Useful products that are considered harmful: rating according to scientists and nutritionists. Useful product considered harmful: list of products, description, nuances of use

In this article, we debunk the myths surrounding some foods. They were considered harmful, but with a careful study of the information managed to find irrefutable benefits!

Each of us has long compiled a list of products whose harm has been heard. “Do not use it, otherwise you will harm yourself,” journalists periodically call us. But are they always right? What products are most often mistaken about?

Chocolate - a useful antidepressant product: a description of useful properties, nuances

People who are following their figure first of all try to exclude chocolate from the diet. They also believe that sweetness provokes the appearance of rashes on the skin.

IMPORTANT: However, moderate consumption of quality chocolate will not harm. The daily norm recommended by nutritionists is 40 g.

If you do not go beyond this norm and select a quality product, you can get great antidepressant and aphrodisiac. The body, when meeting with a treat, begins to secrete the hormone of happiness serotonin, which relieves endorphin pain.

A product like chocolate is a natural antidepressant.

Sweet joy is also extremely useful. polyphenols. They are helping improve blood circulation, which serves as the prevention of many diseases. And also this useful product keeps the skin in good condition - this will certainly surprise those accustomed to thinking about the dangers of sweets for the epidermis.

The most useful is considered bitter black kind of chocolate. Because it contains minimum sugar and does not contain milk, cream at all. In addition, it is not possible to eat a lot of dark chocolate in one sitting, for which the figure will say "thank you".

But White chocolate turned out to be underestimated. Meanwhile, it also consists of cocoa butter. It is proven that it promotes liver repair. BUT vitamin K helps absorb calcium much better.

Interesting fact: white chocolate masks approved by cosmetologists. They are helping avoid dryness, early wrinkles, rashes.

IMPORTANT: White chocolate is recommended to be used as an immunity enhancer. It's all about selenium.

Quality White Chocolate - A Healthy Product

Sugar - a useful energy product: useful qualities, tips

Sugar, many mistakenly inextricably associate it with sweets. Meanwhile, pure sugar is a healthy product since the body transforms it into glucose. Glucose energizes literally every cell of the body.

Thanks to glucose fats are burned faster. That is a paradox: sugar helps to lose weight! Naturally, with a moderate dose.

Glucose supports normal liver, spleen, heart. It is proven that blood circulation improves due to it. It serves as a beautiful prevention of sclerosis, eg. In addition, substantially reduced risk of suffering from thrombosis, arthritis.

IMPORTANT: In order for sugar to become a savior, and not a destroyer, you must follow the daily norm. For men, it is 9 tsp, for women - 6 tsp.

Amazing fact: White sugar is just as healthy as brown sugar. Proponents of the opposite argue that since brown sugar contains cane or beet juice, it is saturated with vitamins. However, in reality, the concentration of juice is so small that it can not radically affect the body.

Sugar is a healthy product that, however, must be consumed wisely.

Salt is a useful product-regulator of water balance: properties, nuances

The expression "white death" is steadily entrenched in salt. Meanwhile, it is a useful product that allows avoid dehydration. That is, it controls the water balance, helps to implement sodium-potassium metabolism.

But not only the water balance is affected by this useful product. He promotes the flow of oxygen to the organs. Including damaged ones. Some researchers claim that it helps with oncology.

Speaking of diseases. As prevention of Alzheimer's disease, osteoporosis and renal ailments salt can also help. If tormenting varicose veins excluding salt from the diet is also prohibited.

Asthmatics have long looked after salt as a faithful helper. It is recommended to drink several glasses of water, after which put a little salt on the tongue. Just a couple of grains is enough. Once they dissolve, asthma becomes easier.

Amazing fact: salt is a good antidepressant! Scientists say that people who regularly salt food get the right amount of serotonin. As well as melatonin, which helps to sleep.

IMPORTANT: In vain, some housewives refuse to add salt to food. Salt is just responsible for the fact that the brain quickly receives a signal from the stomach about satiety. That is, a person eats up faster.

Salt is a healthy product that should not be neglected

Butter - a useful product-regulator of beauty: properties, tips

There is an opinion that fans of the right forms should not put butter in their food. However, this useful product must be present on the table due to many vitamins. Among them are K, D, E. There is also vitamin A, which is absent in vegetable oil. There is also fatty acid, without which the body is difficult to do.

This whole wonderful complex helps maintain excellent condition of the skin, hair, nails. Therefore, carefully following the appearance of young ladies, it is definitely impossible to ignore butter.

The main misconception that bothers many is the presence of cholesterol in this product. However, a certain proportion of it is necessary for the body. Cholesterol is a building material for cells, sex hormones.

Thanks for introducing oil to the menu and the nervous system. It is well known that vitamin D participates in nerve tissue construction. Scientists have also proven that this product helps us fully. respond to serotonin, get rid of depression.

IMPORTANT: If the fear of fattening is strong, it is recommended to adhere to the daily dosage of oil in the range of 10-30 g.

Butter - a product useful for beauty and health

Potato - a highly digestible useful product: properties, recommendations

This healthy product is called "second bread", but they are also afraid of it as a supplier of excess weight. It seems difficult to argue, because potatoes supply us with carbohydrates. However, if you do not eat fried potatoes with mayonnaise, but baked with olive oil, extra pounds will not be.

