Is it possible to enter the VK without the Internet and how to do it? VK without Internet on Android - is it true or a myth?

Often on the Internet you can find reports that Vkontakte can sit without the Internet. Is it true? We learn further.

Recently, Vkontakte users are in a state of confusion, as news has begun to appear more and more often that social networks can be used without the Internet. Let's see if this is true.

Can I use Vkontakte without the Internet and how to do it?

Vkontakte without internet

You can say that this is all fantastic and impossible. And you will be right. Moreover, it is very easy to prove.

The fact is that to use Vkontakte without the Internet, it is proposed to download a special program that will allow you to do everything you need. In fact, this is fake information.

Most likely, the program itself contains a virus that can actively transmit data from your computer to scammers, including logins and passwords.

In some cases, the program asks you to send an allegedly free message to confirm your identity that you are not a robot. In this case, a very decent amount will be debited from the account, and the program itself will turn out to be a dummy and will not work.

More programs can be used to steal data from the Vkontakte page. That is, the user opens the program, enters the data of his page and the attacker receives it.

Yes, no doubt, it’s your business and you may not believe all this, but it’s true. Although, you can check it yourself, but we warned you.

The thing is that using the Vkontakte page without the Internet is not possible. How do you imagine that? Have you seen at least one site that works without the Internet? So we have not seen! So you should not succumb to all the assurances of the "wise men" offering all kinds of programs, and also remember that Vkontakte, like any other site without the Internet, does not work.

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