How to make a simple drawing on the nails? Schemes of light drawings on the nails

There are many techniques and tricks to create simple and original drawings on the nails, thanks to which you can make a stunning manicure at home - learn them by reading the article!

The beauty of a woman is primarily grooming, and most of all about the grooming of a woman her hands say.

Poor manicure, roughness of the skin, lack of jewelry indicate untidiness and the desire to look not as a woman, dizzy and breaking her heart, but as a gray aunt who does not care about how others perceive her.

Well, if there is a desire to look good, but there is no money for a salon manicure, then this does not matter - this article will tell you how to create a stunning picture on your nails and at the same time not spend any extra money or time.

The simplest nail art for beginners

Even those who do not have the talent of an artist can create an original and aesthetic drawing on their own nails. For this, neither professional varnishes nor any special tools will be required - only imagination and some improvised tools that are in any house are needed.

Fancy drawing is easy

To create a simple drawing you will need:

  • varnishes of various colors
  • needle
  • cotton swab
  • nail polish remover (in case something goes wrong)
With the help of multi-colored varnishes, a manicure will become colorful and unique

Before starting the creative process, you need to prepare your hands: lower them for 15-20 minutes in the hand bath with sea salt, put in order the cuticles and the shape of the nails. After this, you can grease your hands with a nourishing cream and wait until it is completely absorbed.

But the cream should not be applied to the nails - this can harm the future pattern.

First step: the nails must be shaped

The simplest nail design is the creation of various lines, dots, geometric shapes in a chaotic or ordered manner. To do this, the nails are painted in the main color, and after the varnish has completely dried, dots are applied using a needle or lines are made using a brush (but this already requires some skill).

It will be useful for beginners to use various stencils. After the drawing has dried, a fixative is applied on top - so the beauty of your manicure will remain for a long time.

Simple nail art step by step

Quickly and easily drawing on nails can be created using stationery tape. Stencils are made from it, and then glued to the nail and stained with varnish.

When the tape is removed, they get the perfect pattern, which, after covering with a fixative, will please its owner for more than one day.


Most often, using tape, create various lines and geometric shapes on the nails, but experienced craftswomen used to create whole masterpieces of painting on their nails with the help of such a simple device. And for beginners, an imitation of a chessboard on nails is perfect.

To get a beautiful chess manicure you need:

  1. Prepare your hands: salt bath, cutting the cuticle, giving the nails the desired shape (in our case, the actual shape is a square or rounded square)
    2. Cut the tape into comfortable strips 0.5 cm wide
    3. Cover the nails with the base, and then, after it has completely dried, paint the nails with varnish of white, golden or silver color
    4. After the varnish has completely dried, stick a strip of adhesive tape on the bottom of the nail, and stick the other crosswise so that a small, even square forms in the upper right corner of the nail
    5. Paint over the entire free part of the nail with varnish so that it goes on the line of the stencil
    6. After drying, peel off the strips and stick others in the same way mirror
    7. Paint with varnish and peel off the stencil after the varnish has completely dried
    8. The finished drawing is covered with fixative
Great and stylish will be the idea to combine matte and glossy squares French style chess manicure

By cutting the tape into thin strips and using them as stencils, you can create an unusual manicure - this will take only a few minutes. To achieve the desired result, you need to follow a simple instruction:

  1. Paint your nails sequentially with strips of any three colors (you can choose both contrasting and harmoniously combined with each other)
    2. After drying, glue thin strips of tape on the nails
    3. Apply black paint on the entire surface of the nail
    4. Wait for the varnish to dry and remove the strips.
    5. Apply fixative
Manicure created using scotch tape You can also create more intricate designs with a scotch-tape stencil.

Video: Nail Design. Scotch tape for nails

Schemes of simple and beautiful patterns on the nails

With the help of needles and varnishes of various colors, you can create original drawings on the nails even for those who have no talent for drawing and experience in creating manicures.

Draw horizontal stripes along the length of the nail Interesting floral ornament You can create an intricate pattern with a single needle movement. Multicolor pattern Wave ornament

How to make simple drawings on nails with gel polish

Creating a picture on the nails is a painstaking task and it is very disappointing if the painted flowers or lines begin to wear off and peel off after the first washing up.

But this problem is also solved: for those who want to see their manicure for two weeks, there is a wonderful tool for manicure - gel polish. Its composition provides durability that can not be compared with the resistance of ordinary varnish.

Gel polish manicure

To create a beautiful gel polish drawing you need:

  • degreaser
  • the foundation
  • several multi-colored gel polishes
  • ultraviolet lamp
  • dots
  • a sheet of cardboard to be used as a palette
Dots of various calibers

Step-by-step creation of a point manicure:

  1. Before creating the gel-gel pattern, the surface of the nail must be degreased and a vitamin base applied.
    2. Select a base shade (preferably a light color), apply it on the nails and dry under the lamp
    3. A small amount of gel polish of other bright colors pour on the palette
    4. Using a small dots, apply dots of different colors on the nails, placing them close to each other
    5. Dry the pattern under the lamp and apply a shiny coating.
Using different dots you can create a funny dot ornament Multi-colored dots

If you combine a bitmap with the technique of the famous French manicure, you will be able to create sophisticated nails, which all friends will envy!

