Dream Interpretation Tableware: Importance for Men and Women. Why dream of washing, cleaning, cleaning, breaking, assembling, gluing, giving, buying dishes? Had a cup, plate, saucer, goblet, glass, teapot, pan, spoon, fork, knife?

In this article you will find a list of the most comprehensive interpretations of sleep in which you saw the dishes.

What is the dream of clean, dirty, broken, old, new, festive, everyday dishes?

Tableware is a very strong esoteric symbol that often appears in a dream, signaling some events that will happen to you in the future.

We see dishes every day, but we don’t even think about what it means, like a dream and what it warns about. In this article you will find a large list of interpretations of dreams with different utensils.

What is important is the subject of the service, its color and what it is made of, as well as what you did with the dishes. In any case, utensils are a positive symbol and, as a whole, in their pure form symbolizes human benefits, prosperity, and health.

IMPORTANT: Dishes are a positive sign and symbol. In good condition, it means and predicts well-being, wealth and health.

Interpretation - dishes:

  • Dirty dishes - illness or temporary difficulties. If you stained dishes - you will still solve your problems for a long time, if you washed them from dirt - everything will soon work out.
  • Clean dishes - a comfortable future or a good investment, a good time to develop a business or your personal business.
  • Dishes in the sink - postpone the resolution of important issues for a while so that they do not bring you any trouble right now.
  • The dishes in the cupboard are clean - your labors will please you more than one day with your gratitude.
  • The dishes in the cupboard are dirty - you should not try to hide a terrible secret, it will still be known to everyone.
  • A lot of broken dishes - big scandal, clarification of relationships and quarrels with loved ones.
  • New dishes - new acquaintances, new projects and activities that turn out to be extremely successful.
  • Old dishes - meeting a person who is very important to you some time ago.
  • Dishes with cracks and chips - Envious and rivals will be able to harm you, both in personal life and at work.
  • Festive dishes - Expect a lot of fun, holidays and family joys.
  • Simple, everyday dishes - fruitful work and hard work that will bring you reward and pleasure.
  • Dishes with color drawings - it’s time to seriously change something in your life in order to establish a stream of luck that can make you happy.
  • Dishes with food - a gift or present that will be very pleasant.
Dream about the dishes: what does it mean?

Why do I dream of glass, ceramic, wooden, metal dishes?

And what kind of dishes did you see? What material was it made of? Try to remember.


  • Glassware - you run the risk of losing what you have been striving for so long or parting with your loved one out of stupidity.
  • From ceramics - large cash outlay, which can be completely in vain.
  • From wood - loved ones will bring you joy
  • Metal - Be persistent in achieving your goals.
  • Stone - you have reliable protection.
  • From paper - very deceptive profit, it will not bring you well-being.
  • Disposable - little wealth, a gift.
  • Toy - everything is not as you think, wait for exposure.
  • Big size - big changes that will bring a lot of new and pleasant to your life.
  • Miniature - try to change or change something, little things, for example, change the atmosphere or image, and you will see how cool things will change.

Why do I dream about dishes in the kitchen, in the dining room, hall, living room, bathroom, corridor?

The room and the place where the dishes were were not unimportant in deciphering your sleep.

Interpretation - dishes in:

  • Kitchen - everything will surely work out in your life and things will be able to take a successful turn
  • Hall - wait for guests in your home from afar, friends or relatives
  • Living room - you will go on a big trip and meet many interesting people
  • Corridor - the solution of the issue will drag on for a long time
  • Bedroom - rival on the "love front"
  • Bathroom - people will discuss you for a long time
  • Toilets - beloved person will deceive you
  • On the table - holiday in your house
  • Under the table - secrets against you
  • On the bed - lovelessness
  • Under the bed - secrets from a loved one
  • On the window - bad news
  • At the door - a person will come to you with a message
To see the dishes in a dream: the meaning

Why do you dream about dishes white, black, red, gray, yellow, blue, green, purple?

The color of the dishes is important for the proper interpretation of sleep. Remember what color was the kitchen utensils.

Interpretation - dishes:

  • White - fateful meeting that will affect your business and financial situation. Do not miss the chance to get rich!
  • Black - temporary difficulties that will overtake you will be easily resolved if you try to find a way out.
  • Gray - try not to mess with loved ones.
  • Blue, blue - Do not take on a lot of work and take time to relax.
  • Red, pink - romantic meeting and passionate love date, meeting with a new lover / lover is possible.
  • Yellow - fun and celebration with a lot of emotions, impressions, gifts.
  • Orange, red - wait for the envy of your friends.
  • Gold - profitable business offer.
  • Silver - friends help will come on time.
  • Violet - you need to devote more time to yourself.
  • Handpainted - You will receive an amazing message.
  • With gold patterns - a nice gift from a loved one.
  • With floral patterns - romantic confession.

