Why is the door creaking? How to lubricate the front, interior door so that it does not creak?

Reasons and methods for eliminating the creak of entrance and interior doors.

Door creaking is a common problem faced by owners of old houses. This mainly happens for a number of reasons, which we will consider in this article and tell you how to eliminate an unpleasant sound.

The door creaks, what to do?

Very often, doors begin to creak immediately after installation. Usually a few days go by and the apartment owners feel an unpleasant noise. In this case, this is due to improper installation of the door leaf. It is necessary to call a team of repairmen so that they correctly adjust the door. If, besides the fact that a creak is heard, it is difficult to open the doors, then the fault is the subsidence of the door leaf.

The door creaks, what to do:

  • For these purposes it is necessary to use an eccentric, and correctly center the front door. You will need a special key. Very often there are problems with the lock if the door sags. In this case, it is necessary to urgently adjust it, because this can lead to breakage of the lock.
  • You simply will not get into the house due to the fact that it will jam. Please note that often door hinges and their component parts fit snugly together. Due to this, it is impossible to pour grease there. Try other methods.
  • To do this, it is necessary to raise the door by about 1-2 cm, so that a gap is formed. Further, lubricant must be introduced into this gap. It can be engine oil or solid oil. Solidol is applied with a thin stick. If you did not find anything in your home, you can use a regular pencil lead. It is necessary to grind it with sandpaper or a knife until dust is obtained. It is this dust that enters the space between the details of the loops.
Door creak

Why do doors creak when opening?

The reasons for which the door creaks can be different. However, the most common are the following.

Why do doors creak when opening:

  • Lack or thickening of grease
  • Dust as well as debris in the hinge area
  • Corrosion of door components

Usually creaking occurs due to skew, as a result of old age and under the weight of the door. In this case, sometimes it is enough to adjust the doors, normalizing the position of the hinges, making it correct. However, this does not always help.

Lubrication loops

The front door creaks, what should I do?

In order to cope with a creak, you can resort to several manipulations. Sometimes it is enough to lubricate the hinges using oil. The ideal option for lubrication is the use of solid oil, or any other lubricant.

The front door creaks, what to do:

  • If the house has a sewing machine, then ordinary machine oil is suitable. In addition, the bottle is quite convenient due to the presence of a narrow nozzle through which oil can be introduced into the loop in the deepest and most distant parts.
  • You can also cope with squeaking with ordinary vegetable oil. This is the worst option, but sometimes, if there is nothing suitable in the house, then vegetable oil for a short period of time can still save from squeaking.
  • Vegetable oil has a very small viscosity, it is quite liquid, fluid, so it does not envelop well all the components of the loops. As a result of this, it drains in a few days, so the door begins to creak again.
  • If you do not have a suitable container, you can use a regular syringe, having previously removed the needle from it. A thin nose fits perfectly in hard-to-reach places and is allowed to grease the hinges indiscriminately. If after such manipulations the creak has not disappeared, then you can use other methods. Most likely, the problem is not at all the lack of grease or its thickening.

How to lubricate the door so that it does not creak?

You can deal with the problem by disassembling and removing the doors. It is necessary to remove the hinges and completely disassemble them. Further, using a soft cloth, all the components are wiped in order to remove debris, dust and remove any dirt. This helps to eliminate rust, and prevents further corrosion.

After that, if you find signs of corrosion, it is necessary to treat the door with a special anti-rust compound. This tool stops the oxidation of the metal and prevents the destruction of loops. Further, lubrication and assembly of the components of the door are carried out. The method is usually used if the door is old enough and the introduction of grease did not help.

How to lubricate the door so that it does not creak:

  • For these purposes, it is worth using other means that can be purchased at an automotive equipment store. Almost all the tools used to lubricate auto parts are suitable to remove the creak of the front doors.
  • If there is rust on the hinges, then it must be removed. For these purposes, it is best to use oil. It is applied to the fabric, and applied to the loops for several hours, fixed.
  • Thus, under the influence of oil, part of the rust can move away, it can be easily removed. However, remember that if the rust is obsolete, then it can be difficult to remove, it will take a lot of time.

How to lubricate the front door so that it does not creak?

Often, for these purposes, grease vd-40 is used. However, it should be understood that this is an incomplete lubricant, since its composition contains only 20% of the oil. The tool is based on alcohol to clean all parts from dust and contaminants.

How to lubricate the front door so that it does not creak:

  • Therefore, if there are no lubricants, you can pour a little VD-40 on the hinges. White alcohol, due to its dissolving abilities, will wash away all the garbage, and possibly eliminate the creak. However, most likely, this will not last long, due to the fact that there is no lubrication.
  • After cleaning the hinges with VD-40, it is usually recommended to use machine oil or solid oil for lubrication. Perfect for such manipulations means used by motorists.
  • Indeed, some car lubricants are also suitable for entry doors. Usually they are made on the basis of silicone and engine oil. They will also help eliminate the creak.
Creak loops

Please note that to lubricate the hinges of the front doors do not use a regular solid oil. It has high viscosity at low temperatures, so it can cause squeak and difficulty opening and closing doors.

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