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Dream Interpretation - to see a mirror in a dream: the meaning of sleep. Why dream a broken, cracked, beautiful, black, large, old mirror, without reflection, without a frame, to a woman, a splinter: interpretation of sleep

Mirror in a dream. Meaning, interpretation of dreams in which a mirror was present.

See the mirror in a dream - a kind of sign, a signal from the future. Such a dream reflects the events to be experienced in the near future. For the most accurate decoding of night vision, it is important not only to remember that the mirror was dreamed of, but also to keep in mind its appearance, state, type, image, which appeared in reflected form.

Mirror in a dream

Why dream about a mirror?

Whole mirror in a dream portends changes, unforeseen expenses in reality. Falling - symbolizes the beginning of a new life stage. Throw a mirror - refuse the offer, miss the chance. Receive as a gift - to a business proposal.

See in the mirror:

  • animal - to losses, disappointments, parting
  • terrible monster - insincerity, emptiness, fatigue
  • lover - to break up
  • ghost - someone or something from the past will repeatedly remind of itself
  • labyrinth - mixed feelings, refusal to admit the obvious


  • dressing table - disclosure of secrets
  • many mirrors - to difficulties
  • curtained mirror - news of the death of a relative or friend
  • a mirror on the door - for a safe trip, a successful business trip
  • guessing in front of a mirror - difficulties in choosing, doubts, desire to predict the future

Freud's dream book claims that people who see a mirror in a dream are not satisfied with their personal lives in life.

Why dream about a mirror?

Why dream of seeing yourself in the mirror?

To who saw myself in the mirror in a dream, in reality, you should think about what is happening. This is the most useful activity in the current period. It is recommended to analyze their own actions and actions, give them critical assessments, as often as possible to communicate with people who have non-standard thinking, their own opinions that are different from those of the majority. Such behavior will lead to personal growth, especially since this period of time contributes to self-development and spiritual enrichment.

See your reflection without a head - to the disease, the person - to the news, arrived. But if in a dream in the mirror another person appeared instead of his own, to change. Full-length reflection - to big changes.

Own appearance in the mirror in a dream reflects the attitude of others towards the dreamer in life.

See yourself:

  • beautiful, young, dressed up - to respect and honor
  • old, dirty, ugly - to misunderstanding, neglect, loss
  • ugly - to illness, an annoying mistake.

It is bad if the patient saw his reflection in the mirror in a dream. This vision predicts complications of the disease, a sharp deterioration in well-being.

Why dream of seeing yourself in the mirror?

Why dream of a broken, cracked mirror?

Cracked and Broken Mirrors in a dream they may foreshadow the imminent demise of one of the relatives. If someone from the close circle is seriously ill, you should pay special attention to him. Perhaps trouble can be avoided.

Another interpretation of the dream in which it appeared broken mirrorwarns of imminent changes. The dreamer is ready to change his life, despite the fact that he will have to abandon his habits, radically change his lifestyle.

Most accidentally break a mirror in a dream - projects will fail, plans will fail. The betrayal of a close friend will unsettle.

If in a dream happened buy a cracked mirror, waking should be careful with new acquaintances. Someone from new friends can do much harm.

It is believed that by drawing a red circle on the mirror and immediately throwing it away, the negative effects of sleep can be avoided.

Broken mirror what did you dream about?

Why dream of standing in front of a mirror?

If you see yourself about a dream, withstanding in front of the mirror, then in life will happen to face many problems. Disagreements and disagreements will be on the way to achieving the intended goal. A serious illness of one of the relatives can overshadow the situation.

Standing in front of a mirror in a bathroom in a dream - evaluate your appearance, behavior, deeds in life. Such dreams are characteristic of people prone to introspection and self-improvement.

If in a dream a person hasto preens in front of a small mirror, it means that in life he has a great desire to change something in his appearance, to improve it in some way.

Standing in a dream in front of a mirror

Why dream of looking in the mirror?

Look in the mirror in a dream means that in life there is a place for introspection, reflection on one’s own behavior.

Looking in a dream in a dirty mirror - interference in life. Most likely, vices or bad habits interfere with the implementation of the plan. They pull down, do not allow to believe in themselves. It is necessary to make efforts to get rid of all unnecessary, unnecessary.

Watch in a dream in a car rearview mirror - in life you often have to remember the past. We need to learn how to live today, letting go of everything that is no longer returning.

Why does a woman dream about a mirror?

Broken mirror to a young woman dreams of failures in personal relationships. In the near future, family life will be disappointed. It is worth looking at the behavior of friends - one of them is hypocritical. If it is not possible to identify a liar, she will soon betray herself as a betrayal.

If a married woman looks in the mirror in a dream and sees her spouse in it, then in life he began to stare at other representatives of the fair sex, and easily change.

