Can I do sports during pregnancy? What kind of sport is possible during pregnancy?

Pregnancy and sports - is it compatible? What kind of sport to choose during pregnancy.

Pregnancy. Not a single life cycle is shrouded in so many myths, superstitions, and false advice. Having read and heard the myths about pregnancy, about what you can and cannot do, many young girls stop leading a full-fledged lifestyle as soon as they find out about their situation.

Thus doing more harm than good to yourself and your baby. In this article, we destroy the myth that pregnant women should not exercise.

Can I do sports during pregnancy? Need to

Indeed, there are pregnancies with complications, during which doctors recommend bed rest, lack of exercise and, of course, complete peace of mind.

But this is only a small percentage, the remaining young women, especially those who were actively involved in sports before pregnancy, can and should even physically engage in order to maintain themselves in good shape and prepare for natural birth.

Pregnancy and sports

Contraindications to fitness during pregnancy

Contraindications to fitness during pregnancy

In order not to waste your time, we will immediately announce to whom it is better to postpone the sport until later:

  • Until the first visit to the doctor and complete delivery of tests. Even if you feel great, a problem that does not yet make itself felt may lurk within you. For this, there is the delivery of tests and ultrasound. Pass all the necessary examinations, make sure that everything is going well, and then proceed to fitness
  • Anemia. It is not so rare in a pregnant woman, while the diagnosis is made and removed during pregnancy. For treatment, most often it is enough to drink a course of tablets and after you make sure that everything is working out - you can go to fitness
  • Multiple pregnancy. For a woman’s body, this is a double burden. Therefore, without the advice of a doctor, do not overwork yourself
  • Threat of interruption, pulling pains, bleeding and daubing, copious discharge. In this case, you are shown bed rest and in no case no loads

Can I do sports during pregnancy?

Fitball for pregnant women

It is possible and necessary. Often he is not only an older woman, but also a youth, you can hear the phrase "you can not shake a child." By this they justify the need to refrain from sports and intimate relationships until childbirth. Let's plunge a little deeper into history and look at our pregnant great-grandmothers.

An example (repeatedly described in the literature and scientific tracts). The field, haymaking, the woman in the demolition at the time of the bout leaves for the haystack, away from the rest. There a new person appears. She wraps it in a diaper (which they had begun to carry in advance) and stayed with him for a couple of hours to rest. Then she got up and went to work on.

Sports during pregnancy under the supervision of a trainer
  • From this description it can be understood that women worked (the same physical activity) up to childbirth, and after a few hours were restored enough to continue to work. There are many such examples in history, these are women warriors, and artisans, and many others
  • When and by whom was the theory “can not shake a child” was invented? Presumably the theory appeared in the royal houses of Europe with the advent of Christianity. The ladies were already not too burdened with labor. But with the advent of a new religion, menstruation, pregnancy and the process of giving birth to a child finally acquired a negative color
  • On such days, women increasingly sat in their chambers, performing as few movements as possible. The theory later gained popularity, and despite the ardent beliefs of doctors that pregnancy is not a disease, women in many countries of the world tried to move to a minimum
Fitness for pregnant

But these days in the past and today, doctors strongly recommend healthy exercise. You have no contraindications, you want a healthy baby and a beautiful figure shortly after birth?

Do you want to give birth on your own without pain relief and medical intervention? Fitness for pregnant women, what you now need!

What load to choose?

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the testimony of doctors. The second is whether you have played sports before. For those who did exercises the last time at school, and now decided to prepare for childbirth, we can recommend yoga for pregnant women, as well as swimming and fitness for pregnant women in water. Third is the trimester of pregnancy. Depending on it, we will choose one or another load.

Sport and pregnancy are compatible!

Early Trimester Sports

Cardio loads should be reduced for those who were previously engaged and not to start if there was no previous experience. In the first trimester of pregnancy, it is difficult for many with high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and even dizziness because of this. The heart is already actively working during this period, the load does not need him.

From the moment you saw two stripes on the test - a sport with a high risk of injury is contraindicated. It includes snowboarding, skiing, basketball, horse riding and even cycling if it is speedy or with obstacles.

Early Trimester Sports

If there was no sport before pregnancy

purpose: keep the original size and quickly return to body shape before pregnancy. Prepare the body for natural childbirth.

Training time and frequency: future mothers who decide to lead an active lifestyle in the first trimester, it is advisable to do fitness no more than 3 times a week for an average of 30 minutes with a complete absence of cardio loads.

In addition, you must add: Hiking in the park. It is often proposed to replace the treadmill at low speeds, but this proposal is relevant only when the track is in the fresh air.

Video: Exercise for pregnant women - 1 trimester

What load to choose?

  • Swimming and water aerobics. Note that scientists examined more than a thousand pregnant women swimming in chlorinated and river water. In the first case, security was not found, but regarding river and lake water, scientists around the world are categorically opposed. Sea water causes a lot of controversy, but there are no contraindications
  • Yoga. It will help to tighten and work out all the muscles of the body, prepare the body for carrying the baby in the last stages, pass the birth easily and almost painlessly
  • Gymnastics for pregnant women. Light physical exercises that can be performed to maintain the body in good shape, relieve unpleasant symptoms and smooth preparation in the upcoming birth

If before pregnancy a woman went in for sports.

purpose: maintain the original ideal body size and restore the figure as quickly as possible after childbirth. Go through the process of pregnancy and childbirth as easy and pleasant as possible. Do not forget about your lifestyle and delight yourself with excellent forms throughout pregnancy.

Dancing during pregnancy is wonderful!

Training time and frequency: for a trained body, the first trimester most often passes almost imperceptibly. Many world athletes during the first trimester participated in competitions and even took first places. Reduce the intensity of the training or their frequency is necessary only according to the testimony of doctors. In the event that the sport is traumatic, continue or switch to a vaneless sport.

Be sure to inform the trainer about pregnancy, he will adjust the load and will more closely monitor you during training.

What load to choose?

  • First of all, the one that you did before pregnancy. But changes are also possible (replacement for another sport or partial replacement)
  • Cordio training in your case, shown until the beginning of the third trimester
  • Strength training must be adjusted with the trainer in order to continue to train the body, but not to allow reboots harmful to the future mother and baby
  • Dances, all kinds of aerobics, shaping and strip plastic can be continued until the birth itself or until the tummy grows so large that it will be difficult to do

In addition, you must add: walks, exercise in the fresh air. Swimming, water aerobics and yoga for a gradual preparation for childbirth.

Sports in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy

If you decide to go in for fitness for the first time at this time, we recommend staying at a fitness center for pregnant women, which will prepare the body for gestation in the last stages and natural birth.

Exercises in water, yoga in the fresh air (if the pregnancy takes place in the summer), or indoors, gymnastics for pregnant women are perfect for you.

Sports in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy

If you have previously been involved in sports, and there are no contraindications, continue at a pace that is comfortable for you. Listen to yourself, if the body is tired, dizzy, weakness, or other ailments, it is better to leave the training for this day. If symptoms recur - visit your doctor to see if everything is in order with health.


If you previously went in for sports, but had to stop in the first trimester (toxicosis or time restrictions of doctors who are currently removed), training is permissible exclusively under the supervision of an instructor in a specially prepared program.

In addition, from the beginning of the third trimester, without exception, it is advisable for everyone to add breathing exercises that help in the process of childbirth, as well as Kegel exercises.

Celebrities doing fitness during pregnancy.

Today, many celebrities set an example in their lifestyle, and thus inspire millions of women. We hope that these women will inspire you today!

Celebrities Doing Fitness During Pregnancy

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