But they will vitamins B6, C, PP, fiber. Also available calcium, magnesium, phosphorus. Ascorbic acid in excess! Researchers found that only 20 g potato gives us a whole third of daily requirement in this acid.

If speak about fiber then she is completely non-aggressive and therefore the walls of the stomach are safe. No wonder doctors recommend including boiled potatoes in the menu ulcers and those suffering from gastritis.

It is also useful for renal ailments, arthritis, problem metabolism. The secret is that this product works. acid neutralizer.

IMPORTANT: Carbohydrates supplied by potatoes have something to praise. Surprisingly, they accelerate digestion. That is, potatoes are even useful in losing weight.

Baked potatoes - a healthy product even for a figure

Ice cream is an ideal healthy dessert product: pluses, nuances

Few people know about it, but ice cream is not just a healthy product, but the best dessert! If it's quality, of course. After all cream, milk sumptuously struggling with stress, overstrain. Scientists have long proved that after these products sleep better.

There are so many useful substances in ice cream that nutritionists recognize it as the most useful dessert! It blends perfectly fatty acids, amino acids, a huge amount of vitamins, mineral salts. Even metabolism after such a treat, it’s better.

Perhaps it is worth taking into account the advice of some otolaryngologists. They recommend accustoming the throat to low temperatures thanks to the delicacy of ice cream. I.e create local immunity. It should be noted that the recommendation is really worthwhile, but only if you approach it wisely.

IMPORTANT: In order for ice cream to bring maximum benefits, you need to focus on the percentage of fat in it when choosing. The more fat, the better. So less sugar.

Natural ice cream is a very healthy product.

White bread - a useful product for maintaining health: properties, tips for eating

Few people know that white bread, excluded in the name of a healthy diet, is a very healthy product. It contains a lot of all useful - amino acids, minerals belonging to group B vitamins, fiber. All this allows us to better resist stress factors.

Studies have long shown the presence of wheat beneficial gluten. With regular use, it helps the body keep healthy for many years. In particular, it serves as an excellent prevention of heart disease, oncology.

If possible, it is better to find out what kind of flour the product is made of. If from whole with bran, bread will help cleanse the intestines. Thanks to her many times the number of beneficial lactic acid bacteria will increase.

IMPORTANT: White bread is harmful only if you overeat. Nutritionists recommend sticking to the next daily portion - 150 g.

White bread is a useful product with moderate use.

Red meat is a useful product for raising tone: description, nuances

Supporters of the principles of healthy eating are very surprised when they learn that red meat is a healthy product. As a result, chicken is always a priority over beef and pork.

In fact, beef is only slightly caloric than chicken. For example, 100 g chicken contains 129 calories and a similar amount beef - 135. But in the latter case less fat.

If you continue to compare beef with chicken, it is worth mentioning amount of iron. In the first case, it is three times more! This is very good for body tone generally. Interesting fact: beef iron is digested much better than chicken.

Pork it supplies the body much less harmful cholesterol than any other kind of meat. All due to the fact that fatty refractory acids in its composition are very few. What very useful for maintaining good vascular health.

IMPORTANT: If you are frightened off the fat content of this kind of meat, you can buy a tenderloin and cook it on the grill.

Surprisingly, red meat is even more healthy than white meat.

Mayonnaise - a useful product with a mass of useful substances: properties, nuances

Mayonnaise is often considered almost the first enemy of a good figure. There is a rational grain in this opinion, because often industrial mayonnaise is crammed with impurities that are not beneficial.

Another thing is a quality product, which includes eggs, mustard, vegetable oil, vinegar, lemon juice. Nothing harmful, as you can see. But so much vitaminsthat any organism will say thank you.

Amazing that mayonnaise helps fight off harmful bacteria! Contributes to this vinegar. And if it’s apple, then teeth are cleaned perfectly.

Eggs are a tremendously healthy ingredient. Egg white, for example, is considered the most beneficial for the human body. Yolk it also contains the choline we need.

Fats and cholesterol are also available, but they are useful in a quality product. Their benefit is that the body starts better resist negative external factors, accelerates metabolism.

IMPORTANT: But, despite the obvious benefits, even high-quality mayonnaise should not be eaten in large quantities. Like exposing it to heat.

Quality mayonnaise is an extremely healthy product.

Sunflower seeds - a useful product for raising the mood: properties, description

We are all used to perceiving the clicking of sunflower seeds as a useless and even harmful exercise. Like, there are too many calories. Europeans are completely perplexed by such a snack.

In fact, sunflower seeds are a useful product, if you do not overdo it with their absorption. You can even cheer up with folic acidcontained in such a product.

If we turn to the opinion of researchers, we can be surprised to find the presence of a mass of useful substances in the composition of the seeds. it iodine, vitamins, magnesium, vegetable fats. For example, total 30 g product contains daily recommended intake of vitamin E.

Separately, it is worth talking about the amino acid arginine. is he strengthens blood vessels. In other words, lovers of clicking seeds perfectly strengthen their cardiovascular system without suspecting it.

IMPORTANT: In order for the seeds to benefit, do not overcook them. Otherwise, nutrients simply disappear.

Sunflower seeds - a healthy product for the heart

How often we lamented that all the most delicious is somehow harmful! Of course, it is harmful if it is incorrect to select and prepare such products. But if you approach the preparation of the menu wisely, you can get the maximum benefit from the previously unhealthy food.

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