Lamboda Tinkoff Bank debit bonus card for purchases: registration, interest on deposits, cashback, accrual of bonuses for purchases on the Lamoda website, payment for purchases, reviews

Possible bonuses and privileges of the Tinkoff Lamoda Bank debit card.

All operations conducted by Tinkoff Bank are carried out remotely. Such work makes it possible to actively offer customers all kinds of bonus programs and loyalty cards.
The variety of existing offers is in great demand among various categories of consumers. One of the most popular new products for regular users of the Lamoda store is a debit card. We will talk about her in this article.

Lamboda Tinkoff Bank debit bonus card for purchases: cashback, accrual of bonuses for a purchase on the Lamoda website

  • The card in question, thanks to the profitable cashback, serves as an excellent piggy bank, with the opportunity to earn up to 7 percent of the remaining funds on deposit in a year.
  • Using available special offers, you can get a cashback for purchases from Tinkoff Bank's partner stores from 3 to 30%. Monthly total cashback - not more than 3, about thousand rubles.
  • The balance of the deposit is fixed every month, then the due accruals are made, which are transferred to the owner for the next month, in the first days.
  • Increased cashback select in the item "Bonuses".
  • Accumulations under the cashback program can be spent at your discretion. If desired, it is possible to cash out the bank partners at an ATM without a commission.
  • Enhanced cashback is easily activated through a mobile application.
  • Accrual of Lamoda bonuses for purchases using a card or its details:
    2% of the purchase amount
  • For purchases on the Lamoda website:
    1% of the purchase amount
  • For other purchases:
    From 3% to 30% of the purchase amount

The limit of accumulated points is 10, 0 thousand. Exceeding points in the billing period leads to combustion over limit balls. They do not pass into the accumulation of the next period.

  • Points are used on orders at Lamoda: 1 point - 1 ruble
  • Bonuses are valid for three years
  • Bonuses you receive for paying for any purchases with a Lamoda card

Lamboda Tinkoff Bank Debit Bonus Shopping Card: Deposit Condition, Deposit Interest

When making a monthly purchase from 3.0 thousand rubles is charged on the balance of funds:

  • 0 - 300 000 rubles 7% per year and 3% in excess of 300 000

When purchasing less than 3.0 thousand rubles:

  • For the entire remaining amount on the card - 3%

Interest is not calculated if the purchase was not paid by card.

Interest is calculated daily in points of the Lamoda store.

Tinkoff Lamoda Bank debit bonus card: how to issue, activate?

Card issuance is made in a very affordable way. No need to go anywhere, just have a modern computer connected to the Internet and perform the following operations:

  • We go to the official website by clicking on the link
  • We are looking for the “cards” tab
  • Click on it
1 step
  • Choosing a debit
2 step
  • We are looking for a Lamoda map from the proposed options
  • Click on the map
3 step
  • In the window that opens, select "draw up a card"
4 step
  • We fill in the proposed form
5 step
  • The card will be ready in 2 days, delivered by courier to the address indicated in the questionnaire

To use the card, you must activate it.

For this:

  • We go to the official website or call 8 800 333-777-3
  • Find out your pin code
  • Activate the electronic product
Activation steps

Tinkoff Lamoda Bank debit bonus card: how to use, how to accumulate bonuses?

detailed instructions

The considered bonus card can carry out the following operations:

  1. Make orders in any boutiques and supermarkets.
    The card is available to pay for purchases through payment systems anywhere in the world. Sometimes you need to enter a PIN code.
  2. Withdraw cash.
    Cash at any ATM in the world. The commission is not taken from 3000 rubles. There may be an additional commission of the bank of the owner of the ATM. What will be reported by the ATM in advance.
  3. Make online payments.
    The card is well protected by MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa technologies. When making a purchase, you will receive an SMS with a password. Do not share this information with strangers.

Bonuses are accumulated as follows:

  • When you purchase on the Lamoda online trading platform, 2% is charged on the order amount
  • For other expenses on the card plus 1%
  • Special offers of bank partners offer from 3% to 30%

You can use bonuses as follows:

  1. Pay for goods with your Lamoda card
  2. Click on the order by entering your account, or in the Tinkoff Bank mobile application
  3. Select the “Compensate with Points” function.
  4. Points are credited to the account of the order, and the money due will be returned to the Lamoda card
How to use points

How to recharge a Tinkoff Lamoda bank debit card?

There are several ways to replenish:

  • Using the services of the site or mobile application, you can translate from any credit card the required amount. The limit is limited and amounts to no more than 300,000 rubles. Tinkoff Bank does not charge a commission for this operation
  • Cash deposits through bank partners at any point near you. Today there are more than 300.0 thousand of them. For example,

Salons of communication:

  1. Connected
  2. MTS
  3. Euroset
  4. Beeline "

Payment systems:

  1. Kiwi
  2. WebMoney
  • Transfer from a bank account of any bank. The amount of transfer is not limited. Free admission is carried out in the amount of up to 300.0 thousand rubles, over 2% is taken for the exceeded limit of payment.

Tinkoff Lamoda Bank debit bonus card: reviews

Katerina: “There is very little information about the conditions and rules for calculating bonuses. The store advertises a 5 percent return order value. In fact, 2% is returned to the debit card. What do you write off points for the purchase, only after accumulating them in the full cost of the order. I am completely not happy with such a service. I see no reason to pay for the service and replenish such a card. The benefit is only in advertising. It’s easier to use your travel card and not spend extra time on registration, replenishment and additional money for maintenance. ”

Maria: “Very pleased. I have been using many products of this bank for a long time. This card is very beneficial if you make regular orders at Lamode. And since this is my favorite store, for me this card is just a godsend. And I can only sympathize with those who cannot read the terms and conditions when drawing up any contract, let alone a bank one. You yourself show your financial illiteracy, and then blame the bank for all sins. If you are not satisfied with the conditions, do not draw up a card. ”

Oksana:»Tinkoff Lamoda debit card attracted me with its main advantages: pleasant interest accrued on deposits, cashback for orders and transfers to accounts in other banks without commission. There are small disadvantages, but they are offset by the above advantages. I hope in the future my beloved bank will not disappoint me. ”

Artyom: “For a little over a year I have been using the Tinkoff debit card for my needs. Very satisfied. I collect points, admire cashback - everything is at a decent level. Definitely Tinkoff is a highly developed banking structure. Often leave feedback when problems arise, and there is no time to write a positive review. Therefore, new customers doubt the choice. "

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