Signs of automobile firms: photo, description. Logos of automobile companies of America, England, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, Czech Republic, China, Japan, Russia

In this article we will tell about the history of the most popular logos of automobile companies.

Each small emblem carries a story. Surely it will be interesting to delve into it and non-motorists. We offer to do this with the help of our article!

Logos of American automobile firms: photo, description

Abbott-Detroit - the emblem of a car factory appeared in 1909 simultaneously with the opening of the plant itself. The designers were deservedly proud of their offspring, because these were cars luxury class.

Advanced at that time technology allowed to create the maximum powerful cars. Which also differed high degree of reliability.

It is not surprising, therefore, that they decided to perpetuate the brand in the simplest, but most memorable way. Namely, writing down the name of the founder of the company - Charles Abbott - and name cities with country.

IMPORTANT: This company was part of the Continental concern, which was a legend in its field.

Abbott-Detroit Logo

Cadillac - the company got its name thanks to Senor de Cadillac, Antoine de la Mothe. He founded back in 18th Century Fort Pontchartrain. After 200 years, in honor of the next anniversary, the fort was renamed Cadillac.

As for the logo, it changed not once. At first it was a wreath tulipscovering the crown, and shield with measures. The number of teeth at the crown constantly changed over time, introduced V-shaped element.

The logo finally took shape in 2000 thanks to the trend geometric artist Piet Mondrian. He somewhat simplified the symbol, leaving, however, that which shows the greatness of the firm.

Cadillac Emblem

Chevrolet - as known, since 1911 cars from the General Motors concern began to be named after the rider Louis Joseph Chevrolet.

As for the logo icon, there is a version that he liked the owner of the company, William Derant. Derant saw such a picture on the wallpaper of one of the hotels in France.

IMPORTANT: Also noteworthy is the version that the drawing was seen in one of the newspapers.

Chevrolet Emblem

Chrysler - The company received the name in honor of the owner. His name was Walter Percy Chrysler - This surname appears in the logo.

Chrysler sought to improve on the basis of previous experience. That is why he resorted to the symbol of the wings - the same sign flaunts on logos Bentley and Aston Martin.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that many loved the wings, no. They are a symbol strength, high speed.

Chrysler Logo

Buick - The company received the name, like many others, in honor of its inventor. His name was David Dunbar Buick - It was an inventor from Scotland.

The company logo has undergone numerous changes over the years of its existence. At first it was just surname, uppercase. Then the choice fell on family coat of arms Buikov, hawk as a symbol of the new line of cars.

Final option - three emblems united in one circle. Coats of arms symbolized The 3 most successful auto company models.

IMPORTANT: These models were LeSabre, Invicta, Electra.

Buick logo

Lincoln - this Ford Motor branch is easy to identify by its simple logo. He is company name and image compass. Compass points at the same time to all sides of the world. This is symbolic, as an analogy is drawn with the recognition of the company in all countries, in any part of the world.

Lincoln Logo

Ford mustang - this is a classic. Forbes magazine named car most recognizable and popular among powerful cars. Not everyone knows, but the name came from the famous fighter P-51 Mustang.

However, as a logo, the creators preferred to see exactly what the association stands for most people - horse. In addition, this animal has always been a symbol. strength, grace, endurance.

Ford Mustang Logo

Logos of English car companies: photos, description

Rolls-Royce - this company has several logos:

  • Woman with wings - she is also called "the spirit of delight." The lady is depicted in motion - she flies, symbolizing lightness and dynamics. The prototype of a lady is considered the secretary of a friend of Rolls named Eleanor Thornton
  • Two letters R in a rectangular frame - they are abbreviations company name. Letters seem to overlap

IMPORTANT: The color scheme of the letter logo has changed. From eye-catching red to stylish black.

The flying lady was also depicted in the emblem of the car and decorated it in the form of a figurine Second Rolls-Royce First Letter Emblem

MG - This logo is well known to sports car enthusiasts. It stands for "Morris Garage", i.e "Morris' garages." It’s easy to guess that Morris was the name of the founder of the company.

However, today the name of the company has transformed and expanded somewhat to MG Cars Company. But they decided not to add anything else to the logo.

MG logo

Land Rover - developers did not come up with anything abstruse. They just entered company name in green oval. Green has been selected as a symbol. environmental friendliness.

