Low-calorie, low-calorie diet products: list, tables

This article will focus on low-calorie foods.

Today, unfortunately, more and more people are faced with the problem of excess weight. And this is not always the difficulty of age-related slowdown in metabolism after 30, but even in the teenage period with a peak in activity not only of hormones, but also of metabolism.

And the reason is precisely in the wrong diet with high fatty foods based on E-fillers. Because of this, the Internet resource is teeming with a huge variety of diets, advertising new diet pills, an abundance of sports and fitness programs, as well as other miraculous methods. But the easiest way is to balance your diet with low-calorie foods.

Low-calorie diet products: list and calorie ratio

Most women and men expect the long-awaited minus on the scales, without taking any action. Although everyone knows that losing weight must begin with the simplest - proper nutrition. One has only to reasonably approach the preparation of one's diet, as the result will not be long in coming.

Overweight people need to introduce low-calorie foods into their diet. But it is also important to take into account the beneficial properties of those, so as not to earn new health problems.

Therefore, first remember only 2 basic rules!

  • All nutritionists say one thing - food should be fractional. This implies dividing the daily diet into 5-6 meals with a break of 2-3 hours. The main meals are separated by small snacks.
  • Armed with the intention to say goodbye to extra pounds, we are looking for theoretical knowledge in various sources. Mandatory knowledge in this battle - Calorie calculation of dishes. However, in any case, reducing the calorie content of consumed foods, one should not go to extremes.

The calorie level of food is the amount of energy that is produced from products when they are digested. What food consists of - fats, proteins and carbohydrates - produces a different amount of energy. Its amount is calorie content.

Often and a little - an iron rule!
  • Based on this, the following figures are common data:
    • fats produce 9.3 kcal / g;
    • proteins - 4.1 kcal / g;
    • and carbohydrates - 4.1 kcal / g.
  • However, looking at these figures, one should not assume that by buying food with a low amount of fat, we can solve all problems. It is necessary to catch that golden mean, when the balance of fat accumulation just goes down.

Important: Manipulation with a complete rejection of fats is very detrimental to human health and well-being. Since they are necessary for the normal functioning of internal systems.

Balancing nutrition with low-calorie foods and not only

  • The lowest calorie foods are fruits and vegetables. This is the main source of fiber, which is necessary to cleanse the body, lower cholesterol. Also, this substance helps to stabilize the metabolism.
    • Raw vegetables and fruits are considered the most valuable option, since all the usefulness of these products is preserved. These products are also recommended raw for mechanical reasons - chewing solid food cleanses plaque, and this, in turn, enhances the excretion of saliva and gastric juice.
  • But, despite all the advantages of eating vegetables and fruits, only they are not able to fill the body with all the necessary substances and elements. The human body will still need cereals, meat and fish.
  • Choosing a balanced diet is a simple task, you just need to take into account the compatibility of certain products, as well as their calorie content.
  • According to average data women need a diet with a calorie content of 1500 kcal per day, and men - 2200. Figures may vary, taking into account age, state of health, as well as physical activity of a person.
Create a varied menu, counting calories

The following main groups of low-calorie foods can be distinguished

  • Greenery

Such a food product as greens, depending on the type, can contain from 0 to 50 kcal. It is also a storehouse of various trace elements, vitamins, so this product is extremely useful for the human body. It is advised to use the following elements in an increased amount.

NameKcal 100 g
green salad11
green onion feathers19
Love green food
  • Vegetables

A big plus of vegetables is low calorie content and enrichment with vitamins, microelements and fiber. This is what makes vegetables versatile products without any restrictions on use. It also allows you not to reduce the amount of servings for those who like to eat a lot - you just need to cut a lot of salad. But there are some exceptions among the winners with the lowest calorie content.

NameKcal 100 g
Chinese cabbage16
Bell pepper26
White cabbage27
regular bow41
Brussels sprouts43
fresh green peas73

Important: Potato completes the list of low-calorie foods - its calorie content is 75-80 kcal, depending on the cooking. With the addition of butter and milk, it rises above 100-110 kcal; when stewed, they generally reach, on average, up to 170 kcal. Therefore, this particular product requires great care. Moreover, it is also one of the crops with the highest starch content.

