Signs and superstitions associated with lizards: description. Why did the lizard crawl into the house, settle in the yard, the greenhouse, climb into the boot, cross the road, kill, see the lizard in the cemetery on the grave, pregnant, find the tail of the lizard: folk signs, superstition

In this article we will provide information on signs associated with lizards. Despite the fact that, at first glance, it may seem that little is connected with these reptiles, this is absolutely wrong and we will show it to you.

Many have a negative attitude to lizards, because in appearance they resemble snakes. But popular wisdom says that lizards are quite wise animals, and in pagan beliefs she was a soothsayer in various fields of human activity. Therefore, in this article we will analyze what kind of signs are associated with lizards.

Why did the lizard crawl into the house, apartment: folk signs, superstition

For many centuries, people have associated the appearance of a lizard with an event. Therefore, today there are many superstitions and signs associated with this reptile. Especially alarming if the lizard crawled into the house. It could mean:

  • If the newlyweds on their wedding night saw a lizard in the house in which they intend to live, this means that the joint life of the young will not last long, and most likely will be unhappy. Of course, if the young are in a strange house, then you should not believe in this superstition.
  • Lizards also predict weather changes when an animal is hiding in your home - expect cold weather and cloudy weather in the near future.
  • A bad sign is brought by an animal when it dies in a house. This promises the death of one of the inhabitants of the house. It is worth changing the place of residence during the year in order to avoid trouble.
  • A lizard can portend a disaster that will happen to the family. If the animal ran into the house, and then, after seeing someone from the family members immediately runs out, then be in trouble. Troubles can fall on the family at any time, so you should immediately turn your attention to your health condition and avoid any conflicts or disagreements.
Lizard in the house

In the above cases, the lizard is just a messenger of unpleasant news, but also, it can bring good events, for example:

  • If a girl can’t learn how to sew or embroider, then it will be enough for the lizard to run over her palm. The right skills will come
  • In order to get rid of excessive sweating, the beauties of the past let a lizard under their shirt to run from one shoulder to another
  • In folk medicine, migraines and headaches are treated with this reptile.
  • But the Slavs kept in the house a lizard or a snake for more prosperity and arrived in the house

Why did the lizard settle in the yard, the greenhouse?

According to popular belief, lizards do not live near the human house, but come to the yard only to bring news, for example:

  • If a lizard ran into the yard and died, turning upside down - it means that there will be a fire in the house
  • If you bring a lizard to the yard or the greenhouse, while it remains there, it means that there will be a good harvest, and your site can be safely considered environmentally friendly.
  • Previously, villagers, seeing a lizard in their yard in early spring, spread a belt and drove an animal through it. Then they dressed again, thus treating sciatica
  • If you left the house and saw a lizard in the courtyard on the right side, things will go better, and if on the left, expect trouble
  • In the case when you saw a lizard in the grass, and someone sneezed to your right, there will soon be trouble and worries
See the lizard in the yard
  • When two reptiles fight in the yard, it’s worth dispersing them with a stick - you can disperse the clouds over your house with the same weapon
  • The lizard quietly runs around the yard in early spring - be sure that winter is finally gone
  • If the owner is sleeping in the open air, and at night he saw a lizard - it warns of the imminent approach of snakes
  • The reptile basks on the stones - there will soon be a cooling. Lizards are thermophilic animals and before the onset of cold weather, they are always "charged" with solar energy.

Despite the unattractive and frightening appearance of reptiles, they should still be loved, because they are simply necessary on our site and bring more benefits than harm. Such an innocent animal will not only clean the garden and greenhouse from harmful insects, but will also serve as an excellent indicator of weather changes, as well as a harbinger of certain events in the life of the family.

Why did the lizard climb into the boot?

With the arrival of the lizard in a house or apartment, many different ancient superstitions are associated, especially if the lizard crawled to one of the tenants in the boot. If a person came to visit, and something happened to him, then you should not pay attention to this.

  • When a lizard crawled into one of the newlyweds' shoes, this means that it is because of this person that the family will break up. But you can avoid trouble, for this it is worth changing your place of residence within a few months. And the first wedding night is best spent in another house. This will help not only save the marriage, but also acquire offspring in the near future.
  • If the lizard ran into the house for just a minute, and hid in the boot of one of the tenants, but when they noticed it, immediately ran away, then this is a sign that this particular person is in trouble. In the near future, you need to be attentive to your health, get rid of bad habits, and also not scandal over trifles.
  • Good luck can bring only the tail of a lizard, which it will leave in a person’s boot. This amazing creature in this case promises happiness and luck to the owner of the shoe. Some people deliberately put the animal’s tail in the right boot to bring wealth and health to their home.
Many signs will be associated with the lizard

Of course, it was considered a bad sign if a lizard decided to settle in your house or shoes without an invitation. The tailed animal has long been considered the harbinger of death or calamity. If you are trying to drive the animal out, but fail, it is better to also change the home.

Why did the lizard cross the road?

There are many superstitions and signs associated with this particular animal. Nothing happens just like that, even if you happen to meet a lizard on the street. This is often a warning of impending troubles, for example:

  • When you are going on a long journey, and the lizard has crossed your path, sit down to the left of your companion, then the trouble will bypass you
  • When the animal crossed the road to the newlyweds on the way to the church - you need to go back, otherwise the couple will disperse
  • But for pregnant women - this is a good sign, if the animal has crossed the road - then everything will be fine with the baby and mother. Pregnant women should walk more and wait for a joyful event
Lizard may portend coming changes
  • A lizard crossed the road - this is a bad sign, it promises misfortune. On this day, you should be as careful as possible, not enter into conflicts or quarrels with others, and also, it is worth listening to the state of your health.