Emblem Land Rover

Jaguar - it’s easy to guess that the predator is a symbol of stylish cars of this brand jaguar. Previously, he adorned the voluminous figure of the hood of the car, but such a find was found impractical. And the beast moved to the logo.

The animal represents all that the machine is associated with. I.e beauty, power, strength and of course, speed.

Jaguar Logo

Rover - not everyone knows what they call a group of people. Rovers called those who traveled on ships. These people resembled a viking which is displayed in the logo.

IMPORTANT: By the way, the image may vary. This is either a stylized ship, or a more detailed traced bow of the ship with the image of a Viking on it.

Rover Logo The second version of the Rover logo

Bristol - the creators decided to perpetuate the whole emblem coat of arms of the city. This city, of course, Bristol - the place where the company appeared in 1919 year.

Emblem Bristol

Logos of German automobile companies: photos, description

BMW - not everyone knows the company Bayerische motoren werke At first, I was engaged in the production of not a car, but a different product. Aircraft engines - here is her brainchild. This fact was reflected in the emblem in the form of a circle divided into 4 sectors, which is similar to moving the blades. And blue and white coloring is obliged the bavarian flag.

BMW logo

Wiesmann - the logo of this company is pretty gecko. is he sleek, fast. But that’s why reptiles were chosen. The fact is that the gecko has an amazing feature stick on any surface. Manufacturers wanted to draw a parallel with their cars, claiming that they can adapt in the same way on any road.

Emblem Wiesmann

Amphicar - the logo is name a company that sways in the waves. This is symbolic, since the emblem received a stylish car with 4 seats, where you could swim.

IMPORTANT: The machine, by the way, was intended for wide sale.

Amphicar Logo

AUDI - the word itself, which gave the name to the company, is translated as listen. Indeed, the company's cars are so silent that it is pleasant to listen to them. The rings perpetuate the merger under the roof of the company immediately. 4 companies.

AUDI logo

Opel - The company has a concise, but speaking symbol. Namely, lightning which flaunts in a circle. Lightning symbolizes speed, brightness. Once the word “blitz” was also included in the logo, but later the developers decided to exclude it.

Opel logo

Mercedes-Benz - the logo is familiar to many, but not everyone understands its meaning. A star with three rays hosted in a circle embodies the components of a company's success. Namely, in land, sea and air spheres.

Emblem Mercedes-Benz

Porsche - the company has a colorful logo in the center of which is placed reared horse. it strong, hardy and beautiful animal - one of the symbols of the city Stuttgartwhose name is located right there. In Stuttgart, this brand of cars just appeared.

Other characters are also tied to geographic coordinates. Deer horns, for example - this parts of the coat of armsowned by Wurttemberg Kingdom. Its capital is the aforementioned city. Stripes - Another component of the coat of arms.

Porsche logo

Logos of French automobile companies: photos, description

Bugatti - logo contains initials creator of the automobile brand and his last name in a separate form. Ettore Bugatti's love for pearls. The oval logo itself resembles a pearl in shape, as do circles around its perimeter. Ettore decided to pay in this way not only his sympathy, but also father who was talented jeweler.

IMPORTANT: Even colors are symbolic. So, red is energy and passion, black is superiority and courage, white is elegance and nobility.

Bugatti emblem

Peugeot - for the first time the logo of this company was registered in 1850! It was a lionwhose teeth, by analogy with the creators of the brand, are the same durable, like the company's products. Parallels with flexibility, speed. Another version says that this animal was emblem of the province which housed the manufactory of the company.

Be that as it may, the lion has remained on the logo to this day. True, he is constantly changed his appearance - turned in different directions, got up on his hind legs, opened his mouth. There was a time when only one head was portrayed.

Peugeot logo

Citroen - in the company logo its founder Andre Citroen perpetuated the beginning of his career growth. The fact is that at first he made chevron wheels. And the Christmas tree from the logo is not a schematic drawing of a tree, but the image of the teeth of such wheels.

Citroen Logo

Renault - the rhombus with a logo symbolizes diamond. This stone is believed to embody optimism and prosperity.

IMPORTANT: It is no coincidence that each side of the figure is located on top of the other. Since such a figure does not exist, the creators of the brand seem to hint that they can bring the impossible to life.

