Parcel post and package: what is the difference?

When sending something by mail, it is important to understand the parcel or the package is worth choosing. And for this you need to know their difference, you can find out about this if you read the article.

Despite the rapid development of digital technologies that allow you to make calls and send messages in real time, mail services continue to be very popular. And if there are less and less people who want to send a paper letter or postcard, the business of sending parcels and parcels is still thriving.

Every day, thousands of people receive gifts and purchases sent by mail or courier service, while the sender indicates to the carrier exactly how he wants to transfer the shipment - by sending or by parcel. To understand how they differ from each other, let's analyze these two concepts in detail.

What is the difference between a package and a parcel?

Parcels are used to send small items of little value (up to 10,000 rubles.) with light weight. For example, documents, books or other printed matter that does not fit even in the largest envelopes for letters. Only parcels of the first class can send a commodity investment. There are parcels with declared and undeclared value, simple and custom.

Parcel post
  • Simple - those upon receipt of which the recipient does not sign any receipts, and the sender does not receive notifications.
  • Custom - those that are required to register. The sender is issued the appropriate receipt, and the recipient must confirm receipt by signature.
  • Valuable - when an expensive item is sent inside, which the sender evaluates, and the addressee receives at the place of his residence. It must be registered and in case of loss, the post office will refund the declared value and money paid for the transportation.

Parcels are preferred by those who need to send large, voluminous objects (anything other than weapons, drugs, poisons, as well as money and perishable goods prohibited by applicable law).

IMPORTANT: There are parcels that are paid on delivery, simple and those that have special value.

How are parcels and parcels sent?

As a rule, parcels are allowed to be sent by mail with the very value and weight indicated by the courier service. The weight frames installed for the parcels range from 100 g to 2 kg.

The maximum allowable weight of parcels is up to 20 kg, and the most sent - up to 10 kg. Their dimensions are prescribed in the contracts of delivery services.

Parcel post

If the items sent in the parcel are fragile or brittle, this usually also affects the cost of the carrier’s services and is packed with special care either in the sender’s strong packaging or in special boxes of the delivery service.

Heavy packages - over 10 kg, small - up to 3 kg.

Summarizing the above, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • A parcel is a small, light departure that usually comes faster.
  • the parcel is more dimensional, heavy, perhaps a fragile departure.

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