Also, if you are going to an important meeting, date or interview, and a lizard has crossed the road for you, this means that, most likely, such meetings will not be crowned with anything good. Of course, you should not be upset in advance, but attentiveness and vigilance will not hurt you.

Why see the lizard in the cemetery on the grave?

Despite the fact that for many lizards cause unpleasant associative sensations, in ancient times it was in lizards that they saw the embodiment of the soul of a dead person. And therefore, it is not surprising that in the cemetery you can find many of these reptiles.

This belief appeared at the time of totems, but even in the Christian faith, there is a similar superstition. When you see a lizard on a grave, you should not drive it away, because you can disturb someone’s soul in this way. In this case, this animal does not carry any special information, but it is considered quite normal to meet a lizard in a cemetery.

Why see a pregnant lizard?

A meeting with a lizard always entails an event, especially if it is pregnant. Of course, it is difficult to understand with the naked eye, and more often pregnant animals hide in order to preserve their offspring. But if you saw a pregnant lizard, you should pay attention to such a sign of fate.

  • Catching a pregnant lizard bodes trouble and frustration
  • A running pregnant lizard says that your loved one is cheating on you, but you do not notice it. But soon there will be an event that will make you not doubt it
  • An incredibly beautiful pregnant lizard is a sign that you trust a very mean person who uses you and manipulates you
  • A huge pregnant animal promises big trouble and conspiracies against you
  • An insistent and molesting animal is a warning that there is a woman in your environment with bad intentions, and will soon harm you and your loved ones
Many signs are also associated with the pregnant lizard.

There are a few more rare ones that at first glance will accept, but still we will give them to you:

  • If a man saw a pregnant lizard close with him, this is a warning that there is a woman who wants to marry him to herself in any way. It should be careful, because this same woman can do great harm to a young man.
  • If a pregnant lizard runs over a woman, in reality the lady should avoid casual connections. This can lead to squabbles, scandals, intrigues.

This omen is real if the lizard is really pregnant. Although in fact it is quite difficult to determine this for an inexperienced person. In addition, it is also very difficult to consider the reptile, because the first lizard that comes across will not come too close.

Why find the tail of a lizard: folk signs, superstition

Since ancient times, the tail of a lizard has been considered a talisman and a talisman that brings happiness and good fortune. Everyone knows that if you cut off the tail of a lizard, it will grow back, but before that people believed that not only the tail could grow, but also other parts of the body (head, legs, etc.). Therefore, they represented the lizard, as a symbol of self-healing and recovery.

  • Definitely, to find the tail of a lizard is a good sign. Such a talisman should be left to itself and, if possible, worn around the neck, so that the soul and body are one, and life will be successful in the future.
  • In France, they believe that you need to wear the tail of a lizard in shoes - roughly speaking, you step on and go through life with your luck.
  • Due to the fact that the lizard can grow its tail again, it is a symbol of not only self-renewal, but also resourcefulness, resourcefulness and vitality. The lizard tail finder will also have this.
Lizard Tail Brings Luck
  • Also, it was believed that lizards live where there is not found treasure or gold. Therefore, a reptile can easily be considered a symbol of wealth and success. Many, believing in such superstitions, specially caught animals and took away tails as a keepsake, which later brought the one who found immeasurable wealth and financial independence.

Why you can not kill lizards: folk signs, superstition

  • In some villages, it has long been believed that lizards that bask in the sun cause cold, so they tried to destroy the animal. Although it was rare. But in fact, the lizard does not affect the temperature change, but only warns of changes. Therefore, it’s definitely not worth decreasing reptiles.
  • Others, considered such a murder to be a sin and measured out the murderer no more than 40 years of life, and also a person who dared to do such a thing may be left without a successor. There is a superstition: if you kill the green lizard - the house will be left without a mistress, and if gray - without a master.
  • They used to believe that killing such an animal entails bad weather and continuous rain, which will negatively affect the harvest. They believed in it so much that during a period of severe drought they sacrificed a poor animal.

What if I killed, accidentally stepped on a lizard in the house?

Killing animals is, of course, a bad sign and a sin. Especially if the death of a poor animal has occurred in your home. Most often, a reptile animal runs into a human dwelling in order to warn of impending troubles. And if he dies in the house - this is a very bad sign that promises death or illness to one of the family members. But this is considered if the lizard died its own death. But if you accidentally stepped on it, then immediately it is worth burying the animal, so as not to provoke disaster on your family.

  • Sometimes, lizards run into the house to warm up and at the same time warn the owners about the onset of cold weather, in this case, the lizard does not stay in the house. But if you accidentally stepped on it and the lizard died, then it also needs to be buried, as expected, otherwise the cold and bad weather can drag on for a long time.

Such cases are, fortunately, very rare, because the lizard is a very dexterous, fast and dodgy animal, and most often, if you step on it, it will simply leave its tail in memory. And this is a very good sign, and promises wealth and health to the owner of the house. Such signs have passed the test of time, and it is up to you to believe in them or not. But the relationship of the signs of nature and the events that have occurred has not yet been scientifically proven to anyone.

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