Emblem Renault

Logos of car companies in Sweden: description, photo

Volvo - the logo is brand inscription on a background of blue stripes. It’s much more interesting to know where the strip is included. She passes inside circle shieldfrom which you can see spear arrow. The spear shield is known to be attributes of the god of assertiveness and power of Mars.

Volvo logo

Saab - flaunts on the company sign griffin, whose head is crowned with a crown. The developers wanted to emphasize what they seek. conquer both air and earth.

Emblem Saab

Koenigsegg - brand logo is family coat of arms its founder by name Christian von Kenisegg. The clan of the baron, it should be noted, is quite ancient - its tree can be traced back to XII century! This coat of arms was once worn Knights of the German-Roman Empire, from which the clan of the Keniseggs went.

Emblem Koenigsegg

Logos of Italian automobile companies: description, photo

Abarth - this company pleases with sports cars since 1949. A sufficiently diverse logo was invented by its founder Karl Abarth. He decided to perpetuate the emblem scorpion as your astrological sign, traditional yellow and red colors motor sport Italy flag colors and own last name.

IMPORTANT: By the way, Italians have not just chosen green, white and red colors for the flag. They are symbols of opposition to complexities, strength and power.

Abarth logo

Alfa romeo - Many people think that the fire-breathing dragon is depicted on the emblem. Actually, thinking like that is a big mistake! The image is more bloodthirsty, because it captures a snake that swallows a person. The creators of the logo, as it were, hint that they are resolutely opposed to ill-wishers, they are not afraid of them.

Cross it is a reference to Milan Giovanni. This man is known for desperately fighting for the return of Christian land. Again, as you can see, the theme of the struggle appears.

Emblem Alfa Romeo

Ferrari - cars of this brand decorates a shield, on a golden background of which a horse is prancing. The background, by the way, is not accidental, since Golden color is a symbol of the city of Modena.

Concerning horse, then this is a separate story. It’s not even about the qualities of an animal, as you might think. Previously, the horse adorned the fuselages of aircraft that belonged to aviator Barack. When the pilot hero of World War I passed away, his parents invited the Ferrari rider to take a symbol for himself as a tribute to his son.

IMPORTANT: You can safely say that the horse in this case is a symbol of good luck.

Also visible on the logo stripes of the italian flag. And letters SF- company abbreviation Scuderia Ferrari, which literally translates as "Ferrari Stable."

Emblem Ferrari

Maserati - This logo has several stories of appearance. Maserati brothers decided to choose as an emblem trident in order to perpetuate the statue of Neptune Bologna park. This statue delighted, served as a source of inspiration.

But the trident has become significant for them, not only for this reason. One of the brothers in the forests of Bologna was once attacked by a wolf. The brave man drove him away pitchfork, for which he received thanks in the form of such a tribute to the memory. The version is unofficial, but worthy of attention.

Emblem Maserati

Lamborghini - cars of the described brand have a catchy beautiful logo with a bull. Bull is in looking down the triangle.

There are several versions of the appearance of such a bull:

  • Feruccio Lamborghini had a zodiac sign, which in the named context is easy to guess - Taurus
  • He is peculiar challenging a competitor’s sign - horses from Ferrari
  • Embodies tractor power. It is worth noting that the company originally focused on the manufacture of such a product. Later, the products changed, but the beautiful symbol remained.
Lamborghini Logo

Logos of Czech automobile companies: description, photo

Skoda - company symbol is feathered flying arrow. She is not by chance green color, as this is a reference to environmental protection. The arrow symbolizes new technology, wing - technical progress.

IMPORTANT: If you look closely at the plumage of the arrow, you can see a white circle. This is an eye symbolizing the breadth of views of developers.

Skoda emblem

Kaipan - image was a tribute the company's first successful car under the name Lotus Super Seven. The stylized lotus is just depicted on the logo.

Emblem Kaipan

Logos of Chinese automobile companies: description, photo

Lifan - in translation into our language, the name of the company means literally "push forward in full sail". Accordingly, we selected the logo in the form of a sailing ship going forward.

Emblem Lifan

Changan - this logo is considered the most famous from the emblems of the Chinese automotive industry. Blue circle it symbolizes our planet and environmental friendliness, the desire to move forward. Letter "V" - this is "victory", that is, "victory".

Changan logo

Roewe - in order to understand the logo, you need to delve into the terminology of the company name. It consists of two words "rong", "wei" - i.e "great power" in translation. Hence the image lions as a universally recognized symbol of power.