How to make simple drawings on nails with a needle (diagrams)

Original look floral patterns on the nails. It is not difficult to complete such a drawing, but this is a painstaking task, requiring patience and perseverance. But the result will please both you and others - such a drawing will suit any event and style of clothing, it is only important to choose the right color gamut and not bend over with variegation.

Step by step drawing of flowers

For flower manicure you will need:

  • light shade basecoat
  • red, pink, blue colors to create petals
  • contrasting color to create the middle of the flower (if the petals are pink, then the middle may be yellow or silver)
  • needle
  • cotton swab and nail polish remover


  1. Paint your nails with a light shade and wait until it dries completely.
    2. Dip a needle or a toothpick in a varnish and put a point on the nail, indicating the middle of the flower
    3. Wipe the needle from the traces of varnish and in a circle from the base of the flower, put down the dots simulating the petals
    4. With these flowers you can decorate the entire nail or draw several pieces on one edge of the nail
Pattern drawing flowers with a needle Simpler option

After the drawing dries up, the nails must be covered with a nail polish fixer. For greater decorativeness, you can draw leaves: for this you need to put a point and draw a needle along it in the direction from the flower, forming a sharp leaf.

Schemes of simple drawings on the nails with a toothpick

Using varnishes of various colors and a toothpick, you can create an elegant pattern on the nails called “butterfly wings”. To do this, you need:

  • varnishes of different colors
  • toothpicks
  • napkin
  • polish fixer
  • the foundation
Butterfly wings

Figure creation sequence:

  1. Apply base on nails and wait for it to dry completely
    2. Paint your nails with the base color
    3. Without waiting for drying, apply three different colors with strips from the top corner of the nail to the middle obliquely
    4. Using a toothpick, immediately draw lines from the middle to the corner, as shown in the photo

Video: Butterfly Wings Nail Design

Schemes of simple drawings on nails with a brush

Using a special brush for manicure, even a beginner can create a simple and aesthetic drawing. The instructions and techniques described below will allow you to independently transform the nails no worse than salon nail art.

Painting created by brush and varnish Vertical stripes Magic ornament Step by step creation of an ornament Thin brush manicure

Video: Making a manicure with a fan brush

How to make simple drawings on nails with acrylic paints?

You can feel like a real artist by painting with acrylic paints on such a “canvas” as your own nail. A wide range of colors and ease of use will allow you to create a variety of drawings, which will spur imagination and creativity.

But working with acrylic has its own characteristics that you need to know in order for the drawing to turn out aesthetic and to remain for a long time.

Acrylic paints

Before embarking on the artistic process, you should prepare all the tools necessary for this:

  • acrylic paints (they can be purchased at any needlework store, stationery store or even on the market)
  • thin brush
  • nail polish
  • dots

Having prepared the nails for manicure (removing the cuticles and giving the desired shape), they need to be covered with a base foundation. After it has completely dried, you can start painting with a brush.

You can depict on the nails both various dots and dotted lines, and by arranging these elements you can create whole inflorescences and enchanting drawings.

If the fantasy didn’t suggest anything, then you can be inspired by the works of beginning masters:

Drawing created by wave-like brush movements Points The rays Flame of fire French manicure and dot patterns Rays and sparkles Show your imagination and the result will please

After completing the drawing and drying the acrylic paint, it is necessary to cover the nails with a protective coating - fixing varnish. Otherwise, at the first contact with water, the pattern will blur.

Simple shellac drawings on nails

Shellac is a new generation product that combines nail polish and gel for building. This combination allows the product to stay on the nails for a long time without shine, without forming chips and scuffs.

It is not surprising that modern fashionistas and lovers of various novelties from the beauty sphere give preference to shellac even at home.


To create an amazing manicure with shellac is not difficult if you prepare everything you need:

  • shellacs of various colors
  • the foundation
  • brushes of various sizes and structures
  • top coating
  • cotton pads, sticks, alcohol and nail polish remover
  • Ultraviolet lamp

After preparing the nails for manicure, sit back and get ready to create:

  1. Cover your nails with the base
    2. Gently apply shellac and dry under the lamp
    3. If necessary, apply another layer of shellac and dry again
    4. Using alcohol, wipe the nails with a cotton pad
    5. Start creating a picture: draw lines, dots, flowers or try to create an imitation of French manicure in different shades of colors
    6. Dry the nails under the lamp and cover with a protective layer of top coat and dry again under the lamp

Video: Shellac drawings on nails

How to draw simple drawings on nails: tips and reviews

Absolutely everyone can create an unusual manicure at home, even if the soul does not lie in drawing, and you really want beautiful nails. It is only necessary to choose the technique in which you are able to maximize your creative potential - the main thing is that both the lesson and the result bring pleasure.

The result of creativity should inspire

In order for the drawing of patterns on the nails to be obtained and preserved for a long time, be guided by the tips:

  • it is necessary to select high-quality products that are characterized by increased durability. For lack of such, you can turn to the good old varnish, but then you will have to repaint your nails and paint again often
  • when creating a drawing, focus on the size of the nail: do not try to draw a bunch of everything on short nails - it looks ridiculous and tasteless
  • if it doesn’t work out with fine art - do not despair, because you can always turn to geometric shapes that always look fashionable and organic
  • do not neglect applying the base and fixing varnish
  • so nails will please their look much longer

Do not be afraid to experiment: create a picture that your imagination prompts and do not despair if you fail, because this is just an experience and the next attempt to make a stunning manicure at home will be more successful.

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