When and how to clean carrots from the garden for winter storage: signs of carrot ripening, timing, tips from experienced gardeners

Harvest time for carrots.

Carrots are a useful root vegetable that is used for making salads and in preparing first and second courses. In this article we will tell you when it is necessary to properly harvest carrots.

How to determine when to dig up carrots for the winter in Siberia, the Urals, the Altai Territory, the Northwest, the Moscow Region and central Russia, in Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine?

Many gardeners make a large number of mistakes, leaving carrots to sit in the ground until frost. An ideal option is the period from August 25 to September 25. This gap is ideal for the central regions of Russia.

How to determine when to dig up carrots for the winter:

  • However, if the region is very warm, it is some southern part of Russia, for example, the Krasnodar Territory, then it is possible to extend the storage of carrots in the ground. Indeed, the longer the root crop stays in the soil, the better.
  • This will save as well as extend the shelf life in the cellar. In order to choose the right time for harvesting, you need to monitor the temperature.
  • It is believed that carrots feel great in soil at a temperature of + 7-10 degrees Celsius.

To what air temperature can you remove carrots?

If the temperature drops several days below the level of + 5 degrees, you can safely resort to the harvest. There are several more parameters that you should pay attention to in order to determine the time of harvest.

To what air temperature can you remove carrots:

  • First you need to look at the condition of carrots, its roots. If there are white small roots resembling a cobweb on top, this indicates that the carrots are ready for collection.
  • If several cracks are found, it is best to dig immediately. This suggests that such carrots will not be stored for very long.
  • It’s best to pick a dry day with a little cloud for the harvest. It is best if it is not a sunny day, but a shady day with little cloud cover.

How to remove carrots for storage?

  • How to remove carrots for storage? It is better to dig out the root crop with a shovel or pitchfork, but in such a way as not to touch the carrots. Damaged root crops are stored very briefly. At the very beginning after harvesting, it is necessary to lay the vegetables on the surface in one row and allow to dry a little.
  • Within a few hours after harvesting, it is necessary to cut the tops. The fact is that if the tops for a very long time be together with root crops, this will contribute to wilting. Such a vegetable will not be able to be stored in the cellar for a long time, and will quickly fade.
  • About one centimeter of tops is left. In no case should you use a knife to remove dirt and soil, and beat root crops against each other. It is necessary to let dry, and then using ordinary cotton mittens, just remove the mail. When dry, it is very easy to remove without much difficulty.
Digging up carrots

How much to dry carrots after digging up?

Many gardeners generally advise trimming tops at a level of 1-2 mm. Indeed, if the tops remain from 5 to 10 mm long, then in the early spring growth can begin in this zone. This significantly reduces the duration of storage of carrots.

How much to dry carrots after digging:

  • Many gardeners make the mistake of covering carrots with tops or straw. The fact is that such waste contains a lot of moisture, which in turn contributes to the development of mold and rot.
  • In no case should the roots be damaged, even the smallest ones. Small scratches can lead to the development of rot, as well as mold, which will lead to rapid damage to the fetus.
  • Initially, you need to cut the tops and leave the carrots in a dry place for 1-2 days, so that it dries. After that, for 5-6 days, the root crop is transferred to a cold room at a temperature of about 5-6 degrees.
Dig carrots

When to remove carrots from the garden?

Only after that the carrots are buried in boxes with wet sand or soil. Carrots in peat boxes feel very good. The most interesting thing is that even before the first frost, you can store carrots in the soil with a high content of peat and sand. It is believed that the longer the carrots stay in the soil, the better it will be stored in the cellar. Why is it necessary to dig up carrots as soon as white roots appear?

When to remove carrots from the garden:

  • The fact is that some pests, as well as beetle larvae, can eat these roots. Therefore, as soon as they appeared on the root crops, it is necessary to harvest. Otherwise, you risk losing some of the carrots altogether.
  • In no case should you leave holes and recesses in the soil after a partial harvest. That is, if a large number of root crops remain on the site, some of which you have collected, then these pits must be buried.
  • They very often have carrot flies that can eat the remaining crop. When harvesting carrots very often focus on the condition of the tops. As soon as yellow leaves appeared below, this suggests that the root crop must be removed.
Carrots in the garden

When to dig out carrots for storage?

Why is it necessary to withstand carrots in the soil for a long time? The fact is that most of the mass of carrots increases just in the autumn period, when the air temperature is 7-10 degrees. At this time, due to the cool weather, all the juices from the tops go to the root.

When to dig up carrots for storage:

  • Thus, part of the nutrients simply flows from the leaves and stems to the root. During this period, carrots begin to actively grow and increase. But when the temperature reaches + 5 and lower, the outflow of juice stops, the metabolic processes in root crops, as well as the tops, stop.
  • Thus, the vegetable stops growing. There is simply no point in sustaining carrots in the soil for more than this period, since it no longer grows and is not filled with nutrient components.
  • When choosing a time for harvesting carrots, it often focuses on the lunar calendar. Here You can find the lunar harvest calendar in Belarus, Of Russia, Of Kazakhstan
Bountiful harvest

As you can see, carrots are a very healthy vegetable that contains a large amount of vitamins. In order for the root crop to contain a huge amount of nutrients and components, the timing of the harvest is important.

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