Emblem Roewe

Hafei - this logo that has arisen in 2006 yearmade in the form shield with waves. Waves depict Sungari Riverthat flows past the city of Harbin. In this city is the company.

Hafei Logo

Logos of Japanese automobile companies: photos, description

Toyota - her logo has not changed since 1989. The emblem has a multifaceted meaning:

  • Intricately twisted ovals are designed to show strong bond between car makers and buyers
  • Emblem reminds the needle into which the thread is threaded. This is a tribute to the past of the company, which was originally engaged in the manufacture of weaving machines.

IMPORTANT: White background indicates the unlimited potential of the company. After all, white is a symbol of infinity.

Toyota logo

Datsun - oddly enough but title bar company sits on top of the image the sun. The sun is hard to guess in it, because it has Blue colour. However, blue, according to the brand creator’s interpretation, talks about honesty because it suits best. The sun embodies sincerity and success.

Emblem Datsun

Toyota Harrier - if you translate the name of this SUV, you get the word "moon". Actually, this bird is also depicted on the logo.

Emblem Toyota Harrier

Toyota Crown - the oldest sedan of this brand has a symbol in the form crowns. As indicated in the title.

Toyota Crown - the evolution of brand logos

Lexus - this Toyota subsidiary decided not to create a complex logo. The logo shows off only name and its first letter inscribed in an oval. The name of the brand itself is derived from the word "luxury"that translates as "luxury".

IMPORTANT: The creators decided that luxury does not require unnecessary details and should be concise - hence the simplest logo.

Lexus logo

Subaru - creators interpret the company logo as "heavenly inspiration." But the number of stars is not random. It symbolizes how many companies merged for education alone.

Emblem Subaru

Infiniti - the founders decided to show the limitlessness of their capabilities. Therefore, the logo flaunts a schematic image distance road as far as the eye can see.

Emblem infiniti

Mazda - the logo flaunts itself Company name, which was given in honor of the Zoroastrian god Ahura Mazda. As for the symbol, they were made by the letter "M" as the first in the name of the company. As well as symbol of the city of Hiroshima, where the company originated in 1920.

It should be noted that the letter underwent changes, and later it became stylized. Now the "M" resembles wings. The creators liked the fact that it resembles the wings of an owl, as well as a tulip flower. Owl, according to Japanese beliefs, protects from suffering. Tulip mean mercy, charity.

The letter is enclosed in a circle. A circle symbolizes the sun - ascent, triumph.

Mazda logo

Mitsubishi - the logo is a symbol mergers of emblems of the names Iwasaki and Tosa. In the first case, this is - 3 diamondsin the second - oak leaves. The developers of the emblem managed with one symbol to embody all these signs.

Mitsubishi Logo

Logos of domestic automobile companies: photos, description

KamAZ - everyone knows this horse rushing towards the wind. Symbol strength, industry, speed. The fact that the animal is in dynamics is a special idea as an analogy perpetual motion.

IMPORTANT: Not everyone knows about this, but not a sketchy horse is depicted, but a specific breed - steppe argamak. This animal is striking in its endurance.

Emblem KAMAZ

UAZ - based on the logo abbreviation from the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant. But the checkmark from above embodies several points at once:

  • "U" as the first letter of the plant name
  • Motor, which looks like the letter "V"
  • Something like this bird resembles the above Mercedes star
UAZ logo

Gaz - Previously, the manufacturer depicted wings that were already often found and just the inscription "Gas". but since 1950 the logo of the Gorky Automobile Plant became deer. Fact that it noble, majestic the animal is a symbol of Nizhny Novgorod, in which the factory is located.

GAS emblem

Moskvich - the logo of this plant looks like stylized letter "M" red. She reminds battlement of the Kremlin, which, as you know, belongs to the most recognizable symbols of Moscow.

Moskvich logo

VAZ (Lada) - company logo is rook under sail on a blue background. There is also a reference to the geographical location of the plant. It is located in Samara, which stands on the Volga.

IMPORTANT: Since time immemorial, merchants transported their goods on these boats over this land, therefore it is hardly possible to find a better symbol for this region.

VAZ logo (Lada)

Of course, it is impossible to fit the logos of all car brands in one article, since there are more than 2000! The fact is that some brands are very limited geographically and, therefore, less known. In this article we tried to mention the most famous options.

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