HOW MUCH or HOW MUCH - how to write?

In this article we will talk about how to spell HOW MUCH, HOW MUCH, and HOW MUCH.

In the Russian language there are a lot of different rules and often people have questions about writing certain words. Today we’ll talk about the word “how much”.

How to write HOW MUCH or HOW MUCH?

The word "how much" is an adverb and is used together. If we talk about separate spelling, then it is also used, provided that the pronoun will be in case form.

You can choose continuous or separate spelling depending on the context where the word is used for a specific part of speech.

When is HOW MUCH spelled?

How much or how much

The word “how much” was derived from “how much”. That is, an additional prefix and suffix are added to it.

- As far as I did not like all this, only my friend knew.

This is a complex sentence where a union is used and a question is asked. I did not like to what extent - how much.

Be sure to take a closer look that it depends on the predicate, which can be expressed in the form of a verb, adjective or adverb.

Thus, the word “how much” expresses the measure and degree of the pronoun adverb. For example:

- How clean it has become on the street!

- How bright it became on the street after the rain!

- How true this is, I do not know

- I'm not sure how useful this lesson will be.

When is HOW much written separately?

Now it’s worth talking about a different context:

- How many parts to divide the square?

- I do not know how many parts we can divide the square

These sentences use the pronoun in the interrogative form of the accusative case. So, the pronoun has a dependent word - "parts". In this regard, the pronoun with the preposition will be used separately.

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