What does it mean to wash, clean, beat, collect, give, buy, sell, clean, fold dishes in a dream?


  • Wash off dirt with water - solve important matters with words
  • Wipe dry - repay debts
  • Deliberately beat - scandal yourself from scratch
  • Collect from the table - settle other people's problems, help relatives
  • Place on the table - make peace with your loved ones.
  • Give - seek help from people you trust
  • Buy - strive to improve life and their financial situation
  • Sell ​​- make new friends
  • Accept as a gift - learn something new and shocking
  • Boxed - you will keep a big, alien secret
  • Glue the broken - put up with who you have been in a quarrel with for a long time
How to decipher a dream about dishes?

The meaning of sleep - cup: dream book

Here is a list of interpretations of sleep in which you saw a cup:

  • Cup with a large handle - an opponent with great advantages or affluence.
  • Tea cup - long conversations and discussions.
  • Coffee cup - a prestigious offer or the opportunity to earn some good money.
  • Deep cup - long relationship, good new job.
  • Broken cup - lost friend, frustrated relationship, or being fired from work.
  • Chipped Cup - a problem that will negatively affect many areas of your life.
  • Cracked Cup - the envy of colleagues will prevent you from succeeding.
  • A cup with your name - an important business that will be entrusted to you.
  • Cup on a saucer - wedding or wedding.
  • Cup with a photo - meeting with a person in the photo (image). If the photo was yours - take care of your health.

The meaning of sleep is a plate, saucer: dream book


  • Large flat plate - a very fateful and important meeting for you.
  • Small flat plate - a fun meeting with a close friend, a pleasant pastime.
  • Big deep plate - long trip with pleasant emotions.
  • Small deep plate - a message from afar with good news.
  • Saucer - unexpected news.
  • Beautiful painted plate - pleasant surprises from your beloved people.
  • Plate of food - decent remuneration for work and remuneration for efforts.
  • Empty plate - a big waste of money or time.
  • Plate with bones - at your expense someone wants to find success and prosperity.
  • Meat on a plate - a good opportunity to realize yourself and fulfill your dream.
  • Fish skeleton, fish on a plate - a loved one will disappoint you.
  • Flowers on a plate - romantic date and love meetings.
What is the dream of different dishes?

The meaning of sleep - glass: dream book


  • Tall glass - serious talk about work
  • Low, wide glass - you cannot appreciate what you gain
  • Colored glass - having fun with family
  • Clear glass - all your secret thoughts will be in the public domain
  • Faceted glass - be easier to find a solution to the problem
  • Crystal glass - Appreciate what you have
  • A glass of water - long talk about work
  • Glass with juice, drink - bright emotions that will fill your life

The meaning of sleep - glass: dream book


  • A glass of red wine - bright and effective rival
  • A glass of water - ghostly love, not real feelings
  • Empty glass - lost love and ruined feelings
  • Broken glass - betrayal of a loved one
  • Champagne glass - joyful celebration, wedding

The meaning of sleep - kettle: dream book


  • Samovar - family celebration and big celebration
  • Electric kettle - the solution to the money problem will be completely unpredictable and unexpected
  • Metal kettle - bad news awaits you
  • Glass teapot - upcoming business depends on your perseverance
  • Ceramic teapot - long trip with unpredictable adventures
  • Teapot - pranks, chores and worries
Saw the dishes in a dream: interpretation

The meaning of sleep - spoon: dream book


  • Metal - long road to success
  • Wooden - simple and completely solvable problems
  • Tea room - little life difficulties
  • Canteen - everyday problems
  • Ladle - debts or loans

The meaning of sleep - plug: dream book


  • Metal - envy of your colleagues and people from your inner circle
  • Very sharp - wait for insults from the people you love and whom you can trust
  • Dessert - having offended a loved one, you yourself will suffer

The meaning of sleep - pan: dream book


  • Big - big family trip
  • Small - holiday inside the family or loved ones
  • Empty - loneliness and sadness
  • Full of food - nice gifts from loved ones
  • Drop the pan - lose the trust of loved ones
  • Cook food in it - help family and friends

The meaning of sleep - pan: dream book


  • Brush off the pan - expect that completely strangers will solve your problems, but this will not happen and you will suffer.
  • Cooking in it - to expect big changes in life and financial independence, which will come to you only with great difficulty.
  • Empty - you will lose a lot if you risk everything that you have. Be careful about your expenses, financial expenses and do not give money to anyone.

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