Why do you feel bad after visiting the cemetery: reasons. What you need to do after visiting the cemetery: tips

How to avoid weakness and how to behave in a cemetery.

A cemetery is a place that causes a lot of strange emotions, as well as the bitterness of loss. Indeed, it is in this place that a person strives to get the least, but life is so arranged that people die. Therefore, you have to bury your loved ones, and take care of their graves. In this article we will tell you why you feel unwell after the cemetery and what you need to do after you get home.

Weakness after the cemetery, what to do?

Many of us have noticed that after visiting a cemetery, ailment can occur. This is due to the loss of energy, because indeed this place is full of spirits, and a dead aura. Accordingly, after visiting such a place, there may be a breakdown, nausea, and unwillingness to do anything. Therefore, one should be prepared for such health after visiting cemeteries. Please note that it is possible to minimize the impact of this place on energy and to minimize energy loss.

Weakness after the cemetery, what to do:

  • Pick up dark clothes or pastel-colored clothes for going to the cemetery. In no case should there be flashy outfits of very bright colors on you. The ideal option is black or dark blue, dark green, marsala.
  • It is necessary to pay attention not only to color, but also to the features of tailoring. It is advisable that the woman, when going to the cemetery, put on a skirt that covers her knees, or trousers that cover her legs.
  • It is advisable to reduce skin contact with cemetery dust and moisture. Often in the summer, especially early in the morning, dew settles on the grass in the cemetery. It is advisable to prevent her from falling on her legs, and open areas of the body.
  • It is for this purpose that closed clothing is worn. Be sure to wear closed shoes. It is advisable not to wear sandals and slippers in the cemetery. It’s best if the shoes are closed, such as ballet shoes, sneakers or boots. Of course, in the summer it’s quite difficult to put on shoes or sneakers, it’s hot in them, so it’s best to wear moccasins, closed shoes with laces.
  • Pay attention to the decorations. In no case should you wear any jewelry in the cemetery. This applies to rings, brooches or earrings with chains. Gold can attract the energy of the dead, and spirit can settle in glittering stones. Silver, on the contrary, worries the deceased, so it is advisable not to disturb them. Do not wear any jewelry in the cemetery, including jewelry.
  • After this, it is necessary to cover the hair with a scarf. This applies to absolutely all women, regardless of their marital status. A woman needs to close her hair. This prevents dust and graveyard air from entering the hair. You can find out more about prohibitions at a relative’s funeral here
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Bad after visiting the cemetery on the funeral day: how to behave?

How to hold a wake in a cemetery? In general, a cemetery is a place that should not be disturbed. However, everyone knows that there is a memorial day when it is necessary to come to this place, to put things in order on the graves.

Bad after visiting the cemetery on the funeral day:

  • Accordingly, it is necessary to spend time in silence, without noise. Contrary to tradition, drinking and eating on graves cannot be done. The fact is that dust particles can enter the body with food, as well as cemetery energy.
  • What can affect the state of health, causing malaise. That is why, on the funeral day, try to clean the grave, bring in new flowers, discard old ones, put a glass of alcoholic drink or water near the monument, as well as cookies and a piece of bread. Any drinking of alcohol and eating food at the grave is prohibited.
  • Please note that nothing can be taken from the grave and brought home. In addition, it is believed that what was taken from the grave must be replaced with a new one. That is, if you clean old dried flowers, you need to put new ones in their place.
  • In no case should you bring your own glasses, vases and an old broom for cleaning to the cemetery. It is best if they are new, purchased goods in funeral services or in a hardware store.
  • The exception is only those things that belonged to the deceased. Therefore, if a person has a vase in his house and a large number of other things, such as glasses, then they can be brought to the cemetery and left there.

Why do you feel unwell after visiting the cemetery?

Often, after visiting a relative’s grave, malaise, fatigue, and weakness are felt.

Why do you feel unwell after visiting the cemetery:

  • You can attract spirits and restless souls who do not want to leave this world. To avoid this, try to limit body contact with dust and water from the cemetery.
  • The water that is available in the cemetery is best avoided inside. It is used for household needs, such as washing monuments, fences, as well as tables and benches.
  • In no case, when moving to a cemetery, one must not step on other people's graves. There are special paths and fences that are worth moving around. In no case do not shorten the path, because it is unlikely that the deceased will like it. It is believed that this place is a kind of portal from this world to the world of the departed, therefore there is a thin line. Accordingly, a restless soul may not leave you alone.
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Why do you want to sleep after visiting the cemetery?

A cemetery is a place where magicians and sorcerers can work. The aura of such a site is peculiar, and saturated with dead souls. This allows you to perform a number of rituals that can attract disease, malaise, even death.

Why do you want to sleep after visiting the cemetery:

  • This is due to the loss of energy, the body tries to restore it, so drowsiness occurs.
  • In no case do not bring with you to the cemetery kids, children under the age of 5 years. Their energy is very weak, so they can attract evil spirits. In no case should you take on your hands what the stranger gives you on the day of the commemoration or on any other day.
  • It can be sweets, funeral bags, or some things. In no case do not pick them up, refuse such things. Best of all, if a person who wants his relative to be remembered leaves a bag on the grave.
  • In the cemetery there are a lot of homeless people and people who collect such sweets.
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What you need to do after visiting the cemetery: tips

After arriving home, you must adhere to a number of rules in order to improve the condition, and minimize the possible consequences.

What you need to do after visiting the cemetery, tips:

  • It is believed that in no case should you bring cemetery land into the house. That is why it is necessary to leave the shoes on the doorstep, come home, wash your feet, then take out a bucket of water and thoroughly wash away all dirt and dust with the sole.
  • Only after that the shoes are brought into the house. Do the same with the clothes that were on you in the cemetery. It is also advisable to wash your hair and wash it thoroughly. It is best to take a contrast shower after the cemetery. He will saturate your body with energy.
  • There is still a sign or belief according to which, after visiting the cemetery, you need to eat tightly. At this point, a large amount of energy is lost, which must be replenished. This is done with food.
  • Please note that all napkins, rags, cleaning materials, old flowers cannot be taken outside the cemetery. It’s best to take them to a landfill that belongs to this place.
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Come to the cemetery with disposable tableware if you intend to drink or eat from it. It is best to abandon this idea, if you really want to, you can drink the water that you brought with you. Cemetery water cannot be drunk. All disposable tableware is left in the landfill of the cemetery. This applies to old flowers, wreaths and other items.

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