How to draw a snowdrop with a pencil in stages for beginners? Snowdrop: pencil drawing

Step-by-step instructions for drawing snowdrops.

Try to draw a flower with your child, symbolizing the end of the cold winter period and the approaching warm days. To depict a plant, guided by our detailed instructions, is not difficult.

How to draw snowdrops with a pencil in stages easy?

The level of complexity of the drawing is simple and no problems should arise when drawing. Before you start drawing a delicate flower, try to find a suitable photo or, much better, put in front of you a small bouquet of real primroses.

Pictures of snowdrops will help in studying the shape of the petals and leaves

Important: all flowers are best painted from nature. Then the lines and the shape of each bud will correspond to reality as much as possible.

In a snowdrop, only two petals are visible

But if you did not find fresh flowers, then you can continue drawing, guided by the following recommendations.

Step 1:

  • First you need to draw the base for the snowdrop. To do this, draw a twisted downward branch with a circle on top. You can draw several stems of snowdrops coming from one point at once
  • the circle at the top is a cup. Petals will come out of it
  • draw a sketch of a snowdrop: for this, we designate with a triangle the location of the future flower
  • we clarify the shape of the inflorescence, outlining it with an inverted triangle too
Outline the contours

Step 2:

  • Inflorescence takes up almost half of the image. Draw the petals inside the triangle. There may be 2 or 3
  • Petals come out of the cup: they should fit snugly to it, leaving no empty space between the petal and the base of the cup
Create a form

Step 3:

  • Leaves occupy almost the second half of the image. They have an elongated lanceolate shape. They can be on one snowdrop 2 or 3
  • We draw a small leaf above the bud: an inflorescence comes out of its sinus
Wipe the excess lines

Step 4:

  • We draw the contours of the snowdrop and erase the excess and failed lines
  • Add shadows to the shaded areas and outline the leaves, the cup in a darker color.
  • You can decorate a snowdrop, or you can leave it like that
Add shadows

How to draw a bouquet of snowdrops?

If your child is fascinated by a floral theme, then you can repeat all the steps of creating a picture in other simple colors

For example, you can depict dream grass. Only the stem of her is not tilted down, and the petals are covered with villi, which are easy to depict with small dashes on the bud.

These snowdrops have large and rounded buds

Step One: Positioning the Pattern and Studying the Snowdrop Shape

  • The snowdrop flower consists of 3 outer and 3 inner petals of white color with an admixture of light green or pale blue
  • But if we draw only with a simple pencil, then the shaded areas will be tinted in gray with different intensities.
  • On the sheet, we outline the place where the drawing will be located: we draw barely noticeable lines, restricting the area of ​​the picture to a small frame
  • Later this rectangle will be erased and it will not be visible, unless, of course, the lines are drawn without clicking on the pencil
  • Otherwise, the picture will appear dirty. In general, while you are plotting the initial lines, it’s best not to click on the pencil. You can always increase the pressure later when you are sure of the accuracy of the sketch.
  • We outline the contours of the future flower, easily touching the sheet with a pencil. At this stage, you can draw auxiliary lines: even if you make a mistake, then you can easily get rid of the wrong stroke by erasing it with an elastic
  • You can draw two cross lines in the center. From them we will repulse, placing the stems of snowdrops
Denote by ovals the location of the buds

Step Two: Stem and Buds

  • We draw the first line sloping down, and next to it we conduct the second parallel - this will be the stem. In the same way, draw two more stems. They all come from one point: this is how the bush of real snowdrops looks like
  • The top of each stalk bends down under the weight of the bud. This must be taken into account when drawing a snowdrop.
  • At the top of the stem we draw a cup: it looks like a small glass turned upside down. The inflorescence should fit snugly on the cup
  • There is only one bud on each snowdrop stem
  • We outline the general outline of future snowdrops with ovals. You do not need to draw auxiliary lines if there is enough experience to visually estimate the location of the flowers
  • Now draw a bud consisting of 2 or 3 top petals. One as if superimposed on the other, so completely the second petal is not necessary to draw
  • You can draw three petals. Then one is drawn completely, and the other two are either just outlined or their halves are drawn. But it should be borne in mind that the petals are located symmetrically relative to the calyx (core)
  • Symmetry is checked by measuring the distance between the tips of the petals: it should be the same
  • Petals have an elongated spoon-shaped shape. But buds with petals of various shapes look more plausible: the flower can be turned to the side and the petal is partially not visible
  • Inside the snowdrop we draw the core of the inner petals: it can peek through the upper petals in the shape of a skirt
Draw the petals

