A drawing of a mother with a child on the theme of Mother's Day in pencil in stages for beginners and children. How to draw a portrait of mom and baby with a pencil?

How to draw a mom with a baby? Walkthroughs for toddlers and older children.

Mom is the main person in the life of every child and the drawing “about mom” is almost the first drawing of every baby. Probably, it has always been like this, and even in those times when people lived in caves, children put themselves and their mother with a stick in the sand. Modern kids, too, sometimes engage in “cave paintings” displaying cute doodles on the wallpaper. But in this article we will describe only how to draw a portrait for Mother's Day on paper with pencils.

“Mom, Dad, Me,” is one of the paintings that kids love to draw.

How to draw mom and baby in full growth with a pencil?

The complexity of this task is that the mothers are different for everyone, which means they need to be drawn in different ways. Therefore, we will provide two simple guides that explain how to portray people using helper lines. And you, having slightly changed their size and adding details, will be able to draw yourself and mother, similar to the real ones.

The best moms

Draw mom and daughter in full growth

  • We start to draw faces with ovals. Place them in the upper third of the sheet of paper. Draw a vertical line on each oval - it will indicate the middle of the face and the axis of symmetry. Then draw three more horizontal lines, the first of them will be the line of the eyes, the second will be the line of the tip of the nose, and the third will become the line of the lips.
How to draw mom and daughter with a pencil step by step
  • Start drawing torsos with geometric shapes. Please note that the mother’s body and knees are higher than the daughter’s, and the girl’s hands end lower than her mother’s. It is necessary to draw all these elements exactly as in the sketch, so that the correct proportions are obtained in the final drawing.
We draw mom and daughter using geometric shapes
  • Use the smooth lines to create contours of the arms, legs, and the whole body.
Dorisovka shapes
  • Start painting faces. Mom in our drawing has a small forehead, so we draw her eyes above the top line, her nose is also small and short, which means it will end above the second line.
We draw the facial features and hairstyle of mom
  • We draw the face of the girl. Pay attention to how the facial features of our painted heroines are located in different ways relative to the markup.
We draw the facial features of the girl
  • Now it's time to draw mom’s clothes and shoes with her daughter. In addition, we still have underexposed hands, we will draw fingers and lines on them.
How to draw mom and daughter in different dresses?
  • Now it remains to gently erase the auxiliary lines with the eraser, and the picture can be decorated.
Drawing "Mom and daughter" is ready!

Children are so unique and brilliant in the visual arts that they can draw their mothers without even relying on sophisticated drawing techniques. Each drawing of the kid is filled with love for his mother, and maybe a little genius and does not need adult tips for such creativity.

Here is such a bright mother and daughter in a children's drawing

And here is mom, who is busy all day working and taking care of children. Children subtly feel their mother’s mood, see how their mother tries to give all her strength to the good of the family and draw a mother who has not two, but many hands.

Mom who has time to do everything

No need to demand from the kids the perfect proportions of the body in the picture. After all, this is not the main thing. The main thing is that the baby was able to convey his thoughts about mom on paper.

Queen Mom and her children - princess and prince

How to teach a child to draw mom

The following technique is suitable for teaching the drawing of the smallest. Kids will probably be able to draw such a picture.

How to draw mom and baby to a preschooler

First we draw mom according to the scheme, as in the figure.

How to draw a mom for a baby?

Then we draw a boy.

How to draw a boy?

Parents carefully store the first drawings of kids “about mom” and after years show these masterpieces to their grown children. Sometimes a whole folder is typed in such drawings, and it is all the more interesting to sort through and view these images on quiet family evenings.

The first drawing "about mom"

How to draw a portrait of mom and baby with a pencil?

Those who know how to draw well will be able to depict a variety of portraits of mothers and babies.

How to draw a portrait of mom and baby: sketches

And to draw a face with photographic accuracy, we suggest using the method of redrawing from a photograph to paper. For this:

1. Take a photo and a blank sheet of paper, attach them to each other and bring them to the light so that the outlines of the face are visible on the paper.

2. Circle the facial features.

3. Draw up the portrait, adding clarity to the lines and applying shadows.

It’s easier to draw mom’s face with the help of the diagram in the picture below.

Moms are rarely upset if there is no photographic similarity between the portrait and the face of the mother. Indeed, a portrait made with love and small inaccuracies invariably pleases all mothers who received such a drawing as a gift.

No need to strive for perfect similarity if the picture is made with love

Drawings for children on the subject of mom for sketching

  • Try to draw a slim and beautiful mother with her daughter, as in the picture below. Faces will need to be finished.
How to draw mom and daughter beautifully?
  • Moms with children are engaged in a lot of interesting things, for example, play ladies. To draw this, copy the image below. If you try a little while completing your faces and clothes, you can make them look like you.
Drawing for Mother's Day: Mom and baby are playing paws
  • What if you can’t draw beautiful people so that they look like real ones? Stylize the picture! You can, for example, draw a picture for your mother in the spirit of a Japanese anime or the way comics draw.
How to draw a mom with a baby beautifully with a pencil?
  • To make your drawing look like Japanese cartoons, draw very large eyes and make all the lines a bit angular.
Draw mom in anime style
  • Such drawings with mothers look very beautiful, as in the picture below, it seems that their characters are cartoon characters.
Drawings with moms and their children
  • Moms often do interesting and not-so-busy activities: they wash dishes, cook in the kitchen, and they cook something. And in the picture you can portray mom for some of these things.
Mom cooks pancakes

And the smallest will be easier to draw a simple picture, on which there are few objects.

Mom and daughter drawing for babies