How to do highlighting yourself at home: using foil, hats, combs. How to make self-highlighting with color stretching?

In this article, we will consider how to properly highlight on your own at home.

Just a few years ago, it was believed that complex stains were possible only for real professionals. Units of girls decided on highlighting for themselves, while the rest preferred to overpay the salon and, as a result, could get absolutely not the effect that they were waiting for. Fortunately, in our time on the modern market you can buy a whole set of necessary tools that will help to create highlighting for yourself, without resorting to the help of a hairdresser.

How to do classic highlighting for yourself at home: what to do, how to type highlight

Lightening hair strands is a great way to freshen up your hair a little and give the appearance a new accent. Usually, in order to achieve the correct result, it is enough to do everything according to the instructions and adhere to some rules. But the most important rule that you need to adhere to before highlighting yourself is unwashed curls!

Important: Never wash your hair before the procedure. And you need to abstain for at least 2 days. The fact is that highlighting at home or even in the salon drastically dries out the hair, since brighteners are used. Dirty hair is covered with a certain film, which helps to maintain the structure of the hair. Remember - brightener can not only dry hair, but even burn their structure.

Highlight only on dirty hair

What do you need to highlight hair for yourself?

  • To prepare a lightening paste you will need an oxidizing agent and powder. The percentage of peroxide in oxidizing agents may vary depending on your color and condition of the hair structure. And in order to mix correctly select and components, read the article "How to mix paint and oxidizing agent?".
  • You will also need a cloak or a clean towel, which will not be a pity to stain with paint.
  • Special brush for dyeing with synthetic nap.
  • Scallops for dividing hair into strands.
  • Plastic container for mixing products.
  • Hairpins and hair clips.
  • Disposable gloves.
  • Any oily cream to walk around the forehead.
  • Additionally, you may need:
    • food or special foil;
    • special hat;
    • comb with a hook for dragging hair;
    • shovel comb or fence.

Important: You can do highlights on your own, or even in the cabin, no more than 2 times a month, if you want to constantly maintain freshness and excellent appearance. But for a careful attitude to your curls, it is better to carry out the procedure no more than 1 time per month. And do not forget to make nourishing masks to avoid overdrying.

You can lighten strands no more often than 1-2 times a month

How to do highlighting yourself with foil?

  • A towel should be thrown over your shoulders. Cut the foil into wide strips of length that will be 20-25 cm larger than your hair. The width can vary, but, on average, it is 10-15 cm.
  • Each piece of foil must be bent from each edge literally 1-1.5 cm inward to isolate the main part of the hair. That is, to prevent the flow of paint on the skin and other hair.
  • Mix the oxidizing agent and paste, strictly following the instructions. Using a comb, conditionally divide the hair into 5 fragments, each part of the curls securely fix with a clip.
  • Separate one or two strands that will be stained and lay a strip of foil under them. Remember - The curved edge should be as close to the base of the hair as possible..
  • Thoroughly coat the strands with a pre-prepared lightening paste and fold the foil in half.
  • Further, rising from the previous colored strand by 2-3 cm, we do the same thing for all hair. You need to do highlighting yourself from below!
  • The exposure time of the oxidizing agent to the hair is 30-40 minutes. The longer you hold, the brighter the color will come out, but the hair itself will dry out more.
  • After that, try to remove the lightening paste from the hair with warm water without removing the foil. That is, you need to work with each curl separately.
  • At the end of dyeing, wash your hair in the usual way with shampoo and balm. After all, the clarifier does not affect them in the best way.
Scheme how to do foil highlighting

Highlighting yourself at home through a special hat

This method of coloring is more suitable for girls with a short haircut. To lighten the strands, she herself will need the same set of tools and means as with classical highlighting with foil.

Important: You can do highlights through the cap only when the hair does not exceed 15 cm in length.

  • Instead of foil, use a special disposable hat with the intended holes, which can be purchased in a special store for hairdressers or cosmetic areas.
  • Cover your shoulders with a towel so you don’t stain yourself and your clothes with paint. In a separate container, prepare a lightening paste, clearly following the manufacturer's instructions. Put the cap firmly on your head.
  • Using a hook-shaped comb, pull out individual strands through the holes in the cap and grease them well with lightening paste. Start at the top of your head!
  • Pay attention to what effect you want to achieve from highlighting yourself. If you use every 4-5 hole, then, as a result, you will get easier lightening. Saturated highlighting is obtained only if you used all the holes in the cap.
  • Each elongated strand of hair should be completely and evenly covered with coloring paste. Cover your hair with plastic or wrap.
  • After that, leave them in this form for 30-50 minutes. If you want to get a very light stain - keep the strands in the paint for only 15-20 minutes.
  • After the allotted time, without removing the caps, rinse each strand thoroughly with warm water. After this manipulation, wash your hair in the usual way with shampoo. It does not hurt to use a special hair mask.
How to lighten hair through a hat

How to make highlighting for yourself using a comb?

