How to distinguish Chinese from Japanese and Korean in behavior, language, appearance?

In this article, we will talk about how to distinguish between Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans.

Learning to distinguish between Chinese and Japanese and Koreans is a whole art. As practice shows, Asians themselves are lost when they try to determine what nationality the person standing in front of them belongs. Let's see how you can distinguish between the three races represented.

How to distinguish Chinese from Japanese and Korean by phenotype?

How to distinguish a Chinese from others?

It should be noted right away that you won’t learn to distinguish all three from the first time. This requires practice. The Chinese nation is multiethnic and 56 different peoples live in it and there are those that are very similar to them. For example, Uighurs are very similar to Tajiks. Therefore, it is impossible to single out any specific sign of the Chinese characteristic of everyone.

Another problem of differences is complicated by the fact that a lot of migrants came to the Japanese islands at one time and they were representatives of the Chinese and Korean people. In the course of history, these races have undergone modifications. However, unique attributes still persist.

For example, the Japanese face is more elongated and oval, the nose is well defined, and the eyes are large. By the way, the head of the Japanese is also larger. Japanese women often apply light makeup and whiten the skin, so they are the lightest of all.

Chinese girls are used to using a minimum of makeup. But among all of us they have the darkest skin. An interesting fact, but the Chinese do not like to sunbathe, because this makes the skin darker.

The Chinese have more rounded facial features, as well as wide cheekbones. Koreans have flatter faces, and their cheekbones are square and high. It is also important to note that they have a thin nose.

There is another indirect sign of the difference between the Japanese and the Chinese. It is believed that the former are more like fish, while the latter are more like kittens. Comparison with fish is due to the fact that the eyes of the Japanese are slightly bulging. In addition, many argue that the Japanese have small hands.

How to distinguish Chinese from Japanese and Korean in language?

Differences between Chinese and Japanese and Koreans

All three peoples communicate in different languages. Moreover, each of them has its own accents. The Chinese language always turns out to be tonal no matter what dialect, and Koreans always use politeness markers at the end of phrases. You can learn to hear them, and then you will have no problems with determining the race.

Although, there are mistakes, because the Shanghai dialect is very similar to the Japanese language. Typically, Japanese residents do not stress or raise words. They have a monotonous, polite and muffled voice.

How to distinguish Chinese from Japanese and Korean in behavior?

The Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans have different behaviors. And the most impulsive and loud-voiced are the Chinese. They are distinguished by an unusual dialect, they can spit in the ground, and they are not even embarrassed that they are talking with someone. The Japanese are restrained, and therefore in Japan it is never noisy in crowded places.

How to distinguish between Chinese and Japanese by Korean clothing style?

Great differences in the three peoples are observed in clothing. Japanese residents prefer clothing from popular brands and they have a great sense of style. The Chinese rarely guess with tones and do not know how to combine clothes. Therefore, it is generally accepted that their style is unique and a little stupid.

For example, Chinese women are not shy about walking in their pajamas in the evenings on the street, and men can go out in cheap trainings. The Japanese, if they wear sportswear, it still will not be cheap. Koreans are located somewhere between these two nations - they dress better than the Chinese, but slightly worse than the Japanese.

How to distinguish Chinese from Korean and Japanese in plastic?

You can distinguish Koreans by face plastic. They often make faces like puppets. In Korea, plastic surgery works much more than in other countries and the country is already far in first place in terms of the number of operations. At the same time, operations are popular not only among women, but also among men. Thus, if you saw a face of slightly exaggerated beauty, then in front of you is probably a Korean or Korean.

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