How to crochet a Teddy Bear: description, diagram, photo

In this article we will talk how to crochet a Teddy bear.

Teddy Bears are extremely popular among kids. Despite the fact that they exist for a long time, they do not lose relevance. Yes, it is indisputable that it can be purchased at a toy store, but you must agree that it is even more pleasant to do it yourself, and a hook and threads can help in this.

It is important to note that you can try to make bears with moving parts of the body, but for beginners it is extremely difficult, so let's leave it for professionals. In any case, you can always do with simple viscous, and the toy itself will turn out to be beautiful and interesting.

The most popular teddy bear coloring is gray-blue. It is she who is most often used for knitting. Although no one forbids making the bear in a different color, it will not lose its attractiveness.

Features of manufacturing a Teddy bear: materials, sequence

Teddy Bear crocheted

Crocheting this funny bear is not at all difficult, just have enough patience and prepare everything you need. As a result, you will get a beautiful and cute toy that everyone will like.

To create a teddy bear you needI:

What to make a bear from?

Knitting is carried out according to the standard scheme, as is usually the case with toys. First, all parts are made separately, and then stitched together. In the process, the toy is stuffed with padding polyester, and in the last turn, the face and other details, if any, are formed.

There are some tips to get a very beautiful Teddy:

Knitted Teddy Bear
  • It is worth using a synthetic winterizer for filling, because other materials will eventually become lumpy and this will make the toy lose its appearance.
  • It is better to buy a nose and eyes in a special store, but if there is no desire, then you can sew them yourself with thread for embroidery.
  • Details fit tightly, the threads are used thicker than the hook.
  • Place your eyes closer to each other to make the bear mischievous.
  • Make clothes for your little friend to make him fashionable and beautiful.

Designations in knitting patterns: description

Each knitting pattern has its own legend. To make it easier to understand them, we present a small decryption:

Loop interpretation

How to crochet a Teddy bear: diagram, description

For knitting you will need white and gray yarn, embroidery threads in black and blue, two beads for the eyes, hooks 2 and 5, synthetic winterizer and gray fabric for patches. The very first step is to knit each part in accordance with the scheme.

Step 1. Torso

Knit torso
  • Take the gray yarn and knit two air loops. In the second we knit 6 SC. Joining in rows is not required because knitting is done in a spiral.
  • When the mating is completed, then add the synthetic winterizer inside and distribute it inside. Now sew the hole with a needle.

Step 2. Head

Knit torso

The occipital loops remain open, but it is still worth leaving a thread of 50 cm to make a decrease. Then we are already making out the face - embroider the eyes. It’s better to make them a little closer to each other so that the face looks more touching. You can also stitch your eyebrows, and make your nose blue. Finally, close the remaining loops.

Step 3. Ears

Fit also. That is, we make two air loops, in the second we knit 6 single crochet, but with another yarn. The first row is also knitted in columns, and at the end the thread is connected using a column, but at the same time 15 cm should remain for sewing. Actually, now you can sew ears to the head.

Step 4. Feet

The knitting of the legs is carried out in accordance with the scheme in the figure:

We knit paws

Step 5. Feet

Similarly, we make a drawing according to the scheme:

We knit paws

That's all! The bear is almost ready. It remains only to connect all the details with the help of gray yarn.

How to tie a Teddy bear with a bow: diagram, description

Teddy with a bow

It’s not necessary to knit just a bear. It can be supplemented with various accessories. For example, you can associate Teddy with a bow. This will make it romantic and attractive.

Knitting pattern

How to tie a Teddy bear with a scarf: diagram, description

For work you will need brown yarn 60 g, white yarn 30 g and lilac 5 g. It is better to embroider the nose with black threads. For viscera we use a synthetic winterizer, and we make knitting with hooks 2 and 5.

Teddy with a scarf

In this case, the head and torso fit together and stitch together. Knitting starts from the head and all loops will be crochet.

Step 1. Head and Torso

  • First we make 6 rows and gradually increase the number of loops to 40. You should get 11 rows. After that, we go to the neck and begin to reduce the loops, so that in the end there are 18.
  • Knit two more circles, adding loops to the volume of the body. This is done by doubling every second loop. In the remaining rows, every fourth and then every sixth.
  • Two rows need to be connected, and from the third, every third loop doubles. This must be done until the body becomes wider than the head. As a result, you will get about 55 loops, and then you need to tie this amount to 8 cm. Next, the number of loops goes to decrease, that is, you need to skip every third loop.

Step 2. Paws

  • Take a beige yarn and knit three air loops, and then make them a ring. Next, knit three rows and increase the number of loops to 25.
  • Now take the brown threads and make 5 more rows of them.
  • After that, remove 4 loops and knit 8 rows, gradually reducing the other loops.

Step 3. Feet

  • Take a beige thread and knit a chain of eight loops. Tie a row around, and add loops at the turn. So we knit 4 rows, and then 5 more will be needed.
  • After that, reduce 7 loops on one side, and then another two in three.
  • Knit 7 rows with a gradual reduction of loops.

Step 4. Muzzle

Tie a few air loops and make a ring out of them. You need to make three rows and gradually increase the number to 20. When there are 20, then knit another three rows.

Step 5. Ears

6 air loops are made from a lock of brown. After that, they close in a circle and 9 double crochets are knitted from the center. Two pieces of two types of yarn can be made for the ears.

Step 6. Scarf

It can be knitted with any viscous, even the simplest. It is made of purple threads and then beautifully worn on a bear.

By the way, if you really want, then for a Teddy bear you can make a girlfriend with a skirt or a fluffy hat. Knitting, in principle, is the same, but you can play with flowers, and the decorations will be different.

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