the man will be interested in the girl.

Also, whispers should be pronounced to a girl who does not yet have a lover, but she wants to appear, higher powers will undoubtedly send such a man.

For whispers to work, you must adhere to the rules:

  • Believe in a whisper
  • Understand the words you pronounce
  • Learn the whisper text by heart to pronounce it without looking in a piece of paper

How fast do whispers for love work?

If you believe that whispers will help, then they will certainly help. And how much time to wait for whispers to take effect: a week or a month - it does not matter, it is more important that they are fulfilled.

So, now we know what whispers on love can be pronounced in different cases.

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