How to make a paper airplane: 100 ways. Step-by-step instructions for assembling a paper airplane

Making a paper airplane that will fly well is easy. You need to follow the step by step instructions and smooth all the bending lines well.

  • Everyone has childhood memories related to making paper airplanes. We loved doing it with our own hands, and then running up
  • Many children have a craving for creativity. If they make airplanes on their own, this will help develop the baby’s fingers
  • The child will learn to concentrate, think creatively and turn on the imagination. On children's birthday, you can arrange a competition between children who will make the airplane faster.

Important: It is a pleasure to work with paper - it is soft and supple. A model with regular and even bends will be able to fly high and will keep its shape for a long time.

How to make an airplane out of paper, step by step instructions?

Classic paper airplane model

Such a paper “flying machine” can be made from any paper: printed A4, a notebook page, or even from a newspaper.

Important: Try to learn how to make simple layouts first, and then move on to complex ones. Kids are very fond of origami, so they will be happy to help.

So, if your baby came to you with the question: “how to make an airplane out of paper?”, Prepare a small piece of paper and follow the next steps. Step-by-step instruction:

1. Lay the paper cut toward you with the smaller side

2. Fold the sheet strictly along the center line and make a mark in the center. The bend will turn out, it is not necessary to smooth it

3. Open the paper cut and fold it so that the top corner is in contact with the center

4. Perform all this with a different angle of the sheet.

5. Open the sheet again. Now fold the corners, but so that they do not touch the center

6. Now bend the smaller corner. It will serve as a retaining element for all angles previously folded.

7. At the last stage, bend the resulting product along the center line - the triangular part will be visible from the outside. Bend the sides to the center. Everything - the plane is ready

How to make a cool airplane out of paper?

Cool paper airplane Glider

After you have learned how to make classic paper mock-ups, you can try to stack something unusual and complex. The Glider aircraft will maneuver high and far.

So how to make a cool paper airplane? Step-by-step instruction:

1. Take a paper cut and fold in half

2. Then open it in its original position and lay it in a fold to the top. Bend the corners of the paper inward - you get a mark in the middle of the sheet. Now the triangles will turn out smooth, and this will help to make a layout with good flying qualities

3. Draw a visual line in the center and bend at this point. You get a sharp nose of the product

4. Fold the spout so that it peeks over the edges of the angular bends by a couple of millimeters

5. Fold the product in the center so that the back is inside

6. Bend the wings - they can be made small or, conversely, hollow. Experiment with the width as you want. Everything - the plane is ready

Make a military plane out of paper?

Paper war plane

A bit more complicated is the model of the Hawk model. But you have already learned how to make simple models, which means that you can also fold this paper sample.

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a military aircraft out of paper:

1. Prepare a paper cut and place it on the table with the smaller edge facing you.

2. Fold in the center line. Bend the top corner. The top of the paper should match the side. Do the same with the second corner element.

3. You should get a detail in the form of a cross. Squeeze its side elements to the center line of the paper and iron over all the folded lines. Bend the upper right corner so that it is flush with the top of the sheet. From the bend to the midline, 1 centimeter should remain. Repeat the same with the other side.

4. The result is “horns” that need to be folded in half, and wrap the excess part of the paper inside

5. The bottom corner is wrapped in the opposite direction from you. Make a fold line to the exit point of the "horns"

6. Fold the airplane in half - it's ready. Paint it with paints and you get a real military fighter

Important: You can make other models of military aircraft according to the figures below.

Paper Airplanes

How to make a lightweight paper airplane?

If your kid constantly asks to make a paper airplane, teach him to fold it using the origami technique on his own. The diagram below will help you make a lightweight paper airplane.

Tip: Follow the instructions drawn with your child. He will like to make such airplanes, especially from colored paper.

Light aircraft made of colored paper

How to make a simple airplane out of paper?

Here is another version of the light model. Many people often wonder: how to make a simple airplane out of paper?

Important: This schematic illustration will help fold the product in 10 seconds. The result is a well-flying paper mockup - simple, fast and interesting!

Simple paper airplane

How to make a plane with a paper propeller?

Paper propeller for airplane

To fold such an airplane, you need to prepare a paper sheet, a paper knife, a pencil, a needle with a bead on the end. A step-by-step instruction will tell you how to make a plane with a paper propeller:

1. Take a flat sheet and fold it diagonally two times

2. Open the paper cut and fold it along the line that will divide the diagonals into two parts. Open the sheet again by lifting the corners along the resulting lines

3. Turn the left edge of the corner to the right and bend it. Return it to its original position and bend on the right edge up

4. From the left edge, bend again - the bottom should lie on the bend line of the triangle that was made in the previous step. Bend the edge of the corner for the resulting part.

