How does targeted advertising on social networks work - goals, weaknesses, creating, setting up and launching

Advertisers are actively using social networks to promote various areas of business. Targeted advertising is an effective tool for popularizing goods, services, and services.

A dynamically growing audience on VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook allows you to conduct an effective advertising campaign. Personal data filled in by users of social networks is used in marketing to search for potential buyers. Targeted advertising settings allow you to demonstrate the product to a specific target audience.

How does targeted advertising work?

  • The accumulated information about users of social networks makes it possible to conduct detailed analysis and set up narrow groups to familiarize yourself with advertising. You can easily filter your audience by gender, age, geographical location and other features.
  • High-quality tuning of the segments allows you to achieve the desired results in the field of sales.

Targeted advertising is available to users in the form of teasers located in the side column, or advertising entries in the news feed.


The effectiveness of targeted advertising depends on key parameters:

  • the target audience
  • placement method for a specific social network
  • Images
  • advertising phrases
  • social and demographic characteristics
  • a period of time
  • bid interaction

Impressions of business advertising allows you to reach the maximum audience and invest a minimum of finance to attract potential customers.

Before investing financial resources in advertising, you can use the free test drive service. The client will be able to visually evaluate the effective operation of social networks to solve the problems of their business. Targeted advertising has its pros and cons, allowing you to better understand the principle of its work.

The main goals of targeted advertising

Targeted ads on social networks are used for the following purposes:

  • To increase the activity of an existing group
  • To attract subscribers
  • To increase traffic to hot events
  • As an additional way to accumulate leads
  • To increase brand popularity
  • Increase competitiveness

Favorable promotional offers are of great interest to users, so it is advisable to connect contests, promotions, discounts. According to the recommendation of the Facebook network, information is located on 1/5 of the image, the content of the text should involve the consumer, cause a desire to perform an action.

Benefits of Targeted Advertising

Each advertising company has its own characteristics.

Before placing ads, you need to study its main advantages:

  • Social media advertising requires lower financial coststhan the usual advertising channels.
  • Payment withdrawn when interacting with a potential client, at the time of the committed and recorded action.
  • A group in social networks is created at will, there is no binding.
  • Compared to other tools, only targeted advertising has settings for the target audience.
  • The ability to create individual advertising for each individual user group.
Several advantages
  • Fast implementation of an advertising project and fast results, the ability to analyze each of the buyers.
  • Flexible settingsallowing to make changes in the course of work.
  • Quick test trial options.

Disadvantages of targeted advertising

Along with the profitable financial side, targeted advertising on social networks has its drawbacks:

  • Users of social networks show much less interest in the presented products and services than users using search engines. In the first place is the need for communication and entertainment.
  • Advertising of third-party resources throws the user into a new dialog box, which in most cases quickly closes.
  • Number of customersless redirected from social networks than from search engines.
  • Targeted ads don't make mistakes, for a short period, you can uselessly lose your budget.
You can lose money
  • Inconvenient moderator policy. Features of social networks make you stick to patterns when choosing an image or forming text.
  • To maintain user interest targeted advertising needs to be constantly updated.
  • Inconvenient payment system, binding to a specific currency.

Setting up targeted advertising on social networks

The most popular among Russians is the social network VKontakte. Targeted VKontakte ads have their own placement algorithm. The user sees illustrated ads on the left side of the page.

The Vkontakte network provides the advertiser with the use of a set of functions, including:

  • Choosing a pricing model - payment for the number of clicks of a user on an ad or for the number of impressions.
  • Refinement of the design or editing the text of the advertisement during its period of activity
  • Detailed accounting of any advertising company.

To effectively target targeted ads, you must adhere to the general algorithm:

  • Create a social network account.
  • Make out the layout of the ad. It is important to observe the ratio of text and image.
  • Pick a target audience. Combine potential buyers with a range of interests, age, geographic location, etc.
  • Choose a form of payment and activate advertising. Pay per impression is more effective.

Targeted ads on VKontakte

Setting up targeted advertising on the VK network takes place in 4 stages:

  1. Switch to the advertising interface. On all pages of Vkontakte there is a clickable advertising note.
  2. Formation of the announcement. Visual presentation of advertising with the selected image and text.
  3. The choice of target audience by key parameters of users of social networks.
  4. Indication of the form of payment - accounting for clicks or ad impressions.

Facebook targeted ads

Facebook targeted ads user-oriented. Ads with hostile remarks or defiant images are not allowed.

Start Customization Continue Places and Age Adjustment Completion

Setting up your target audience on Facebook has the largest number of criteria and several unique features:

  • Regional targeting restriction.
  • The presence of demographic criteria that capture key events in people's lives.
  • Detailed settings for user behavior.
  • Grouping users by interests.

Depending on the gadget used, targeted advertising on Facebook has a different placement:

  • For users with a PC, the ad is presented in the news feed in the middle column.
  • When you enter from a mobile device, advertising takes up the entire screen in the form of a news feed.

Users of the social network Facebook can adjust the amount of intrusive advertising by clicking on the target buttons.

Instagram targeted ads

When placing targeted advertising on Instagram, you need to take into account the features of the social network:

  • Instagram users access only from mobile devices.
  • The relationship with the Facebook social network allows you to use it to target Instagram.
  • When using the Facebook settings, redirecting to advertising occurs using a normal browser, which reduces the number of subscribers and interest in the advertising product.
  • A horizontal image of a social network feed makes ads inconspicuous.
In Insta

If you want to accompany your business with modern technical tools, then targeted advertising will be your effective assistant. Run an advertising campaign, study your target audience and achieve the goals with the right adjustments.

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