Emphasis on salads
  • Fruits and berries

Fruits contain a large amount of carbohydrates, but less fiber than vegetables. Although such a juicy treat is no less useful and necessary for a person. Nutritionists advise taking fruits before noon so that the carbohydrates they contain do not linger in the body in the form of deposits. You can eat fruit, like breakfast, in its pure form or make juices and fruit purees.

The number of calories contained in these products can be traced as follows: the sour the berry, the less caloric it is. These products, like fruits, are rich in vitamins, and dark berries are also filled with antioxidants. Nutrition experts also recommend eating these foods before dinner, and preferably in pure form.

NameKcal 100 g
cherry plum27
Red currant43
black currant44
a pineapple52

Important: Among this tidbit product, there are overly nutritious cultures, for example, avocados with 212 kcal or bananas with 96 kcal.

A healthy treat is also low-calorie
  • Cereal crops

Many do not include products such as cereals and flour products in the group of low-calorie foods. At first glance, this is very simply explained, because buckwheat contains about 280 calories, but when cooked, the number of calories is reduced by three times. But various cereals nourish our body as much as possible, as they are a storehouse of trace elements. In addition, their mucus favorably affects the functioning of the food system, acting as a lubricant.

NamesKcal 100 g
oatmeal on the water88
corn porridge90
hard pasta112

Important: But this only applies to dietary preparation on water, without oil and with a minimum salt content!

Our body needs cereals!
  • Bean Fruits

These fruits themselves are not low-calorie foods, but you definitely do not need to stop using them in your diet. After all, legumes contain a huge amount of vegetable protein, which is able to replace the animal counterpart. But then again, it is necessary to cook on water and without enhancing the taste with animal fats!

NameKcal per 100 g
  • Fish and seafood

It is not worth it to completely remove animal proteins from your diet, so a fish will be an excellent option for dinner. The number of calories directly depends on the variety and fat content of such a product. Other marine products are no less useful, as they saturate our body with the necessary phosphorus and iodine. The fattest and calorie is red fish, also mackerel - they contain over 200-250 kcal.

NameKcal 100 g
sea ‚Äč‚Äčkale49
Fish must be on your table
  • Milk products

If you want to look not only slim, but also beautiful, with whole teeth and thick curls, then dairy products must be in the diet. It is also worth noting that all nutritionists categorically do not recommend consuming low-fat foods all the time, as there will be a deficiency of healthy fats.

Important: Be sure to include dairy products in your diet!

NameKcal 100 g
kefir 0-1%30-38
milk 0-1.5%30-45
kefir 2-2.5%50-55
milk 2.5%50
fermented baked milk 2.5%54
fermented baked milk 3.2%57
milk 3.2%60
kefir above 3.2%64
filler-free yogurt60-70
sour cream 10%119
cottage cheese 0-5%71-121
Sometimes treat yourself to non-fat products
  • Meat, eggs,offal

Protein is our building block. But at the same time, it is a good source of calories and even cholesterol. therefore remember - we eat boiled meat! Better yet, no skin she adds about an extra 50-80 kcal.

NameKcal 100 g
Soft-boiled egg50-60
Hard boiled egg79
the kidneys80-100
a heart96-118
chicken fillet113
Prefer boiled meat that is in harmony with the vegetable side dish
  • Water

An equally important rule is compliance with the water regime.It is water that helps our body cleanse itself of various toxins, saturates the internal organs with oxygen, and also stabilizes the metabolic processes in our body. The right diet specialists recommend that after waking up, drink a glass of warm water to start our body. Further, during the day, you need to drink a glass every hour to ensure that the body is saturated with oxygen.

As we can see, the issue of proper nutrition for weight loss is not extremely difficult to study. It is enough to familiarize yourself with the basic rules for compiling a diet for weight loss. After all, it is with a healthy diet that the path to weight loss and excellent well-being begins.

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