Step Three: Leaves

  • Over each cup we draw bracts of leaves. You can give a snowy and natural look to a snowdrop by depicting delicate leaves thin
  • Draw the leaves of a snowdrop. They have an elongated lanceolate shape. One bush of three buds may have 5-6 leaves visually emerging from one point
Add leaflets

Step Four: Give Volume

  • Now it's time to shade some of the shaded areas. Denote by dashed lines the bending of the petals and the shadow.
  • We use a more contrasting hatching to indicate the inner petals, stem and bracts
  • Light strokes can also indicate the background: draw the sky and lighten the areas on it in the form of clouds with an eraser. But do not draw much background to focus on snowdrops

If you draw a snowdrop with a baby, then he will not be able to draw such magnificence. Suggest another option. For example, it could be a blue primrose drawn schematically.

Blue primrose Very simple and beautiful pattern of snowdrops.

Or do a more complex picture of snowdrops in a vase.

How to draw a simple drawing of snowdrops?

  • Draw two downward sloping lines, giving them the appearance of flower stems
  • At the top of each flower, draw a flower cup
  • Two petals come out from it, located opposite each other, and behind them is the third, which must be designated as a sharp corner
  • The small oval line inside the snowdrop is the inner petals. Let’s draw a small leaf on top of the bud, and two more large, long leaves come out from the base of the stem
  • Having finished two more snowdrops in the same way, we get a beautiful spring drawing
  • You can add the outlines of a vase: we depict two ovals opposite each other, overlapping the petals. The lower oval is larger - this is the bottom of the vase, and the upper is wide
  • We remove all auxiliary lines and decorate snowdrops. To do this, you can use various shades of green, blue and purple (to give a hue to the inflorescences), pink can indicate the petals inside the snowdrop
Draw a stalk Draw the petals Add two more flowers. Draw a vase

If you want to portray snowdrop watercolor then try to draw a bouquet of flowers in a wide round vase:

  • We outline the flowers and the vase with a pencil. Do not click on the pencil! There should not be wide and deep lines in the watercolor drawing: they will even peep through the thick layer of the darkest paint
Outline the contours
  • Delete the extra lines with the eraser
  • Wet the watercolor with clean water to make it easier to type on the brush.
  • We outline the background with dark spots of blue, cyan, purple
We cover the background in blue With heavily diluted blue, we draw snowdrops Sprinkle raw background with salt
  • Pour coarse salt onto wet areas of the background: a beautiful glow effect
Next to the flowers, we make the background very blurry
  • To draw snowdrops, we dilute the blue watercolor with water
  • When the background dries, remove the salt from the picture with a rag or napkin
We remove the salt and this is what happens
  • Mix the colors on the palette and gradually fill the entire background with paints
Draw the background
  • Add yellow paint to the petals and leaves.
Add yellow color
  • Draw the details and again pour the salt into the wet areas
Draw the details and sprinkle with salt again
  • When the whole drawing dries, draw the snowdrop petals with white gouache
Gouache tint the snowdrops petals Here is another version of watercolor drawing of snowdrops

Drawings of snowdrops for sketching

If you want to invite children to draw a snowdrop, then from the next section you can pick up interesting and simple options, as well as more complex drawings.

Such pictures well help to understand the shape of a snowdrop. In addition, it will be easier for children to draw from schematic drawings.

Snowdrops in the snow Three snowdrops A simple drawing of a snowdrop

Watch the video: Graphite Botanical Art: A tutorial on a snowdrop (February 2020).