Phrases for tattoos in Latin with translation into Russian - inspirational quotes, with the meaning: list, photo

In the article: the most popular quotes in Latin with transliteration and translation.

Inspirational Latin quote for tattoo with translation.

The ornate and deeply meaningful phrases in the Latin language have become very popular as tattoos at the beginning of the "zero" and still continue their world tour.

Unfortunately, not all tattoo masters bother to double-check the spelling of the written text or clarify the meaning of the quote. In addition, it is unlikely that the master and client think about the correct pronunciation of the written.

Below you will find original quotes in Latin with transliteration and translation into Russian.

Abiens, abi!abiens, abi!Leaving go!
Age, quod agis.age, agis codeDo what you do.
Agnus Dei.agnus deiThe lamb of god.
Alis valat propiis.Alice Felled PropisMy wings let me fly
Alls grave nil.alls grave nileEverything is subject to the one who has wings.
Amare et honorare.amare et honorareLove means respect.
Amici, diem perdidi.Amiki, Diam PurdydiFriends, I wasted the day.
Amor vincit omnia.amor winkit omniaLove is able to overcome all troubles.
Aut Caesar, aut nihil.out kesar, out nihilOr Caesar, or nothing (Cesare Borgia's motto)
Cave ne cadas.kave ne cadasBe careful not to stumble.
Compesce mentemcompaske manthamHold back your anger.
Clavus clavo pellitur.klyavus swear palliturLike defeats like.
Cum deo.kum deoWith God.
De integroStarting over.
De omnibus omnibus dubitoDoubtful of everything.
Dum vita est, spes est.doom vita est, space estAs long as there is life, there is hope.
Fata viam invenient.veil viam inventoryFate will overtake everywhere.
Homo sapiens.homo sapiensHomo sapiens.
In vene vene veritasThe fault is the truth.
Luceat lux vestra.nosca te ipsumLet your light shine.
Nil desperandum.nil desperandumNever despair.
Nosce te ipsum!Nosuke te ipsum!Know yourself!
Omnia mea mecum porto.omnia mea mekum portoAll mine is always with me.
Perfecte imperfecta.imperfect imperfectAbsolutely imperfect.
Quod me nutrit me destruit.kvod me nutrite me destruitThat which gives me strength also kills me.
Tempus consilium dabet.tempus council dubathTime will judge.
Tempus neminem manet.tempus naminem manetTime does not wait for anyone (therefore live without fear).
Veritas lux mea.Veritas Lux meaTruth is my light.
Vive ut bivas.vive ut bivasLive while you live.
Ut amem et foveam.ut amam et fowamI love and shore.

Phrases with meaning in Latin with translation for tattoo

The "dead" language - Latin - is still popular thanks to the aphorisms of ancient philosophers and speakers. It's amazing how much meaning lies in these short sayings.

Amare et amari.amare et amariI love and love.
Amat Victoria Curam.amat victoria kuramVictory loves care / preparation.
Amor numquam moritur.amor numquam moriturTrue love is immortal.
Arbiter elegantiae.referee elegantieLegislator / trendsetter mod.
Carpe diem!karpe diemEnjoy every day!
Carpe noctem!karpe noctamEnjoy every night!
Cogito ergo sum.kogito ergo sumI think, then I live.
Comple promissum.set promissumKeep your word.
Cura te ipsum.kura te ipsumHelp yourself.
Debes ergo potes.debes ergo potesMust mean I can.
Fortes fortuna adiuvat.fortes fortune adjuvatFate favors the daredevils.
Hominem quaero!ghominem kero!Looking for a man!
I, pede fausto!and, peda fausto!Be happy!
Ira furor brevis est.Ira Furor Bravis EstAnger is like a short madness.
Infragilis et tenera.infrahilis et tenerIndestructible and tender.
Neutiquam erro.nautikvam erroI won’t get lost.
Perfectio in spiritu.perfecio in spiritStrengthen my spirit.
Sapere Aude.sapper audeDo not be afraid to think.
Sed ego laboro supersunt.Sed Ego Lyaboro SupersuntI will survive in spite of my fear.
Semper ad meliora.sperm hell maliorI strive for the best.
Silentium est Aureum.Silentium Est AureumSilence is gold.
Sina era est studio.Sina Era Est StudioWithout anger and bias.
Sursum corda!sursum cordaKeep your head up!
Vita brevis.vita bravisLife is short.
Vita / Mors.vita / fruit drinkLife death.
Vincit qui se vincit.vincit qui se vincitDefeating yourself is the biggest victory.

Tattoo inscriptions in Russian: photo

Perhaps, only you can answer the question of what to write on your own body. Someone writes dates, someone code phrases, names of children, loved ones or parents. There are those who apply prayers or protective runes with a tattoo. Many quote favorite philosophers or writers, etc.

For some, tattoos become a kind of diary, demonstrating the most important milestones of a wearer's life: meeting and parting, quarreling and reconciliation, birth and death of relatives, travel, achievements, etc.

In the tables above you will find many beautiful and deep quotes that are worthy of appearing on your body in the form of a tattoo.

Below you will see several photo examples with Russian-language tattoo inscriptions.

Lettering tattoo on the male forearm Tattoo inscription reminiscent of the transience of life Lettering tattoo testifying to the love of a child Prayer tattoo Original tattoo inscriptions

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