See in a mirror in a dream a stranger attractive man - in life there will be a random connection.

A young unmarried girl who smashed a small mirror in her sleep in life will soon lose innocence, get married.

Why does a woman dream about a mirror

Why dream beautiful mirrors?

Beautiful mirrors in a dream - a symbol of well-being and good luck in life. The stronger and more reliable the mirror frame, the more confident the dreamer feels. Exquisite carved frame on the mirror in addition to well-being, points to a refined sensual nature.

If a a beautiful mirror in an expensive solid frame dreamed on the eve of a major transaction, you can conclude it without hesitation and without doubt. Such a dream portends success.

Promotion, career growth, successful marriage, prosperous life - such interpretations according to different dream books have a dream in which there was a dream beautiful mirror.

However, any damage to the frame or the glass itself can be considered an unfavorable sign. No matter how beautiful it may seem, notches, cracks or other imperfections predict failure.

Why dream a beautiful mirror?

Why dream of a mirror without a frame?

Mirror without a frame in a dream very symbolic. It reflects the current state of affairs. Since the frame framing the mirror is an indicator of success, reliability, confidence, its absence indicates an unsteady position.

What was a mirror without a frame in a dream? New or old? Was there a reflection in it? All this should be considered when deciphering sleep. For example, see your reflection in an old blurred mirror without frame - to uncertainty, betrayal, bitter thoughts, and accidentally break a mirror without a frame - to the failure of the case, in the success of which there were great doubts.

Round mirror without frame in a dream warns of problems in life. Very soon they will fall upon the dreamer.

What is the dream of a black mirror for?

Black mirror in a dream - symbolizes a hopeless situation in life. The situation will be so complicated that the search for a way out of it will seem futile. However, do not give up. The darkness thickens before dawn. So it is in life - a black stripe must be followed by a white one.

Gustave Miller interpreted the dream in which there was a black mirror as follows:

  • see your reflection in a black mirror - to illness, deterioration of health
  • own smile in a black mirror - to troubles at the service
  • animal silhouette - frustration, loss
  • friend in a black mirror - to betrayal, unfair treatment
  • reflection of a loved one - to parting
  • no reflection - obstacles, troubles.

According to Nostradamus, look into the black mirror in a dream - to solve a plot, a trick, and wipe the dark surface - reveal an unpleasant truth about yourself.

The dream is favorable in which the dreamer willfully broke a black mirror. This means that in reality his reputation is not in danger.

Black mirror in a dream

Why dream of a big mirror?

Large mirror symbolizes an understanding of one’s own life and goals. Large misted mirror - strong misconceptions at one’s expense. If you do not change the tactics of action and do not reconsider the current situation and your own attitude to it, mental suffering cannot be avoided.

Seeing a huge clean mirror in a frame in a dream - to success, improvement of financial position, well-being.

Why dream of combing your hair in front of the mirror?

If you comb in front of the mirror in a dream - something positive will happen in life. But see yourself as if from outside for this occupation - to quarrels, disagreements, quarrels with a partner.

  • Comb the hair in front of the mirror while cutting in a dream - to poverty, disease.
  • Comb very long hair in front of the mirror - to a long journey.
  • See your reflection, but with a different haircut - you can wait for the guests.
  • Just see your hair in the mirror - to profit.
Comb in front of the mirror in a dream

Why dream of a mirror without reflection?

Dream Interview Wang claims that lack of reflection in the mirror in a dream - a sure sign that the dreamer's soul is dominated by dark forces. It is brought to serve the unclean and to suffer greatly from it, if you do not turn to God as soon as possible.

Modern dream books are not so categorical. According to their interpretation, lack of reflection in the mirror prophesies deception, obstacles in business, contradictions in the family.

Why dream of a mirror splinter?

Holding mirror fragments in a dream - to misfortune, unhappiness. Unexpected bad news will unsettle you. A blow for a dreamer can be a disease of someone close to you.

If a fragments of a mirror in a dream are far awayout of trouble bypass. The closer the mirror fragment in the dream, the harder it will be in life.

The worst dream can be considered one in which the sleeper examines his reflection in the fragment of the mirror.

Why dream of a mirror splinter?

What is the dream of the old mirror for?

Huge antique mirror with muddy reflective surface in a dream predicts suffering, bitter thoughts. Having become a victim of libel, he will be able to reflect on what happened. The circle of friends will narrow, but the most faithful will remain nearby.

Blurred image in an old mirror in a dream symbolizes uncertainty and instability. Now is not the time to share his plans to open the soul to outsiders.

Believe dreams or not, everyone decides for himself. According to statistics, every 5 correctly interpreted dreams come true partially, and every 20 accurately. Since the likelihood of a dream being fulfilled is high enough, it will be right to prepare for upcoming events.

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