If you do not have a special comb for home highlighting, then arm yourself with just a comb with rare teeth. By the way, do not take wooden tools.

Important: This staining is well suited for those who want to get a certain amount. Also, this method is great for beginners, because it is easy to work with, but it's hard to make mistakes.

  • As expected, comb your hair well and put on a proper cloak or old bathrobe.
  • If this is your first time practicing this method, then for convenience, divide your hair into 4 zones and fix the curls with clips.
  • Apply the prepared mixture directly to a comb or comb. And just comb your hair. In the comb-comb, you need to put the strands between the teeth and just stretch it down.
  • So go all the way. Focus on your hair density. It may be more convenient to work with individual curls. Owners of rare hair can simply be drawn along the entire length in each zone. Otherwise, a simple bleaching of all hair may come out.
  • Without wrapping or wrapping in foil or film, leave the dyed hair at the proper time. It completely depends on the structure of your hair (tough hair needs more time for exposure) and on the desired shade. Therefore, it can vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Rinse thoroughly but gently with warm water. Finally, wash with a restoring shampoo. By the way, it is better to dry your head naturally and without wrapping in a towel. Then the curls will not lose their luster.
Comb is very easy to do self-highlighting

How to make highlighting yourself with a stretch of color?

If you like to experiment with style, and do it yourself, then try a few suggested options. A big plus is the lack of an assistant. And also every time the lightening of the strands will be obtained in a new and unusual way.

We make highlighting for ourselves without auxiliary materials

  • The first way is with rubber bands. You can also do different options. You can simply tie 1 tail, you can walk all over your head with small ponytails, or you can even lay out them geometrically. Simply apply to the ends of the ponytails (you can also adjust the paint grip), wait for the proper time and rinse off.
  • Approximately the same pattern pigtails. They are also braided in random order and quantity. Also apply an oxidizing compound to the ends, for a better effect you can wrap them with foil, and after the allotted time, wash off with shampoo and balm.
  • And the method is completely without any tools - hands. According to this scheme, glazing or the frost effect comes out. The only difference is that glazing is done for short hair, and hoarfrost looks better on long and curly hair. Although they are made almost in the same way.
    • To make hand glazing, dampen the hair and only dry it slightly with a hairdryer. Tilt your head and gently apply paint on some strands or ends with your hands.
    • For hoarfrost you need to apply a foam on dry hair and dry it with a hairdryer. Also tilt your head and with your fingertips, just brush the curls. For an interesting transition, you can do this at different times.
Simple and stylish

How to make California highlighting strands for yourself?

In addition to our usual ways of highlighting ourselves, thanks to fashion trends, new types of lightening strands have appeared, which in the end give simply incredible results.

  • The only difference between California highlighting and classical brightening is a smooth transition of the native color to the clarified part. For work, you will need all the same tools and instruments, with the exception of additional components.
  • The pulling of individual strands of hair occurs in a checkerboard pattern along partings. For this type of coloring, a greasy layer of paste on the hair is not required, just a couple of light strokes with a brush are enough.
  • In this case, the colored strands are not isolated from other hair, retyping part of the paint to other curls.
  • You should wait at least 35-40 minutes, and then wash your hair in the usual way for you.
Making Californian highlighting for yourself is very easy.

Do it yourself highlighting with a pile - shatush

For staining of this kind, you should prepare a familiar set of tools and instruments, in addition to auxiliary devices.

Important: For such highlighting, it is necessary to use such an oxidizing agent so that the resulting color from the natural shade differs by only 1-2 tones.

  • Also divide your head into visual 4 zones. In each, select, starting from the forehead, strands of 2-3 cm. Comb them and apply a brightening agent with light, inaccurate movements.
  • Do not forget to retreat 4-5 cm from the roots of the hair (as much as possible). The same procedure must be quickly performed with the remaining strands. Do not forget that all actions must be performed with careless and chaotic strokes throughout the head.
  • After a maximum of 40 minutes, rinse the lightening paste from the hair and cover the hair with a mask for silky hair.

As you can see, it is very simple to make highlighting for yourself. The main thing is to choose a high-quality professional paint that will lighten your hair with minimal harm.

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