5. Turn the right side and bend to the center

6. Perform another bend towards the center, and top the corner into the inside.

7. Bend the right side to the center, then bend it again. Flip the left corner and insert the lower edge into the hole of the right part

8. Bend the resulting product in the center and fold the wings

9. It remains to make a propeller: take a sheet of paper measuring 6 cm x 6 cm. Draw it on the diagonals with a pencil. Make cuts on the drawn lines, not reaching the middle of 7 mm

10. Fold the propeller through one corner and secure with a bead needle

Important: The part may move apart, so glue the corners in the middle or smooth the propeller in the bend

11. Fasten the part to the “tail” of the aircraft. The product is ready, you can run it or give it to a child

How to make a boomerang airplane out of paper, outline?

Paper boomerang

There is another model of paper “flying machine” - a boomerang. Imagine a product made by your hands that returns to you after launch.

Boomerang Aircraft Production Scheme

The diagram and step-by-step instructions will tell you how to make a boomerang airplane out of paper:

1. Fold the paper cut four times and press the corner with your finger

2. Bend one half of the paper cut to the center line and push the corner on a quarter of the paper

3. Fold the sheet inward from the fold by a quarter to the top corner. The result is a bend in the form of a triangle. Click on the edge.

4. Spread the triangle, and lifting it, put your finger between the resulting parts. This is necessary in order to make sure that the folds are perfectly smooth.

5. Turn the product over and bend the other side of the triangle inward. Fold the wide end of the paper to the opposite side.

6. Do it all on the other side of the product.

7. The result was a "pocket". Lift it up and bend so that the edge lies exactly along the length of the paper. Place the corner in the "pocket". Bend the top corner

8. Perform the above step on the other side of the aircraft - both sides should look the same

9. The detail on the side of the "pocket" is folded up. Do it from the other side.

10. Open the product and insert the leading edge inwards. Protruding segments will appear in front - bend them. Remove the back fins that appeared.

11. Turn the product over and bend the front. Fold in half and iron the folds

12. Make part of the fuselage: bend one side of the product down a line that runs parallel to the central fold. Do the same with the other side.

13. Bend a small piece of one and the second wing up. Flatten the product. He already has a base and flat wings.

14. Slide your fingers along the front of the wings - you get a bend. The plane is ready and can be launched

How to make a quick airplane out of paper?

A paper airplane will fly fast, thanks to a folded tail according to a special scheme. The nose of such an aircraft should be sharp and thin.

Fast paper plane A simple but fast paper plane Fast paper plane

Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to make a quick paper airplane:

1. Fold the sheet of paper along. Expand it

2. Now fold the sheet in half. Fold both edges down from the middle, and then straighten half of what is bent

3. Expand the sides that are on the side and bend each lapel inward. First do this with the inner lapels, then with the outer

4. Fold back some of the wings. Bend the wings from the bottom a short distance

5. Swipe your finger or ruler along the fold line and spread your wings

6. Bend the resulting bends parallel to the folds of the wings. The plane is ready

How to make a good flying paper airplane?

Colored paper airplane

Any paper airplane, if folded correctly, will fly well.

Tip: Smooth all bend lines with hard objects or fingers.

Tip: Use only flat sheets of paper to make origami products.

If a child comes up to you and asks how to make a good flying airplane out of paper, advise him to make a product with flaps or a complex “tail”. Such models fly far and high.

Important: The schemes of these models are described above, so you can start creating on your own or with your child.

How to make a quick and easy paper airplane: tips and reviews

Paper airplanes soar in the air

As you have seen, there are many ways to make paper planes. Making a quick and easy paper airplane is easy. Tips and reviews will help prevent mistakes and become an origami master.

Tip: If you are new to origami, try to make only simple models first. When the paper starts to “obey” you and you feel that the models of airplanes are good at flying, then begin to master more complex and unusual models.

Important: Before you start making the plane, prepare the paper. Prepare a few sheets, because at first it will be bad for you to go out - everything comes with experience.

Tip: Do not use wrinkled paper. A plane will not work out of bent and torn sheets.

DIY paper plane

Tip: Try to keep the product symmetrical about the axis (imaginary or real). If this is not observed, the aircraft will collapse on its side during flight.

Make several models and on the street with your child arrange a real air show. Remember your childhood - launch a paper airplane!

Watch the video: Paper Plane Making - Easy DIY Toys Tutorial for Kids (February 2020).